Charleston, W.Va. — State Republican Party Chairman Conrad Lucas says he thinks the political strengths of Second District Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito are keeping some Democrats out of next year’s U.S. Senate race.

“Just a few years ago, West Virginia was a state where Democrats were almost assured victory in just about anything and now they can’t even find someone willing to run,” Lucas said.

This week, Charleston Attorney Nick Preservati became the latest Democrat to decide not to run for the Democratic nomination for the Senate seat U.S. Senator Jay Rockfeller has held since 1984.

Preservati, 40, had reportedly been within days of announcing his candidacy when he decided against it for family reasons.

Lucas says he is surprised there is no Democrat in the race yet.  “I thought there would be someone who would be willing to step up at this point.  U.S. Senate seats aren’t positions which are normally sacrificed,” he said.

“I fully expect there to be a challenger come along at some point.  I know that we’re not going to a get a complete free pass on this, but I’m shocked they’re having this much trouble finding someone.”

Rockefeller, 75, announced he would not be seeking reelection in 2014 earlier this year.  Congresswoman Capito had already launched her U.S. Senate campaign at that point.

Other Democrats who have opted not to run for the Senate include Third District Congressman Nick Rahall, Wheeling Attorney Ralph Baxter, U.S. Attorney Booth Goodwin, former U.S. Senator Carte Goodwin and former Governor Gaston Caperton.

Lucas was a guest on Tuesday’s MetroNews “Talkline.”

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  • Claude hatcher

    We do not need a U.S. Senator from WV to go to Washington and support Obamas fight against coal.

  • Bill

    I was thinking the same thing Woodchuck...Has anyone heard if Tomblin is considering?

  • Woodchuck

    Tomblin gonna run.

  • David Kennedy

    When the Democraps needed a shill to beat Charlotte Pritt, they went to Florida and brought Cecil Underwood back to Wv.
    It might be time to dig him up for another run. So many dead people vote in Wv, it would not be 'out of the way to have a real stiff running on the 2016 ballot.

  • Doug

    With all the Administration's scandals and with hard core Libs in denial about them, voters are ABSOLUTELY FED UP!!!!! This Administration will someday be found to be the MOST CORRUPT OF ALL TIME!!!!!l

    This race will be a walk in the park for Shelley. The Republicans will retain the House and very possibly will regain the Senate in 2014. Thank God Okbummer's Socialist policies will wilt on the vine!!!!!

    • Hop'sHip

      Wow. Most corrupt of all time? What did they do? Sell arms to the enemy and then illegally funnel the proceeds to paramilitary groups attempting to undermine a democratic-elected government? Or put forth fraudulent "evidence" in order to induce the nation into a unprovoked war that would leave us morally and financially bankrupt?

      • john

        Iran-contra was a fight against socialists, and the fradulent evidence you speak of was shipped to syria, because saddam knew 6 months ahead to stash it, thats what theyre using there now.

  • CaptainQ

    Don't count the Democrats out yet, folks.

    I'm sure that next year, some currently unknown Democrats will rise up, aided by the DNC and their allies in the Main Stream Media. The Democrats WILL find a candidate that has ZERO ties to Obama and strong financial backing from the National Democrats.

    As THIS point, the Dems cannot afford to concede a single Senate seat. With the death of Senator Lautenberg of NJ and with their Governor set to appoint a GOP replacement, they desparately want to keep Jay Rockefeller's former Sentate seat in Democrat hands. They cannot allow the Senate to slip into GOP control in 2015.

    Do not underestimate the Democrats. There will be competition for Capito for the November elections in 2014. Count on it.

  • blugldmn

    They don't need to run anyone. Capito will vote with them most of the time anyway, she is not a conservative.