Charleston, W.Va. — House Judiciary Committee Chairman Tim Miley says he has enough support to become the next Speaker of the state House of Delegates.

“I’ve had 37 people commit to me directly,” Miley said.  “I believe I have more than enough (votes) to become the next nominee, among the Democrats, for Speaker of the House.”

Ben Queen/MetroNews file photo

House Judiciary Committee Chair Tim Miley, a delegate from Harrison County

Miley said on Thursday’s MetroNews “Talkline” he was planning to meet with the other leading Democratic Speaker candidate, House Finance Committee Chairman Harry Keith White, on Thursday afternoon in Charleston.

The Harrison County delegate said he wants to talk with White about ways to bring all of the House Democrats together behind one Speaker candidate and Miley said he should be that candidate.

“I would consider anything that maintains the stability of the House because we’re in the middle of a term.  We need to make sure we focus on doing the work for the people of West Virginia and less petty bickering among ourselves,” said Miley.

White has the support of Kanawha County Delegate Doug Skaff who admitted Thursday Miley’s vote numbers are “accurate.”

“I would see and expect the Democrats to try to resolve this thing internally and try to have the best produce put forth to move West Virginia forward,” said Skaff.

If the Democrats remain split between Miley and White, Republicans say they have 46 House votes which would be enough to potentially make House Minority Leader Tim Armstead the next Speaker.

There are reports Governor Earl Ray Tomblin could call a Special Session for as soon as Tuesday, June 18th for the selection of a new House Speaker.

Current House Speaker Rick Thompson is resigning to become Secretary of the state Department of Veterans Administration.

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  • Shadow

    Miley is a tort lawyer, what happens is he makes the grade? An interesting situation!

  • thornton

    Stepford Speakers....the great new summer release.

  • Ax Man

    I have been waiting eighty years for the House to start working for the people and you can throw the Gov. in this group.

  • Bitmapped

    Unless there are a bunch of Democrats absent at the special session, 46 votes isn't enough to make Armstead anything. You need a majority of votes, not a plurality.