Frontier Communications honored the men and women of the military who made the ultimate sacrifice. Wednesday, the company unveiled the Honor and Remember flag during a ceremony at their West Virginia headquarters in Charleston.

Eleven-percent of Frontier’s workforce is made up of veterans and the company decided this year to join the Honor and Remember movement.

Greg Barratt, with Frontier, explains the meaning.

“This is a very special flag that is specifically geared toward the sacrifice that our armed forces have had throughout WWII to the present,” explains Barratt.

The red field of the flag represents the blood spilled by our forces, the blue star, the active military in combat; the white border, the purity of sacrifice; the gold star, the ultimate sacrifice of active military who will not return home; the folded flag, the final tribute to a fallen warrior and the red flame, an eternal reminder of the spirit of the fallen hero.

“This flag will be prominently displayed inside the [Frontier] MacCorkle Ave. building. It will be year round and we will have what the flag means, the symbolism, for all our visitors and new employees who may be coming in,” says Barratt.

During the ceremony, Frontier recognized, by name, all the employees present who are veterans. Barratt says this is a special time of year and they want their workers to grasp the significance.

“We believe that this is a week long time to reflect about what Memorial Day really means,” stresses Barratt. “And by doing this, with a special Honor and Remember flag, we’re really engaging our workforce all the way from our senior leadership down to the front line technician that might come out to your house or a consultant you might speak to on the phone.”

The company is holding similar ceremonies this week at offices in 26 other states.

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