CHARLESTON, W. Va.– One Kanawha County Delegate believes the House Speaker race is over and that Democratic candidate Delegate Harry Keith White should end his campaign.

“The Miley team, the group that’s running that faction of the House, in my opinion is going to win,” said Delegate Mark Hunt (D-Kanawha).

Hunt Tuesday announced his support for House Judiciary Committee Chairman Tim Miley (D-Harrison) for Speaker of the House of Delegates.

“Tim, of that group, is probably the one that’s most receptive to change and probably most receptive to inclusion of every members ideas in the House,” said Hunt.

Hunt believes House Finance Committee Chair Harry Keith White (D-Mingo) just doesn’t have the numbers.

“Delegate White has been a member of the House for many years, he’s well qualified, he’s experienced and he’s a man of great integrity, but I just don’t think he’s going to be able to pull it off,” Hunt said.

Ever since current House Speaker Rick Thompson announced his plans to resign, Democrats in the House have been divided between Miley’s camp and White’s camp.

Hunt said White needs to admit defeat and allow the party to be unified once again.

“It’s time for Democrats to come together and not have a divisive caucus,” he said.

Hunt said in the beginning he had interest in both candidates, but at the end of the day believes Miley has stepped forward.

Thompson’s resignation is expected to take effect later this month. He will be moving on to serve as Secretary of the Department of Veterans Assistance.

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  • Steve

    Great, a trial attorney lording from his throne in the House... Just what WV needs.

  • Tina

    When you don't have the votes, you don't have the votes. When did counting votes become corrupt? What an odd analysis wvpatriot.

  • Brian

    WV politics recipe:

    Equal parts incompetence and corruption. Stir.

  • C.Hoffman

    Spot on wvpatriot. I concur completely.

  • wvpatriot

    Yeah, we can't have someone elected that isn't the next "in line" for the job huh? The corruption in Charleston stinks to high heaven. Republicans should ban together with White, disallowing Miley to be awarded for his water carrying service to Thompson. This "do it for the party" BS needs to stop. You guys are supposed to be working for the people of WV not your party and your pocket books, all of you!