The House Judiciary Committee Chairman says the next Speaker of the state House of Delegates will need help.

“No one of us that has an interest has enough votes to become Speaker without building relationships and we need to do that collectively, I hope, or not,” Harrison County Delegate Tim Miley said on Wednesday’s MetroNews “Talkline.”

Miley was scheduled to meet Wednesday with House Finance Committee Chair Harry Keith White, House Majority Whip Mike Caputo, House Majority Leader Brent Boggs and Wayne County Delegate Don Perdue.

All have been named as possible replacements for current House Speaker Rick Thompson, a Democrat, who will resign on June 15th to become the Secretary of the state Department of Veterans Assistance.

Delegate Miley said they all have to start talking.  “I feel like most problems should and can get resolved with face to face, honest, frank, candid discussions and we’re all friends, we’re all colleagues.”

Kanawha County Delegate Doug Skaff’s name has been included on Speaker lists.  Miley, though, said Skaff has “rubbed some the wrong way” and that is why he was not included in the Wednesday meeting.

“We need to get over this hurdle first and then I want to certainly make sure that Doug Skaff and others in the House who have an interest are part of all communications,” Miley said.

“We’ve just got to begin talking with each other and that’s just not happened very much up until now.”

Speaker Thompson, who is from Wayne County, has held that role for the past seven years.

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  • Tina B

    WVUfan68 hmmmm I'm getting the feeling I know who you are.....interesting, unwise but very interesting.

  • C.Hoffman

    Pigs to the trough!

  • WVUfan69

    "rubbed some the wrong way"-Hey Miley, how about you completely pissed off the entire populations of Monogalia and Marion Counties.

    You are a hack, ambulance chaser and everything that is wrong with WV politics. Not only do I pray you are not elected SOH, but I hope you are not re-elected.

    Del. Skaff has proven he can bridge the gap between parties and has friends on both sides of the aisle. I would presume that Del. Skaff probably didnt go along with Mileys' politics as usual stance and that is his so called rub. He would make a great SOH.

    • liberty4all

      Contrary to your assumptions, some of us did not support the Morgantown TIF. Philosophically it goes against my personal belief in small government, less taxes, government staying out of business of picking winners and losers (you know, that laundry list of conservative ideals and the broader concept of capitalism and free markets). I assume you think that probably makes me (and those like me) somehow "less" of a WVU fan or "less" of a West Virginian. You'd be incorrect. Perhaps I've seen you at the WVU baseball games. Since so few people attend I'm sure we may have bumped into each other.

      I'm not sure who to support, but Skaff appears to have the least experience and I am not sure of any cause he has championed during his short term in the House. If someone out there can list his accomplishments for me I'm open to consideration.

      White is a banker. Miley has been endorsed in prior elections by both the Chamber of Commerce and Labor at the same time. Seems either would be able to reach across the aisle to get things done (if that is what you want). Somewhere organizations "score" these politicians. See who has the highest scores from all sides of the political aisle (Chamber, Labor, Right to Life, Guns, etc . . .) and you probably have your answer who you should support.

      Boggs, Perdue and Caputo seem to be huge supporters of Labor. Doubt there would be much compromise going on with these three (which may make them the best choice if you want government to accomplish less, not more)

      • WVUfan69


        I agree with your principles, but I did not see this as a political issue, rather a jobs issue. With $250 million in possible development and the creation of 2500 jobs, this was about revenue, job creation and updating infrastructure. The baseball stadium made up about 5% of the entire project.

        Miley made it political and put the best interests of the state aside.

        And yes, if you attend WVU baseball games we have run into each other.

        • liberty4all

          Tried to post this reply yesterday but is pending "moderation" (probably because I included links to economic impact studies of minor league baseball stadiums on the municipalities they are in). While I wish you were correct about the economic development, I will not be holding my breath. Numerous studies indicate that even considering construction jobs for the building of a stadium, any economic benefit is minimal at best. When considering the cost to government, there is a net negative impact.

          Anyway, 20 years from now you still won't know what, if any, economic impact was a direct result from the TIF. Because this area was being developed already, we will never know what development would have occurred on its own.

          Finally, I lived for several years in a city where a baseball stadium was built for an A League team. Stadium sells out to this day. However, the many bars/restaurants that opened that first year have long been closed. There is exactly one bar that remains open today (the rest are empty store fronts). Seasonal peanut vendors and a couple of bartenders is the extent of the economic impact. The team makes a killing from the sold out stadium. Not much else in the way of benefit to the community.

          As with any situation where the government picks winners and losers, a select few with powerful friends in the right places will benefit tremendously (i.e. developers, team owners). The rest of us will recognize little to no improvement in our lives. The money which might be spent on going to baseball games will not be spent where it previously was, which means there will be losers in this equation.