The NFL Players Association is moving forward with what officials are calling an “aggressive” investigation focused on what led to New York Jets quarterback Geno Smith hiring Roc Nation’s Kim Miale as his agent.

Reports from indicate the NFLPA sent a letter of inquiry to Miale, who is with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation, earlier this week.

Mike Florio with said there are questions about what role Jay-Z may or may not have played in recruiting Smith to sign with Miale for football contract negotiations.

Jay-Z, who started his career as a rapper, is not a certified agent. The allegation is he served as a “runner” to bring in Smith, though the former WVU quarterback did nothing wrong.

“The rule is clear: Unless you’re certified by the NFLPA, you can’t be involved in the recruitment of a player to sign with an agent for representation on his football contract,” Florio said on Wednesday’s MetroNews “Talkline.”

Florio said there would be no issue if Smith had signed with Jay-Z for endorsements off the field.

However, “If you want to represent a player in his negotiations, for example in this case, Geno Smith with the Jets, you have to have NFLPA certification,” Florio said. “This becomes a problem when Jay-Z, who isn’t certified, has any role in recruiting Geno Smith to sign with a certified agent.

“He knew or should have known that he was stepping into yet another controversy and the question becomes, how many controversies do you want to have?  How many controversies can you afford?”

Smith, the former Mountaineers quarterback, fired his former agents after being passed over in the first round of the NFL draft. The Jets made him the No. 39 overall pick in the second round.

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  • cutty77

    Let me Give Allan and everyone else a updaye on this Story from Tony's Boy Mike Floria. As of Today 5/31/2013 On there is story talking about The NFLPA looking onto Jay-Z and Geno Smith. You do know That is The web site of The NFL,and they should know something about this. Not to say Tony's Boy, Mike Floria doesn't know what he's talking about,because he was on Hoppy's show last week, LOL

    • cutty77

      April Fools,there is no story on NFL.Com about this. LOL

  • Allan

    Geno needs to stop worrying about the $$$$ and worry about being the #1 guy in New York. If he does this, the $$$ will come eventually. Let's face it Geno, you already have more money than you ever seen or earned in your whole life...go play football and stop crying about what round you were drafted in.

  • Chef Camille

    Gee all the money we paid him to play at WVU and he never needed an agent?

  • smitty

    jay Z, is that huggins newest recruit? Geno probally did not know that there was a connection between the rapper thug and his new agent. Maybe Gino should not have blamed his prior agent for his fall in the draft. Could it be that all those teams saw that Gino could not deliver down the stretch and have legitimate concerns about his NFL talent? just wondering!!!

  • zerotolerance

    Geno has been stepping in doggy doo since the week before the draft. Already a very bad reputation which I think is clearly going to thwart any chance at a good or great career. I hope I am wrong but it looks bad so far......

  • scott

    I just don't understand the title of this article.

    • Robert

      It's a pretty famous song. I don't like rap music either, but c'mon now.

    • chad

      A Jay-Z song titled "99 problem but a B**ch ain"t one"

    • Wemakerain

      Why would you do this to yourself? It's a Jay-Z song my friend

      • Scott

        I am actually quite proud that I don't know that it's a title of a song. Most news readers that follow normal news probably don't either. Just not a good title for this article...OPINION...nothing more...

  • Doug

    WILLIAM--CHILL, GIVE IT A REST!!!!! Now go to your room and play your stupid video games!!!!!

    Better yet, why don't you issue a challenge to Huggins to settle your differences with him man to man. I 100% guarantee you would crap your pants if he said "Boo" to you!!!!!

  • OneWV

    WILLIAM...we get it. You dont like Bob Huggins. Move on.

  • Shawn

    This whole story is about ridiculous. Who cares anyways? All i care about is Geno doing well for himself and making WV proud. The media is a joke and will continue to be a joke. They are the number 1 reason the country is in shambles. People constantly say "when did the world get so bad?" It was always this way but the media takes every little story and runs with it. We've always had kidnappings, murders, scandals, etc. But we've not always had this many reporters, news stations and access to such technology as we do today.

    • cutty77

      The Media is The Largest Terror Organization is This Country. Because they spread more Terror than any other Group in The World. I'd feel sorry for people that have a Job like that. Very Sad.


      Just call "SWEATSUIT HUGGINS" he will FIX THIS.

      • Shawn

        Ol' Willy Beans...we can always count on you to bring ignorance to the comment section.

      • Wemakerain

        You type like you have tourettes

  • cutty77

    Allan don't let the lack of Truth, stop you from telling a Lie. Ha,Ha

  • cutty77

    Allan, It was on MSNBC last week my friend.You want me to send you the Link? John Thornton answered this on CBS Sports.Com too You also want that link to his statement? Well if he was Just on Hoppy's show,IT MUST BE THE TRUTH. LOL

    • Allan Taylor

      Clearly, cutty, we need to stage a tutorial session on the difference between "old news" and "ongoing."

      • hailey

        Say's the guy who does not know who Tony is... he would be the guy who had done play by play for the Mountaineers for the past 15+ yrs.

    • cutty77

      One last thing Allan,go watch Mike Floria Tony's Boy Ha,Ha interview with Ross Johnson on The Geno Jay-Z hook up. Ross thinks is a Joke. The NFL can't do anything about it,because Geno he did nothing wrong. Like Ross Johnson said, what Geno can't talk to people. Yes it is a Joke. Wish i could get on Hoppy's Show. LOL

      • chad

        Who the heck is Tony

  • cutty77

    This is old News from a week ago. This is Tony's Boy Mike Floria a WVU Grad I guess. He has done nothing but Bash Geno The entire time. But WVRC continues to bad mouth Geno on this.

    • Allan Taylor

      Welcome back, Cutty.
      Florio's not bashing Geno here, thus the sentence: "The allegation is (Jay-Z) served as a “runner” to bring in Smith, though the former WVU quarterback did nothing wrong."

      And as for old news, the NFLPA's inquiry is just getting started and Florio appeared on Hoppy's show less than an hour before this post.

  • leroy jethro gibbs

    its new york jets , a cursed football team

  • chad

    Geno should just worry about winning fotball games. This is Jay-Z's problem, not Geno's.

    Mike Florio can go suck an egg as far as I'm concend. This "controversy" has nothing to do with Geno as a person or his ability as a player.

    • Grant


  • Martinsburg Resident

    This ain't a good start Geno... go out and win the starting job and show everyone that passed on you that they were wrong! Stay away from these controversies... Go Mountaineers!