Brady Wilson (23) was mobbed by teammates after his game-tying homer Saturday in a 6-5 win over Oklahoma State. Despite the win, WVU failed to reach the Big 12 tournament championship game and also missed out on the NCAA tournament.

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — As expected, the NCAA baseball field of 64 did not include West Virginia, and the Big 12 advanced only three teams to regionals, a record low for the conference.

Big 12 tournament champion Oklahoma (40-19) and regular-season champ Kansas State (41-17)  have been considered NCAA locks for weeks. Oklahoma State (39-17) also made the field as an at-large despite losing all three games at the league tournament.

The last of OSU’s losses was Saturday night’s 6-5 setback to West Virginia (33-26), which temporarily kept the Mountaineers’ postseason hopes alive. Hours later, however, Kansas defeated TCU to eliminate WVU from the Big 12 tournament title game, which the Jayhawks (34-25) ultimately lost to Oklahoma 7-2 on Sunday.

The Big 12 had never sent fewer than four teams to the NCAA regionals. Neither Kansas or West Virginia were among the last 10 teams left out of the NCAAs, according to projections at Mark Etheridge at

WVU’s final RPI was 86, according to Boyd Nation’s psuedo index, while Kansas finished at No. 69. The lowest two at-large RPI teams selected were No. 50 San Francisco (34-22) and No. 51 New Mexico (37-20).

West Virginia figured it needed to win the Big 12 tournament to reach the NCAAs for the first time since 1996. After being eliminated late Saturday night, several Mountaineers took to Twitter, resigned their surprising season was finished:



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  • smitty

    I agree with cek! yes it was a great year but the pitching selection was terrible. Not only could we have used Harrison for the final reg season but how about the first game of the tournament! What ever happened to going with your best to try to get that first game. To me that is a coaching blunder!

    • cek

      Yes Smitty, everyone seems to be sweeping these mistakes away. I hope he learns soon that as WVU fans we hate losing to Marshall in anything and not going with your best was a slap in the face to the fans that came out to see the 'eers. Still, it was a good season and I hope Coach Mazey learns from these errors as all good coaches do.

  • Larry

    WVU has a baseball team?

  • cek

    A great season that could have been much better at the end. A couple of questions Coach Mazey. At a time when we definitely needed wins and RPI points, why rest the regulars against Marshall and then hold Musgrave out against OK State in the final series? Not saying two more wins would have done it but it sure would have helped.

  • MountainMover

    This is exactly the type of year you want to see out of a team with a new coach, in a new conference, and with low (no?) expectations. Hoping the program will grow and benefit from more investment, and become regular contender. Congrats to Coach Mazey and the entire team.

  • Bob Melphis

    When you consider WVU played 59 games this year and only 5 where in Morgantown; finishing 3rd in conference play and winning 33 games was a great accomplishment.

  • Dave

    Would just like to echo some of the previous comments and say Congratulations on a fine season. I want to give a special shout out to Harrison Musgrave on winning the BIG12 pitcher of the year award. I also thought Coach Mazey deserved the Big12 Coach of the year award. I was very proud of the team for stepping up to the plate to help out the Oklahoma tornado victims. That made me even prouder to be a Mountaineer fan and a West Virginian.

  • Tim C

    Great job guys, we are proud of you!

  • PhotoBoothe

    Same as Rinfire, can't say I followed the program that much in the past - but I certainly did so down the stretch this year including the Big 12 tournament.
    Awesome comeback to beat OSU and give yourselves a chance to continue.
    Strongest respect to Randy Mazey and his staff, the players, and yes also to the previous staff for leaving some good players in place and keeping things going in the era when the program was neglected by the WVU administration.
    Also deepest respect for your tornado relief work, doing the next right thing but also casting a very positive light on the name "West Virginia!"

  • cutty77

    Nobody an I mean Nobody thought this Team would be in The running for a NCAA Baseball Birth to begin the season. But I want to bring this up. Greg Van Zant left some good players on This Team. Thanks Coach Van Zant.

    • Aaron

      Baseball is the ultimate team sport. It just goes to show what a good coach can accomplish.

  • Rimfire

    Never did watch or listen to the Mountaineers play baseball in the past but I did listen on the radio during the tournament time and it truly was exciting. Will have to come to one of the games next season

  • Mister Man

    Great year!! Thank you. Go Mountaineers!

  • Maxxajay

    Congratulations team in my book you are a winner you was all year I enjoyed you every time I got to hear your game on radio and got to see you on TV and also in person congratulations ....come back next year I know you will do a wonderful job thank you team....