Members of the WVU baseball team are safe after a devastating tornado passed about 10 miles to the south of where the team is staying this week in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

The F-4 tornado wiped out parts of Moore, Okla., on Monday afternoon. Tornado warning sirens went off in downtown Oklahoma City.

MetroNews Sports anchor Kyle Wiggs, traveling with the team, watched the devastation happening just a few miles away.

“I grew up in the Midwest and I’ve never seen anything like this in my life,” Wiggs said.

The tornado was on the ground for at least 15 minutes and it could have been more than two miles wide. Reports indicate it took out two schools.

Wiggs said the tornado may turn out to be one of the worst, if not the worst, in the history of Oklahoma.

Meteorologists and storm experts in Oklahoma City were giving advanced warning, he said.

“The guy we were watching forewarned of this tornado for at least an hour. He had it pinpointed for almost exactly where it hit and he was warning people 30 minutes, 45 minutes out that this storm was coming right toward this area of Moore, Oklahoma,” Wiggs said.

WVU baseball team members were safe in their downtown Oklahoma City hotel. They are scheduled to play in the Big 12 Tournament Wednesday.

By Monday night, once the casualties in Moore became apparent, the Mountaineers decided to help with the relief effort. They bought clothes and supplies from an Oklahoma City store and intended to deliver the goods to storm victims in the storm-ravaged suburbs.

The Twitter accounts of coaches and players showed their minds weren’t on baseball, as they sought to assist.

WVU coach Randy Mazey tweeted, “Our team is safe from tornado, missed us by 5-10 miles. Trying to get team to Moore, OK to help. Wouldn’t let us in today, families first.”

From outfielder Kevin Cohen: “Just met a lady who lost everything today, besides her family…Im glad we were able to supply her with the necessities she needed.”

Pitcher brock Dykxhoorn: “Absolutely the most humbling night of my life. #PrayForOklahoma. #Hope”

First baseman Ryan McBroom: “Take nothing for granted, giving back to the state of Oklahoma for what they’re going through. Stay strong guys. Thoughts and prayers go out”

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  • Alicia

    Very proud to be from this amazing state and very proud of the guys. Like someone else said win or loose this is definitely your finest hour!

  • Janet Jones

    I was very impressed with how friendly everyone was in Charleston when we (OU) were up there a few weeks ago. Thanks so very much to all the WV SAs for their efforts in this tragic event.

  • shepherdstown

    By responding to the needs of the folks who have been devastated by this tornado, this team is representing West Virginians as we really are. I could not be prouder of Coach Mazey and his players.

    Even if they were to go on and win the College World Series this is their finest hour.

  • Harpers Ferry

    No matter how the team performs in the the Big 12 Tourney (and hopefully the NCAA tourney), this is a team we all should be proud of.

  • Jeff James

    It fills my heart to see that the good ol boys (men) from WV are doing what they can to be of help. To me you guy's are already champs! God bless and keep up the good work.

  • Guardian

    God Bless those folks in Moore, OK. God Bless Coach Mazey and the WVU baseball team. Coach Mazey and the boys are doing the right thing. I am very proud of them, just as I am very upset by what these poor folks in Moore are having to endure.

  • Lee

    I feel very sad for the people of Moore OK... but at the same time relieved our players our safe...
    Very classy thing for Coach Mazey and the team to do in offering what help they could.

  • Tim

    Unbelieveable destruction. I doubt I could live in the tornado belt. Very nice gesture from WV baseball to offer to help.

  • CaptainQ

    So happy the players, support staff and press core are safe! Watching all that footage of Moore on the Weather Channel reminded me of the devastation left by the 1985 Flood.

    ALL of those folks will be in my prayers.

  • Heather

    For those of us who plan to attend the Big 12 Baseball tournament - can someone post information of ways that we can help when our boys are not playing ball?

  • Dave

    Being a part of the Big 12 family is truly a humbling experience in the light of what will be some very dark days to come. May God Bless and Care for all the folks in Oklahoma affected by these horrific storms.

  • rose

    God Bless the baseball team and all the good folks in OK.

  • Steve

    @CoachMazey says they are gathering members of #WVU baseball team (all accounted for) to go help the relief effort in OKC.

  • Longbeards

    Boys,,if you can go help,,,screw the tournment....

  • Greg

    Makes a little bit of snow and cold weather in Morgantown not look so bad doesn't it? I hope everyone stays safe throughout their stay and thoughts and prayers are out to all who have been victims of this devastation.