SOUTH KINGSTOWN, R.I. — West Virginia basketball signee Jonathan Holton, who pleaded no contest Wednesday to one count of video voyeurism, was sentenced to two years probation and ordered to undergo mental health counseling.

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Forward Jonathan Holton was a freshman standout at Rhode Island before two charges of video voyeurism and led to his dismissal in March 2012.

During his disposition hearing in Superior Court, the former University of Rhode Island standout had a second count of video voyeurism dismissed because that video did not contain images of the victim quite graphic enough to satisfy the criminal statute.

The West Virginia basketball sports information department said coach Bob Huggins would have no comment at this time.

Holton was expelled from Rhode Island last March after allegedly recording separate sexual encounters with two female URI students. Though police said the sex was consensual, the video recording wasn’t, and the females became aware of the videos when they were posted to Facebook.

Along with probation, Holton was prohibited from having contact with the victim. The structure of his mental health counseling will be revisited by the court in July.

A violation of his probation could once again subject Holton to the maximum felony of up to three years jail time.

The “nolo contendere” plea, which is neither an admission of guilt nor a dispute of the criminal charge, prevents the defendant from going to trial.

In days after Holton’s arrest, defense attorney John MacDonald contended: “Jonathan Holton did not post any graphic images on his Facebook account nor did he email or forward these images to others. An unauthorized third party accessed Mr. Holton’s account without his consent and maliciously sent these images under his name. Mr. Holton is truly sorry for the pain and embarrassment that these actions have caused.”

MacDonald did not immediately return a message left at his office after Wednesday’s disposition hearing.

The 6-foot-9 Holton was named to the Atlantic 10 All-Rookie team after averaging 10.2 points and 8.1 rebounds in 2011-12.

The Miami native spent last season at Palm Beach (Fla.) State Community College, where he averaged 17.5 points and 14.1 rebounds per game.

In November, Holton committed to Florida International, but he began looking for another program when coach Richard Pitino left FIU for Minnesota.


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  • Kevin

    Send them my way,,

  • tw eagle

    yes , definitely let this predator loose on the streets of Morgantown. . .will Higgins be his sponsor to enter W Va ?

    • chad

      Predator??? Really?? How is he a predator? Do you have any understanding at all of what a predator is?

  • rtdeco

    this is america..everyone deserves a 9th chance.

    • Alum

      Remember the act was consensual (the video was not) so would your daughter or relative also receive the same treatment from you for consenting to perform the act with him?


        Hey Alum, we are talking about breaking the law. Not consensual sex. Are you stupid or something? When will the special support of athletes stop? They are no different than my son who is serving his country at age 18 in Afghanistan. If he breaks the law, he pays the piper. So this jerk should be treated the same. End of story. Stop protecting athletes.

        • Barry

          Seriously Alum, you don't make no sense. Are you trying to attack the victims of this crime? I am confused. And how is WVIRGINIAN FOR LIFE being hypocritical. Holton broke the law. Not these women!

        • Alum

          I just see the hypocrisy of your screen name and your posts to this story. You last comment confirms your hypocrisy. Nothing more nothing less.

          And tommy, just like you with you sick obsession of Huggins.

      • big tom

        who cares, this sicko should be punished as some pervert, who has emotional and psycological problems/

  • ron wilson

    To gob , "screw up " good choice of words considering the charges and now conviction of Holton , ya we all "screwed up " on our way to adult -hood , but we didn't engage in "strong -armed " robberies . - - don't want the guy running out on the famed carpet wearing the uniform representing Wvu and the State of West Va.

    • Shawn

      When the kid is scoring 16 ppg and grabbing 12 rpg you will be right there cheering him on. You'll be one of those guys who will run up to him and get his autograph. Save us the bull and move on.

      • WILLIAM

        'SWEATSUIT HUGGINS' says he will fix it. Holton, Aaric Murray, and Juwan Statan will be roommates when the team is on the road.

  • cutty77

    I keep telling everyone 2015, then The Basketball Program will change.

  • Shawn

    Same ol bunch with the same old comments. Any of you with season tickets please send them back so i dont have to sit beside you next year. I dont understand why half the people go to games just to gripe about it. Stay home and be miserable...i promise its better for everybody else.

    • tony

      amen, im with ya bro...

    • Mark

      Heaven knows there is nothing more important than going to a basketball game.

    • big tom

      i don't know why half the people go to the games

      • Big Larry


        The people who go to WVU basketball games enjoy mediocrity. They are mostly "Fat Cats" with no sense and plenty of money to waste and spend.

        They don't care if they lose every game and probably don't even know if WVU does lose.

        Most West Virginians can hardly afford ticket prices not to mention the expense to drive to the games.

        I guess somebody has to pay Huggins salary of 3 million a year...but it wont be me doing it.

        • Shawn

          I'm glad you wont be attending...makes we want to attend even more now.

      • chad

        I don't know why you bother posting comments

    • Big Larry

      You mean...people are still buying tickets?

    • Mister


  • big tom

    under a stop light????? he doesn't throw up all over himself.
    and btw, holton has already had the second chance ,and you guessed it, he flushed it down the drain..
    come on huggie , we need more thugs like you had at cinn.

    • harlem princess

      He made a mistake everybody makes them!!

  • Gob

    This guy is 20 years old. Give him a chance to uphold his probatoin. He's a kid, probably from a rough upbringing, and mistakes happen. It's doubtful anyone in these comments made it to adult-hood without screwing up a few times.

    • JoeJoe

      Cue the violins.


      There are 18 year old kids serving their country in Iraq and Afghanistan. There are considered young men when they take a bullet or are killed or wounded by an IED. This is BS! He's a man and should not be treated any differently than any other citizen.

      • chad

        He's not being treated any differently

  • ron wilson

    Holton is now a convicted felon , and according to the ny post was charged with a strong arm robbery in Miami ( another felony ) . I ask , does the end justify the means ? So he a good bb player , but don't we want good citizens also ?


      Your comment is right on target. This guy has already had a second chance. I am sick tired of sports stars not feeling the pain of their actions. What does this tell younger players? It tells them as long as I am a start performer, I will get off lite!!!

  • Martinsburg Resident

    2nd chances are what life is all about. Give this kid a chance and let him succeed or fail... then give your opinion of him. He will be on a short leash and Huggs knows what he is doing. Go Mountaineers!

  • Jim N Charleston

    Oh he is gonna fit right in. Cue the Guiness guy "BRILLIANT!"

    • chad

      that commercial hasn't been aired in 15 years ya dork

      • DonaldH

        How would you know, Chad? that seems to of been before you were born...

  • JoeJoe

    Huggins players will have more bling around their ankles than they will around their necks.

  • richard

    let he who is without sin cast the first stone. nice to know that some on this post are sinless and haven't made any mistakes. i'll take your season tickets. swear i will. i go to a lot of games anyway. also, huggins giving this guy a second chance may be what he needs. if anyone can do it -huggins can.

    • Barry

      I love when non-Christians qoute Jesus. This is not about casting stones. This is questioning a coach who recruits criminals when there are good kids out there, who do the right things, make good grades and try to be good people. Why not recruit guys like that? I can root for guys like that but will never root for this guy....or this coach any more.

    • Mac

      No kidding. An 18 year old kid decides to videotape himself getting some and the holy rollers condemn him. He may not be the brightest lightbulb in the pack, but this hardly makes him a thug. Shame on these people who condemn a kid for doing something stupid.

      • DonaldH

        Holy Rollers? really Mac--- you're the flippin idiot!!

  • big tom

    wvu coach huggins has stooped to a new low in signing this felon

    • Kevin

      I bet you'd be the first one to cuss Huggins if he sat on his thumbs and waited and let Florida grab him and signed him,,

      • leroy j gibbs

        Is winning that important to recruit felons to represent wv?

        • JoeJoe

          Chad, you idiot, he is a TWO-TIME felon.
          Tragic, that Coach Thuggins selects criminals to represent his basketball programs wherever he has coached.



      • Nocturnalnegro

        William ... you're a joke, and a judgmental hypocrite. Huggs is a future HOF coach whether you like it or not. It's pathetic how you complain about him yelling at players, and then when he tries to give a kid a chance to redeem himself, you cry like a little school girl. A lot of these kids grew up without a dad, and their only examples of manhood are gangsta rappers and thugs, so they need a father figure and disciplinarian that will get up in their grill and set them straight! It's easy to sit back and judge when you probably grew up in lily white Mayberry. I guess you'd rather this kid end up back in the hood, falling through the cracks.

        • Barry

          Whats pitiful is a bunch of fans who worship sports, can't take anything negative about their idol (WVU), and who have zero moral fiber. This guy should not have been given a scholarship at WVU. Huggins wants a bunch of players that he can cuss and degrade and that have nowhere else to go. Good players with other options will leave and Huggins knows this. All you guys taking up for Holton are way out of line. What if one of these girls would have been you daughter or sister? Would you root for him then?

      • WILLIAM


        • Dave

          Bet William didn't have any problem with Marshall giving Bradshaw his second and third chances.....LOL

          • MrJ

            What does the Herd have to do with this story?

          • Bottom Feeder

            He only knows what Landon tells him to say...sounds a little like obama..

        • Big Larry

          William....Love your work!

  • Shawn

    Sweet. You should let them go so others can enjoy them.