There are still weeks to go until a new House Speaker will be selected.

But some supporters of House Judiciary Committee Chairman Tim Miley say they think they now have the more than 30 votes it will take to put the Harrison County delegate in that role.

“The West Virginia Moderate Coalition, a group that gathered together, has decided to support Tim Miley for his race for Speaker of the House,” Raleigh County Delegate Ricky Moye said on Wednesday’s MetroNews “Talkline.”

Delegate Moye says the Moderate Coalition is made up of himself, Fayette County Delegate Margaret Anne Staggers, Webster County Delegate Dana Lynch, Fayette County Delegate David Perry, Fayette County Delegate John Pino and Lewis County Delegate Margaret Donaldson Smith.

On Wednesday, all six announced they will vote for Delegate Miley, which could potentially take his House vote total to more than 30 delegate votes.

“We were considering what we thought was best for the state of West Virginia and for the constituents we represent.  It wasn’t about us,” Delegate Moye said of the decision.

At last count, House Finance Committee Chairman Harry Keith White from Mingo County, the other Democrat Speaker candidate, had 25 votes.

State Chamber of Commerce President Steve Roberts says there is still plenty of time for the vote count among Democrats to change over and over again.

“Each side will declare victory numerous times.  There probably will be shifts because, in the end, a whole lot of people want to be on the winning side,” Roberts said on Wednesday’s MetroNews “Talkline.”

Roberts says the Chamber is not making an official endorsement.  “That’s an internal matter for the elected members of the House to resolve,” he said.  “Having said that, we have a long tradition of having worked with Finance Committee Chairman Harry Keith White.”

West Virginia Education Association President Dale Lee says his organization is backing Delegate Miley.  “The deciding factor for us was Delegate Miley’s fairness, his thoughtfulness, his compassion and his demeanor, the way that he handles things,” Lee said.

Delegate White is working with Kanawha County Delegate Doug Skaff.

Delegate Miley has the support of House Majority Leader Brent Boggs, House Majority Whip Mike Caputo and Wayne County Delegate Don Perdue.

There are 54 Democrats in the House of Delegates and 46 Republicans.  If there is no agreement on a Speaker among Democrats, a Republican could potentially have enough support to claim the leadership role if the decision is made on the House floor.

A new Speaker will likely be selected in early July following the official resignation of current House Speaker Rick Thompson who is resigning to become the next Secretary of the Department of Veterans Assistance.

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  • For the good of WV

    Miley is the candidate that can bring everyone together for the good of West Virginia not an individual. Isnt that what it is supposed to be about

    • Jeremy

      Your joking right? Have you already forgotten about the back door magistrate pay raise this spring.

  • standing by

    Look at both committees and how the chairman of each committee handled their assignments before making your choice and who do you come up with? The finance chairman or the judiciary chairman? Who that is voting has checked this out?

  • Get Miley Out

    Our delegates had better start making wise choices or there's going to be a revolt against all incumbents! Putting Miley in the Speaker's seat is going to lose several delegates their seats!

    • liberty4all

      How's that? More specifics please. Incumbent Dems or Reps? Assuming you are only talking about Dems, why does the Democratic ticket look more electable with Del. White? Is his voting record different that Del. Miley's? If so, in what ways?

      The Republicans have made gains recently. You can debate whether that is as a result of President Obama or not (since state went for Bush twice before that). However, it has maintained a Dem governor, Dem majority in the both houses of State Legislature and both U.S. Senators. The choice for Speaker is between two Democrats. The difference to me appears to be one works well with others, the other has made a deal with some young delegates that want to get power they otherwise haven't earned from their peers.

      Who's writing this post, one of the self proclaimed "young guns" worried about their power play falling apart? (By the way, it's pretty tacky to give yourself a nickname - none of your voting records or limited legislative accomplishments have earned the nickname for you).

      Finally, I remain amused that so many "Republicans" look to government as the solution to improving the state's ranking higher in categories such as education, income, etc . . . We Libertarians know it would be no different if they were in power. If you are truly conservative, come join the movement and quit arguing over whose special interests are more worthwhile.

  • Anon

    Miley has had one foot out of the House, trying to get into the Senate all year long....and now wants to be Speaker? Doesn't any self-respecting member of the lower chamber have a problem with this?

    • Tina B

      I'm confused, why is that a big deal?

  • hughes knight

    The last thing West Virginia needs is a trail lawyer that sneaks out of his hole.

    Question: Why does California have the most lawyers, and New Jersey the most toxic waste dumps?
    Answer: New Jersey got first pick.

    • liberty4all

      You mean as opposed to the outgoing Speaker (a trial lawyer) and the President of the Senate (a trial lawyer)?

  • Ax Man

    I think we should stay with the Dem's, that way we know that we will keep 49th or 50th place.

    • RogerD

      Yes, we can win the race easier when we run down hill.

    • JJ

      Amen Ax Man. Good thing they're appointing an ambulance chaser to the big seat.