CHARLESTON, W.Va. — After 25-years as mayor of the city of Beckley, Emmett Pugh will resign. It’s part of a settlement with the West Virginia Ethics Commission.

Pugh was facing nine charges of ethic violations for using his public office for private gain, accepting improper gifts, using his public office for his own private gain and private gain of others and prohibited interest in public contracts.

Those violations were issued in April 2012. Pugh has continued to deny he did anything wrong.

But in a settlement agreed approved by the Ethics Commission Thursday the mayor agreed to resign later this year. As part of the settlement, Pugh did not have to admit to any of the violations.

Pugh will pay back $7,000 for the cost of the investigation and not run for public office for five years beginning January 1, 2014. He also faces a public reprimand. 

Pugh says he was planning to retire even before he was offered the settlement last month.

Beckley City Council will appoint a new mayor to finish out the two years left on Pugh’s term.

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    beaver coal, woody duba and burning rock took him down. I am glad they got caught, now they should look into all the grant money they got.

  • Tim C

    Those things happen when you keep someone in power that long. Term limits will keep the abuse of power to a minimum.

  • Ax Man

    It sounds as though, that the Ethics Commission, could use some ethics also.

  • Brian

    And to top it off, they release the news late on a Friday afternoon, an old government trick to try slide news past the majority of the people.

  • Brian

    This is absolutely outrageous. The mere fact that he would accept a settlement is strong evidence that he did something wrong. They're not even making him admit any wrongdoing.

    He should face a jury of the people whose trust he violated, not some group of fellow government leeches who don't want to set a precedent that could come back and bite them.

    At the very least, the proceedings should have been open to the public or transcripts should be available to the public, and he should be barred from ever running for public office in WV.

    This guy appears to have violated his constituents, and the people he violated don't even get to be privy to the review process. The government has no right to hide this from the people. This is happening at the same time that the federal gov't is apparently conducting a massive spy operation against us. We the people have to rein in this badly misbehaving government.