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Third-seeded West Virginia will open Big 12 tournament pool play against No. 6 seed Kansas on Thursday.

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — The West Virginia baseball team inadvertently exceeded the NCAA’s 56-game regular-season limit, a violation that dates back to an exhibition against Potomac State staged last October.

The school’s compliance staff reportedly notified the NCAA of the violation, which deputy athletics director Mike Parsons said “will have no effect on the Big 12 tournament” that starts Thursday in Oklahoma City. Nor would it impact the Mountaineers’ eligibility for an automatic NCAA bid should they win the tournament this weekend, Parsons said.

The worst-case fallout, Parsons surmised, would involve WVU being docked a game or two next season. He didn’t suspect the mistake could lead to more serious sanctions such as reduced scholarships or postseason bans.

NCAA rules permitted Division I teams to play 56 regular-season games this year, starting Feb. 15. Unofficial fall games, like the one WVU staged against Potomac State as part of an alumni day event Oct. 21, do not factor into a team’s record. However, they do count against the school’s number of permitted games.

West Virginia and new coach Randy Mazey assembled the full complement of 56 regular-season games for the spring, but in an oddity, experienced no rainouts or cancellations. The Mountaineers closed the season with a 31-25 record and will face Kansas in the Big 12 tournament Thursday.

“It was simply an inadvertent oversight in the scheduling,” Parsons told MetroNews on Wednesday. “We didn’t lose any games to weather this season, and then suddenly we get to the end of the season and we’re over the limit.”

Athletics director Oliver Luck was traveling with the West Virginia Coaches Caravan in Bluefield and did not immediately return a message seeking comment.

The NCAA staff in Indianapolis also did not immediately return a query about the situation.

Had the potential violation been spotted in time, WVU could have cancelled its final nonconference game against Marshall in Beckley on May 14. Mazey left a number of position players in Morgantown that night because the Mountaineers were scheduled to board an early-morning flight out of Pittsburgh the next day.

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  • smitty

    Not a big deal but just another red flag. Who is steering the ship? As for you Charles, not everything has to do with money. Sometimes you have to be satisfied with what you have and where you are at. Are we about putting our athletes in a position to be successful both in classroom and on athletic field, or is it all about making more money. Is success based on raising ticket prices, selling beer in stadium, raising parking prices, borrowing money from university to keep things going! What ever happened to making sure we do what is in best interest for our athletes, not our bank account! Keep your eye on the red flags and Ollie's pocketbook!

  • Adultyoutubes: - gsf201394 - Blog

    WV MetroNews – WVU exceeds NCAA 56-game limit Adultyoutubes: - gsf201394 - Blog http://www.adultyoutubes.com/str8/profile_blogs/gsf201394/

  • Big Bubba

    Just one more comment. If coach Mazey is not the Big 12 coach of the year, then nobody should be considered for coach of the year.

  • Big Bubba

    The NCAA shouldn't cry about WVU being over in the number of allowed games. As everyone knows" there's no crying in baseball"

  • tony

    PSC is a frickin subsidiary and part of WVU..kinda like playing a jayvee team..unreal that it would count

  • Shadow

    Another stupid NCAA Rule. Charity ain't a part of their money grubbing system.

  • JimJim

    Way to go, Lucky.........

  • Ragweed

    I think we need to go back to the Southern conference.........

  • Chef Camille

    WVU will be forced to "get back" everything they donated to OK victims. They NCAA will also put the team on two years "double sercet probation".
    Honest mistake this is not a problem.

  • wvrefugee

    No, Ollie said, and I quote, "Basketball means nothing!" And yes, he is still milking the sheep. But, the sheep are becoming nervous!

    • Charles

      I have a great idea. Hire back pastilong. Move back to the big east. Charge 20 bucks for tickets. No new baseball stadium. And all you guys would be happy. Lets not strive to be the best at anything. Lets all just get along to be happy. Peer institutions charge way more per ticket for football. But that's ok. We don't want to compete in our athletic program anyway. Ollie should just act like Eddie p and keep you old farts happy.

      • Frank Lincoln

        What is an old fart? Someone over the age of 18.The so called old farts are the ones paying the billls as they have since they were young farts like you Get a life.

      • Charles

        While we are at it. Lets make sure to cut all coaches salaries. We are already near the bottom of the big 12 in coaches pay. Might as well go for it and hit the bottom. We like to complain about wins and losses. But don't think you need to pay to get them. Then we can afford to be in the big east. Maybe you guys will be happy then. With the 2 million a year payout. Ollie didn't kill the big east. Syracuse and Pitt did. We reacted. After those two left the conference was done. And the acc will never, never, never take wvu. If we waited we were out. Left out. Period. The acc does not have to take us. And never will.

  • tw eagle

    who cares . . .the object was to get the new I-79 exit ramp , attached to the TIF bill for the ball park . . .new exit needed for football stadium move to west side of river , baseball just side show . . .

  • cutty77

    See Playing Marshall always is a Big Pain In The Herd. LOL

  • CaptainQ

    Don't be surprised if the NCAA forces WVU to 'forfeit' their entire 2013 season and then be put on probation for five years. The NCAA is SO inconsistant and zany when it comes to meriting out punishment for violations. You never know what the NCAA will decide to do!

    • WVUfan69


      You hit it on the head. The NCAA is always completely consistent, at being inconsistent.

      If any organization deserves the "death penalty" it is the NCAA.

    • Jcol

      I'm glad you don't work for the NCAA. If they followed your thinking there would be no football or basketball. Talk about BIG BROTHER.

      • Mac

        He's talking about what the NCAA actually does. Auburn pays a player's father a 6 figure sum of money and there is no penalty. OSU players sell their sweats and they get a bowl ban and all players tossed from school.... Look at Miami! The NCAA hammered them on the word of a felon!