MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — The Sept. 7 West Virginia-Oklahoma showdown in Norman, Okla., will be a prime-time kickoff televised by Fox.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Oklahoma and quarterback Blake Bell will host WVU in a prime-time game Sept. 7 in Norman, Okla.

The Week 2 game will serve as the Big 12 opener for both schools and an intriguing followup to last season’s 50-49 classic won buy the Sooners in Morgantown.

The kickoff times for WVU’s first three games were released by the conference on Tuesday.

The Mountaineers’ season opener on Aug. 31 against William & Mary at Milan Puskar Stadium will kick off at noon Eastern, and will be televised on Fox Sports 1, which is launching in mid-August as the rebranded Speed Channel.

The Oklahoma game will kickoff at 7 p.m. Eastern.

The Georgia State game on Sept. 14 in Morgantown will kick off at noon Eastern and will be televised locally. The television outlet will be announced at a later time as WVU configures its third-tier rights package.

Kickoff times for the remaining contests will be announced on either a 12-day or six-day window prior to the game.

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  • Wemakerain

    I don't expect much from OU this year, but I expect to get crushed by Baylor, Oklahoma State, and maybe Texas. Everyone else in the league I think it will be pretty even from top to bottom. I think it'll be a great game between 2 average teams

  • Doug

    Greg-very well stated and they are exactly my sentiments!

  • wvrefugee

    Third Tier rights........Bahaaa!

    • Charles

      They exist everywhere but wvu and this site!!!! Hahaha. 115 of 117 schools sold third tier rights last year for profit. Unfortunately we wasnt one! Hahaha. Not

  • JB

    Good to see the entire Big Green with Envy group following Div I football now.

    • Greg

      That's the sole reason they even bother to get out of bed everyday. Envy. All they have to look forward to is some little minor something to be going on in Motown. Then they have a reason to go about their day bashing the state university. And then they wonder why the face of their university, Randy Moss, can be seen sporting around in his flying WV gear while giving BOB SWEATSUIT HUGGINS a big ol hug!

  • WVWho

    42-24 Oklahoma

  • Big Larry

    What are some of you people thinking? The game at Norman will be a beat down of EPIC proportions...And no, it will not be Oklahoma getting beat down...

    An early prediction of Oklahoma beating WVU quite likely to happen.

    And when it does, many of you will set back in your Lazy Boy with your Kool-Aid in one hand & your "gummy bears" in the other and you will say..."Duhhh wat happened?"..."I thought we was going to win this game?"

    And if that is not bad enough, the next day you will have to read all of the comments of Big Larry, William & Big Tom...

    It is what it is...

    • DonaldH

      Who thinks BL wrong and explain why,, convince us he's wrong

    • ScottyD

      I bet you said the same thing for the fiesta bowl in 08.

    • Habib Haddad

      Hey, aren't you the famous "Diabetes Larry" who delivers our pizza to the east side?

    • james hicks

      I really feel for you Big Larry you have to watch Marshal play some school that no one has ever heard of. But the good part is when they win that game you can brag for a whole week.

    • Joe

      Nice job, Sybil. Referring to yourself in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th person all in one sentence.


    • j

      Big Larry drinks kool aid and eats gummy bears. Bet he doesn't mix any cardio in there, otherwise he wouldn't have the surname of big.

  • Jack

    It was the Japanese not the Germans'...

    • Uncle Unctuous

      I actually heard a guy in a restaurant say how his home-schooled nephew was so smart that he could tell you about how the "Germans attacked Pearl Harbor on December 17, 1951," and how the kid could name the capitals of every U.S. state, "including Alaska and Canada." Then he started naming capitals himself, and getting them mostly wrong. Then it was on to impeaching Obama over his Nigerian birth. It was a night of unintentional hilarity.

      • DonaldH

        Prove it.. I say you heard no such thing...

      • John

        I actually read a report where almost half of WV high school graduates can't read at an 8th grade level. Hilarious!

    • Joe

      What the hell happened to the Delta I used to know. Where's the spirit, the guts?!

      Oh no, let's not play in primetime, we might get in trouble!

      • Joe


        And remember, we all thought the Stork was brain damaged!

    • Joe

      Forget about it, he's rolling.

    • Pudge

      Not according to Belushi.

      • Greg

        Can't believe there's someone that hasn't seen Animal House.

  • Joe

    Thanks for the comment, Sybil.

  • Rugger

    We have an excellent chance or repeating 1982 at Norman when nobody gave us a chance. Cheer up debbie downers, it wasn't over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor, right?

  • Dan

    I hope the new broadcasting rights include coverage in the eastern West Virginia via Directv and Dish.

    • Habib Haddad

      Dan, you can purchase the sports tier on Dish which includes MASN, ROOT Sports and Comcast. You will not miss a game. Remember, the number one team on Roots Sports Pittsburgh is our own WVU Mountaineers.

  • bva24

    I'm not looking forward to this football season. Any program counting on a bunch of JUCOs is setting itself up for failure.

    Just my $0.02.

    • j

      So that's why Kansas State won the conference last year....huh I guess I see your point

  • Chad

    They better practice hard and get in that weight room.

  • Dave

    really , primetime? for a team that will barely win 3 games? lol,, what a ratings nightmare that will be

  • richard

    now if jays comment doesn't prove that people get on here just to get others riled up.......then what does?

    • Jay

      My comment merely proves that I posted to give a few of you a laugh. Doesn't appear I did too much riling.

      • mntneerjay

        I thought it was pretty hilarious.

  • Habib Haddad

    tongue placed firmly in cheek

    • Jay