MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Baltimore Dunbar point guard Daxter Miles, for weeks considered to be leaning toward West Virginia, committed to the Mountaineers on Saturday.

Lloyd Fox/Baltimore Sun

Dunbar High School basketball standout Daxter Miles is among the top 2013 prospects in Baltimore.

The 6-foot-3 Miles averaged a team-high 19 points after transferring to Dunbar this past season, where the Poets won their fourth consecutive Maryland Class 1A state championship. Recruited by the likes of Miami, Virginia, Villanova and Xavier, he also held scholarship offers from two of WVU’s Big 12 opponents — Oklahoma State and Kansas State.

Recruiting analysts say Miles has the scoring ability to play the two-guard and the wingspan to be a tough defender.

He attended Baltimore’s Archbishop Curley as a freshman and sophomore before spending his junior season at IMG Academy in Bradenton, Fla. He has yet to qualify academically but told of the Rivals network that he expects to receive word this month about his latest standardized test result.

As of February, Miles didn’t have WVU among his top five schools, but that apparently changed after a visit to Morgantown in March.

WVU previously signed six other prospects — all forwards 6-foot-8 or taller — for the class of 2013. The Mountaineers had seven scholarships available after three seniors graduated and four underclassmen transferred.

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  • Bob Smithers

    No joy juice tw eagle,just some of that fine Appalachian sinsemella !!!

  • Im grill

    Seriously has anyone hear even played a sport at that level? I know none of you have coached by your ridiculous comments. Everyone is entitled to opinions but making @&$ up isn't opinion it's just dumb. Btw this isn't Facebook so stop with the middle school bickering its old

  • smitty

    If all Huggins recruits pan out and the moon is right, we might get back on track. Keep them in class, out of his bars, and on the right side of the law and we might turn this thing around. Then again we might not!!

  • justme

    say all you want no one knows that is why you play the game

  • Bob Smithers

    WVU football will go 13-0 with a national championship.WVU basketball will go 35-0 with a national championship.WVU baseball will go 62-0 with a national championship.YAAAAY!!!!!

    • tw eagle

      who flooded the mountain states waters with joy juice ?

  • Protechcpa

    "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times." Let us hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

  • jeph

    I hit Tom Herrion in the eye with a coin.

  • tony

    note that he came into dunbar as a transfer and in one year had a 20 ppg avg. thats sounding like a guy who will be bidding for pt off the bat. dunbar is pretty much a very top shelf hs program.. there were a number of d1s on the team this year

  • tony

    great pick....he will be a defender..saw him in the tourney here..hes a player...

  • Keno Bill

    Daxter Miles was the last piece to win a National Championship. Not this year buy if this team stay's together we will win the Big One.

  • tw eagle

    you're joking if you think this kid will become academically eligible in this decade . . .Miami moved him to prep in florida, he spent two years there and still couldn't cut the mustard academically . . .he must be kinda 'slow' , cause the SAT cutoff number is 480 and anyone taking the test essentially gets 400 points for getting his name right . . .



  • chris


  • Big John

    West Virginia will win 25 games and be a Number 3 seed in the NCAA tourney

    • tw eagle

      WOW , I want some of YOUR wacky weed . . .I haven't been that delusional since the sixties . . .

  • big tom

    wvu footbal wins 5 games, in which 2 are conf games, and this is a stretch with 5 wins.
    BB wins 13 games,, what do you expect, we have one senior,,, jrs. and srs win ball games , conf titles, and seeds into the big dance... with 7 new players coming in, we don't have a prayer, seriously , what could we possibly expect

  • Matt

    Ok Tom where do I start, firstly, WVU football wins at least 8 most likely 9 with a bowl win, basketball returns to the tourney with a seed somewhere under 10, and I don't believe one word about your "long term fandom", and......your just wrong.

    • 3J's

      Hey Bogart Matt, share with us what you are smoking. It has made you escape reality. There is no way WVU football and Holgorsen win more than 5 games in 2013. The only way it happens is if the Big 12 teams don't show up for their schedule games in Morgantown. And why wouldn't they show up?? They will be drooling to put up 50 points a game on this swiss cheese defense. And Holgorsen's offensive team will struggle to put up 20 points against the Big-12 teams. Hell, they'll struggle to score 20 against Maryland and the I-AA schools they'll play. 4-8 and NO postseason. 1-8 or 2-7 in Big-12 play this year. Conference cellar dwellars.

      • scott

        yeah, if you look at Holgy's track record, he's routinely struggled to put up 20 pts/game everywhere he's been...............stay informed

    • wvrefugee

      Brain damage is a lifelong problem!!

    • Jay

      Matt, I sure hope your predictions come to fruition. Way to keep the faith!

      Go Mountaineers!