CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Police hope the one-year anniversary of an unsolved death will jog a witness’ memory or prompt someone with information to come forward.  


Police don’t know who killed Bob Snow, the Charleston man whose body was found in the Elk River on May 26, 2012.

Bob Snow, a regional manager for the Charleston area 7-Eleven stores, disappeared on May 23, 2012. Three days later his body was found in the Elk River. City police revealed he had been bound with duct tape, but are still searching for answers into what happened to him.

“We have had several leads we’ve been following, but we’ve not come up with enough evidence to charge anyone,” Charleston Police Chief of Detectives Lt. Steve Cooper said at a Thursday media briefing. “But the case is not cold. It’s been worked on every week for the last 52 weeks.”

Yet leads have kept coming up empty, a trend Cooper said has frustrated investigators and the victim’s family.

“We hope someone being reminded this is the one-year anniversary will give it some thought and have something useful for us,” Cooper said. “There may be someone withholding information because they aren’t sure they should come forward. We’re asking that any piece of information be brought to us.”

Snow’s car was found in a parking lot near the Westmoreland exit of Interstate 77 in Charleston. His body was found in the river not far away. Surveillance video showed him in the car in that neighborhood where he had paid a visit to one of the convenience stores he oversaw. He left that store to go interview a person for a job at another store, but never made it to the interview. 

“The situation is mysterious,” said Cooper. “That’s all there is too it. It’s mysterious and there are things we can’t explain. So we’re hoping someone can call us with objective and unfiltered information.”

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  • Mario

    So horrible to hear about this. Prayers to his family.