MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Baltimore Dunbar point guard Daxter Miles, for weeks considered to be leaning toward West Virginia, committed to the Mountaineers on Saturday.

Lloyd Fox/Baltimore Sun

Dunbar High School basketball standout Daxter Miles is among the top 2013 prospects in Baltimore.

The 6-foot-3 Miles averaged a team-high 19 points after transferring to Dunbar this past season, where the Poets won their fourth consecutive Maryland Class 1A state championship. Recruited by the likes of Miami, Virginia, Villanova and Xavier, he also held scholarship offers from two of WVU’s Big 12 opponents — Oklahoma State and Kansas State.

Recruiting analysts say Miles has the scoring ability to play the two-guard and the wingspan to be a tough defender.

He attended Baltimore’s Archbishop Curley as a freshman and sophomore before spending his junior season at IMG Academy in Bradenton, Fla. He has yet to qualify academically but told of the Rivals network that he expects to receive word this month about his latest standardized test result.

As of February, Miles didn’t have WVU among his top five schools, but that apparently changed after a visit to Morgantown in March.

WVU previously signed six other prospects — all forwards 6-foot-8 or taller — for the class of 2013. The Mountaineers had seven scholarships available after three seniors graduated and four underclassmen transferred.

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  • big tom

    wvu footbal wins 5 games, in which 2 are conf games, and this is a stretch with 5 wins.
    BB wins 13 games,, what do you expect, we have one senior,,, jrs. and srs win ball games , conf titles, and seeds into the big dance... with 7 new players coming in, we don't have a prayer, seriously , what could we possibly expect

  • Matt

    Ok Tom where do I start, firstly, WVU football wins at least 8 most likely 9 with a bowl win, basketball returns to the tourney with a seed somewhere under 10, and I don't believe one word about your "long term fandom", and......your just wrong.

    • 3J's

      Hey Bogart Matt, share with us what you are smoking. It has made you escape reality. There is no way WVU football and Holgorsen win more than 5 games in 2013. The only way it happens is if the Big 12 teams don't show up for their schedule games in Morgantown. And why wouldn't they show up?? They will be drooling to put up 50 points a game on this swiss cheese defense. And Holgorsen's offensive team will struggle to put up 20 points against the Big-12 teams. Hell, they'll struggle to score 20 against Maryland and the I-AA schools they'll play. 4-8 and NO postseason. 1-8 or 2-7 in Big-12 play this year. Conference cellar dwellars.

      • scott

        yeah, if you look at Holgy's track record, he's routinely struggled to put up 20 pts/game everywhere he's been...............stay informed

    • wvrefugee

      Brain damage is a lifelong problem!!

    • Jay

      Matt, I sure hope your predictions come to fruition. Way to keep the faith!

      Go Mountaineers!

  • Joe

    Thanks for the posts, Sybil.

    BTW, did you actually refer to one of your alter egos in the 4th person above? LOL!

    Alson your comments on coach Huggin's weight, not being able to wear a suit, etc., are completely out of line. Grow up.

  • justme

    Fan of Huntington High might be biggest thug school in the state that is kind of ironic

  • big tom

    do you so called experts of wvu recruiting notice a common thread among some of our recruits... ie.. barely being able to qualify due to grades, character, legal difficulities etc.
    We are unable to recruit guys with character, and so, for one reason or another, they don't pan out..If you don't beleive me, look at our classes the past 3 yrs. I love Huggie, great mountaineer, but something terribly bad is going on at wvu and with the graces of O.Luck it appears.
    some of this '13 class will stick , then again, why would i say that..You people are blind to our problems and hoping the next recruit will solve all of our internal problems, well, it ain't gonna happen , as long as the pieces of the puzzle are still the puzzle players,,, wake up

    • nick

      Big Tom, you just now figuring out coach huggin's style of player? We all knew when he came here the cons on the team would outweigh the pros, BUT, we also knew wvu would put competitive teams on the court more often than not. You also hope that a wv guy stays home to complete the job(unlike Benedict rod), so that's why u don't hire another belien who'll go after greener pastures.

    • rtdeco

      i'm assuming the "big" in big tom does not refer to the scope of you basketball knowledge.

    • wvrefugee

      You kidding????? Luck is afraid of Huggins and the persona here has crafted over the past three years in the Coal Fields.

      This athletic department is a CLUSTER!

  • Big Larry

    I do appreciate all the nice are too kind. But I do need to make a few corrections & additions:

    1. I do not know Tom or William but I do very much admire their work.

    2. I am not from Pittsburg and I hate the Pitt Panthers and I live in West Virginia.

    3. I am a WVU fan going on 50 years.

    4. I do not like Bob Huggins. It is my personal opinion that he is overrated, overpaid & overweight.

    5. I am a Marshall fan. However I am also a fan of Huntington High School, Cabell Midland & George Washington High Schools, Ohio State, West Virginia State, The Cincinnati Reds, New England Patriots and Boston Celtics and Allan Taylor.

    6. WVU Basketball will win 15-16 games this upcoming season. Are all the new recruits going to come in and save the day? Of course not...What are you thinking?

    7. Look for the WVU football team to win 5 games this year and tickets sales to plummet.

    8. Will Allan Taylor be with us for another year? Lets hope so.

    9 Will Bob Huggins be with us for ten more years? Lets hope not but it looks like he will. (Sorry Cutty)

    10. Will Bob Huggins ever put on a suit again? Not until he loses about 40 pounds.

    11. That's all I got.

    • rtdeco

      over reaction here big lar......remember, it's the internet and you can re-invent yourself in any form you your case a god complex goes a long way....toward destroying the credibility of you posts. still, lmao. humor soothes the soul...keep 'em coming.

    • james hicks

      Big Larry I really feel for you being a Marshall fan and having to watch your team lose to WV year in and Year out. I would not feel so bad if you since I believe their is a couple teams in USA that they can beat. I am a WV fan but when Marshall plays someone else I root for them

      • Pudge

        Have to admit... those two words together.. "Marshall fan" pretty much negated anything else he said for me. No offense AT.

    • John

      Hey Larry thanks for sharing with us your man crush for AllanTaylor. Why are you a fan of 3 high schools? If your boyfriend AT was covering the herd you wouldn't have to read these WVU articles anymore.

      • Allan Taylor

        Dagnabbit, John: I receive some rare flattery on the comment board and you promptly elevate it to a "boyfriend" thing. Well, I'm keeping this platonic — not ready for that level of commitment.

  • Wemakerain

    Hold on a second, wasn't there a JuCo point guard who just committed very recently? Did he recant his offer or something?

    • Wemakerain

      Shadell Millinghaus was the kids name, the Gazette said that he had committed, but it doesn't appear he has an offer from WVU

      • DonaldH

        He's still working on how to spell his name to sign the letter of intent, most likely...

  • Big Harv lantz

    This has the feel of a top rated recruited class.Really looking forward to this coming season...Big Harv

  • Grant

    If the kid qualifies, it sounds like a great move! Hopefully, he can hit a jump shot.

  • Joe


    LOL! Great post.

    In case no one has seen my previous posts, I have always thought William, Big Larry, Big Tom, etc. are all the same person. This is why I refer to and address replies to the collective bizzare personality as "Sybil", named for the character Sally Field played in a 70's TV movie about a woman with multiple personalities for those of us old enough to remember!

    • big tom

      no, i can say without qualification, that Big tom is not one of these other posters,, can't prove it , just saying.

    • Hines

      Joe -- I always like your responses to Willy, and I agree William has many names, and he's an idiot. But even if someone agrees with him, how sad is it that he makes a new user name, only to respond to his own post??? SAD...... And this may be a reach, but I wouldn't be surprised if "William, Big Tom, ect" is also the same sad person who used to post negative comments on WVIllustrated as "seamus, ect. ect." -- Which is why that website no longer posts comments after articles......

    • Maxxajay

      Joe. I have always felt and thought that big Larry And big Tom is from Pittsburgh could be wrong but I think they are Pitt fans

  • Rimfire

    Smooth move wenkev

  • JimC

    Baltimore Dunbar HS has been good to since we got T Austin.

  • Tom

    Big get! Good luck Daxter!

  • Dave

    I agree, It looks like Huggs has been working overtime. He really has went out and picked up some talent. Great job Huggs!!!!!!!

  • wenkev

    Ok, so here's what we would usually expect, so I took the liberty of posting it for them.


    Big Larry
    William....Love your work!

    Ok, now that we have this out of the way, we can move on to some intelligent and meaningful conversation. This is a great grab for WV!!! I am looking forward to this coming basketball season with all the new recruits and Harris, Henderson and Noreen back!!!

    • Ony



      HE HAS YET TO QUALIFY ACADEMICALLY That says it all, he will fit right in!

      • WILLIAM

        Why is his eyes closed in this picture? LOOKS LIKE IN A "HAPPY" MOOD!

        • jake_d

          Why are you so bitter? You need to get some . . . attention from somewhere other than these comment threads. Seriously.

        • Bottom Feeder

          Huggs knows it takes athletes, not Rhodes Scholars like william & his shadow "tom-tom" to compete week in & week out in the big league. Still waiting on these two works of art to disclose their claim to fame as well as their D-1 coaching record.....

          • DonaldH

            well, if that's the case than WVU should be dominating the NCAA in every major sport.. Certainly those that defend the academic qualifications of the student athlete at WV must not hold a diploma from the school.. Bielein's student athletes were better both in the classroom and court than Huggins'

      • rtdeco

        too late...wenkev schooled you. it must be a terrible burden to be so predictable. lmao

    • DWM

      Now that is a great post!