MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — The Sept. 7 West Virginia-Oklahoma showdown in Norman, Okla., will be a prime-time kickoff televised by Fox.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Oklahoma and quarterback Blake Bell will host WVU in a prime-time game Sept. 7 in Norman, Okla.

The Week 2 game will serve as the Big 12 opener for both schools and an intriguing followup to last season’s 50-49 classic won buy the Sooners in Morgantown.

The kickoff times for WVU’s first three games were released by the conference on Tuesday.

The Mountaineers’ season opener on Aug. 31 against William & Mary at Milan Puskar Stadium will kick off at noon Eastern, and will be televised on Fox Sports 1, which is launching in mid-August as the rebranded Speed Channel.

The Oklahoma game will kickoff at 7 p.m. Eastern.

The Georgia State game on Sept. 14 in Morgantown will kick off at noon Eastern and will be televised locally. The television outlet will be announced at a later time as WVU configures its third-tier rights package.

Kickoff times for the remaining contests will be announced on either a 12-day or six-day window prior to the game.

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  • Hop'sHip

    I'm glad we're playing them early in the season. Better Sooners than Laters.

  • msaunders

    Marshall would have never beaten WVU last year B12 is a lot better than the high school conference Marshall plays in which they could not win in either Fire Doc Holliday

  • Michael Peterson

    To WVU loyal fans everwhere, this would have been Marshall year in shouting your mouths up for good we would beat'n the crap out of you. Good luck Mountainqeers. just kidding.

    • John

      Obviously a Marshall graduate student. you can tell by his unique grammar skills.

  • Helen

    WVU has a team of no names which will make a difference next year. Everyone of the players has the opportunity to make a name for himself and a lot of wins for the team.
    Hopefully next year will be a team effort in every game. By the way Oklahoma is having to replace a lot of players and we have just as good a chance as they do.
    We will overachieve next year. Probably will do much better than in 2012. LETS GOOOOO

  • msaunders

    I think this years team will surprise a lot of people. I think we have better new coaches this year, I think we have some good young talent coming in some good juco players eager to show they are good enough and want to be there I think the QB will be Trickett and our running game will take people by surprise. I believe our D will be better with one coach running it that has exp. no one thought we would beat Clemson 70-33 or OKl,or GA either

  • msaunders

    A Mountaineer for life no matter how many games we win

    • Joe

      Nice comment. Could not agree more.

      Nothing wrong with some criticism, but you don't turn your back and you stay loyal.

      Can't do that some of you? Move on!

  • msaunders

    big tom I believe u have stated you are a marshal fan go support your team as bad as they are

  • msaunders

    I want to say with fans like some of u on here who needs u, and you live in the state of WVA
    I live in Florida which a lot of transplanted West Virginians do. we are higher on the mountaineers here than u are. I think WVU will turn it around this year will win 8 or 9 games. All the B12 teams lost a lot of talent this past year.Holgersen is on the hot seat if he has another yr like last yr. and as for Huggins he has shown he will not put up with a team like last years he is bringing talent in

  • MountainMover

    How 'bout we stop someone for a change, that would be refreshing. I don't care if we start all seniors, all freshmen, or all juco transfers. Just stop somebody.

  • TJ

    To the three stooges,
    Oh what joy you bring to the world and with such grace... "Bob Huggins is fat", "the 18 year old kid is a criminal", "Oliver Luck is stupid", "the football team will get beat by everyone, all the time", "WVU should get used to bad"... We are aware now that you guys are the best people that either of you know. I am certain that you all have been able to maintain tip top physical condition from your days of competing athletically at the absolute highest level and if the three of you were recruiting for all sports that national championships would abound based upon your astute study of athletes coupled with a keen sense of recognizing top tier talent much like your own back in the day, clearly all three of you have obtained top notch educations from nationally recognized universities of higher learning and that is why you spend all of your days reading and posting on Please do all WVU fans and alumni a favor and take your expertise elsewhere. We have heard your stance and are amazed by its depth, please grace another fan base with your wisdom as we have tasted the sweet nectar of your words and are saddened for those who have missed out on your teachings. Go now, spread the love.

  • The Wisetalker

    Last year Oklahoma scored 50 points against WVU at home. That same WVU defense returns. Only this time, the game is played in Norman, Ok. It will not end well for the Mountaineers.

  • Hop'sHip

    Hey Allan. Where is your editor? It should be "one by", "not won buy"

    • Jesse

      Or it could be "won by"...

      • Hop'sHip

        or it could be "one buy"..

  • james h

    Jay are you mad because win or lose we are playing in prime time. We also are making big bucks and that amount will go up more and more each year.

  • big tom

    what really troubles me is that no qb has outdistanced theirselves from the other.
    Millard and Childress have been around long enough for the coaches to figure out who's the better,,, actually , i think the coach is playing a game not announcing the winner just yet,,, that way each has to enroll in school this fall, and essentially lose another yr of, no one transfers just yet. but with the trickett kid joining up, this will be fun to watch and maybe the winner of the job , just doesn't hold it... anyway, we lose big time to okla, we just don't have any experienced depth and man for man, okla has better players.

  • JB

    Joyners report on ESPN insider is putting a pretty positive spin on WVU's offense potential next year. Hope he is right, if not WVU fans will still support this team. Oh sure some will gripe, but even those fans will still support the team. Thats what WVU fans do, thats what big time football is all about. Lets Go EERS