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Police searching for Steven Thompson, 22, of Charleston

CHARLESTON, W. Va.– A man is shot in the face and the back on Charleston’s West Side and police are searching for the alleged trigger man.

Charleston Police are looking for Steven Thompson, 22, of Charleston in connection with the shooting.

Police say the shooting happened at about 12:30 p.m. on Thursday in the doorway of a vacant home on Red Oak Street.

The victim, Ollie Nicholson, 22, of Detroit, was transported to CAMC General for treatment. Police said he was shot in the face and in the back. Nicholson is expected to make a full recovery.

Police say Thompson shot Nicholson, but have not released a motive as the investigation continues.

Thompson is wanted for malicious wounding and others could be involved in the shooting.

Anyone with information about Steven Thompson is asked to call Charleston Police at 304-348-6480.

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  • DonaldH

    I wonder if either were "student-athletes" at Charleston University?

  • Rocketscientist

    I can assure you my comments were not geared towards race in the least. My comment was pointed to the media that stated the police "not releasing a motive". It dosent exactly take a ROCKETSCIENTIST to put 2 and 2 together when you have at least one individual from Detroit (which is widely known as a drug exporter to WV) hanging out in a vacant home and gun play comes into the situation leaving an individual being shot in the face and back. Gee, wonder ever could the "motive" be.....

    • DonaldH

      No, according to Danny Jones, mayor of Jonestown and his citizenry of kool-aid drinkers, the reason those folks from Detroit are here in the first place is to buy easily obtainable and readily available handguns. And while the Detroiters are here they sometimes have a little bit of drugs with them so they decide to peddle them on the city streets… The drug problem in the city is a by-product of the gun industry, according to Jonestown Mayor, Danny Jones.

  • Rocketscientist

    Well considering every incident that has involved people in the area that are from Detroit havent exactly been for bettering the community. Leave the race card out of this, I'm sure that being in a vacant house that was not owned by either upstanding citizen was DEFINATLY was on the up and up. Probably just trying to figure out a way to better themselves and the neighborhood.

    • Brian

      I didn't say these individuals were good people. What I'm saying is the tone of your comments strongly indicates that you believe most or all black folk are of that ilk.

      • DonaldH

        I can bet these two are from of the same "ilk"-- Thug Ilk!!

      • Mike

        You got that from a couple of sentences? You may be a bit sensitive.

  • PT

    They should just put a barrier around the entire West Side; nothing but scum over there.

    • wvu82

      I live on the west side. I assure you the "scum" is the very loud minority. Until Metronews does front page stories on people like me behaving ourselves, people like you will never know this.

      • DonaldH

        No, the best way to get these stories off the front page of Metronews is for you people to get a new mayor that will clean this mess up and out!!

  • Rocketscientist

    HMMMMM what could the motive be???? Argument on who pays higher taxes??? The state of the education system?? Who works longer hours at his job??? We will probably never know.....

    • Brian

      Comment smacks of racism. Dripping with contempt for black folks.

      • DonaldH

        Really? I rather thought it "smacked" of realism.

    • BigDave

      Too funny.