MONTGOMERY, W.Va. — Tuition costs will rise and employee pay will stay the same at West Virginia University in the coming year as university officials grapple with cuts to state funding.

On Thursday, WVU’s Board of Governors approved a 6-percent tuition increase for in-state undergraduate students, adding up to $183 more each semester or $366 more for the year. Students in some specific programs will pay even more.

The increase for non-resident undergraduate students will rise by 4 percent, or $764 more each year.

“Once we get through this, there’s probably going to be less people. There’s going to be less support services. Things are going to have to change in order to deal with the (state) cuts.” — Narvel Weese, WVU’s vice president for administration and finance

Because state appropriations for WVU are being cut by $13 million in the coming year, the university’s Vice President for Administration and Finance Narvel Weese told MetroNews on Thursday there was no way to avoid making students pay more.

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Narvel Weese

“I don’t know how we ensure quality and provide the range of programming and services that we do without adding $366 to the tuition bill,” Weese said.

The tuition increases also will apply to graduate students.

The state Higher Education Policy Commission must sign off on any of the proposed tuition increases above 4.99 percent.

The 2013-2014 budget that board members approved Thursday during their meeting at West Virginia University Tech also included a pay freeze for employees — a move Weese estimated could save WVU more than $8 million next year.

According to the WVU’s projections, however, that still won’t be enough to fill the budget hole state cuts have created.

During the next two years, university officials will be working on a strategy to implement reductions for the long term.

“Our goal here is to try to think strategically and then that will give us a way of identifying exactly what the ramifications are going to be when we get to the permanent cuts,” said Weese, citing the need for more efficient operations.

“Eventually, once we get through this, there’s probably going to be less people. There’s going to be less support services. Things are going to have to change in order to deal with the (state) cuts.”

The new budget year for WVU begins next month.

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  • WVU88

    WVU continues to buy up millions of dollars of property, which forces the city to raise taxes on the citizens since they bought up tax paying properties but they are tax exempt. If WVU is hurting for money and they need to cut people and support, why don't they start by selling the properties, get out of the landlord business and get back to the business of education!
    STOP screwing the students!!

  • Wowbagger

    Typical of WVU. They need more money so they grab the students who this time of year have little choice by the ankles and shake hard.

    Any institution should be able to sustain a 7.5% reduction and survive without this sort of money grab.

    • WVU 74

      WVU should be cutting their biggest cost ... people, which are nearly 80% of their total costs.

      Weese didn't say there would be numerous Administrative cuts. Didn't say Faculty will have to teach 2 -3 classes a day, every day. And didn't say class sizes will be increased and lower paid teaching assistants will be used more frequently.

      Its too horrific at WVU to cut teaching costs !!

  • Kate

    It's not only 6% for all in state students. My son is in exercise physiology and he received an email today advising of a 10% increase in tuition for his major.

  • WV Worker

    But the AD wants to buy more land around the football field, the school a neighbor to keep couch burning down, with the additional cost of players, staff traveling to Texas and beyond, why not make students pay more and teachers get nothing. They need the money for important things like sports. Students and Teaching Staff come last, unless of course , you are a member of the sports team staff

  • Harpers Ferry

    Cuts do to state funding or cuts do the fact that WVU is buying up as much of Morgantown as they can.

    Just another example of how big state institutions are on the same path as the dinosaurs. They continue to build more buildings and classrooms even though the classrooms of the future are online.

    • Harpers Ferry

      Do = due. Before I get stupid comments about how my opinion doesn't matter because I don't know the difference between due and do.

  • WVU 74

    Not long ago,it was called, "Doing more with less." Today it can be called, "Doing less with less."

    Welcome to the real world, Mr. Weese !!


    PAY FREEZE - HOW ABOUT PAY CUTS! "SWEATSUIT" HUGGINGS and "CASINO" HOLGERSON MAKE OVER $10,000.00 DOLLARS A DAY. THAT COMES TO OVER 3 MILLION EACH OVER EACH YEAR. Then WVU keeps on putting it to the students in tuition hikes. What a joke, take from a lot from poor students and give to a few rich guys.( overpaid athlete dept.)

    • Gwendolyn


    • Fred

      I bet you're listed on The National Sex Offender Registry because you have no impulse control.

    • Alum

      You really are an idiot. Get over your obsession with Huggins and Holgerson. You are either psychotic or envious.

      • Slim

        Sorry, he is right on the money with this.

      • dave

        well how about someone who works here they do not deserve to get all this money while we are so underpaid and we keep the university that they work for running we deserve to be paid a fare wage

  • leroy jethro gibbs

    college these days is way overpriced , thank god for college athletics or we would be paying alot more

  • cutty77

    Wonder how Much of WVU's Money went to Marshall's Botton Line. Just Wondering LOL