ALTA, W. Va.– A woman is dead and a teenager is in the hospital after a wrong-way crash on Interstate 64 in Greenbrier County.

The accident happened around noon Friday near mile marker 160, approximately one mile from Alta.

West Virginia State Police said one vehicle traveling the wrong way in the westbound lanes struck another vehicle head-on.

Troopers said Brenda Kay Snead, 56, from Moneta, Va, was killed in the wreck while Charles M. Hall, 19, from Westerville, Ohio was transported to the hospital.

Hall was first taken to Greenbrier Valley Medical Center and then rushed to CAMC General for further treatment.

At this time Hall’s current condition is not known as the investigation continues.

Authorities did not release which driver was at fault.

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  • john

    "Which driver was at fault" ?? If the lady was going the wrong way on the Interstate, its no doubt who was at fault..Thank God I have never met another driver on any interstate who was driving the wrong way, and I have driven thousands of miles on various interstates, but..if I'm driving along and see a car heading directly toward me in the same lane as I'm in, you better bet I'm going to get out of that lane immediately. There is ample room to by pass on either the right driving lane, which has the wide shoulder or the fast inside lane, which has the right lane or the left shoulder to escape onto. I guess I just don't understand. I feel sorry for the family of this lady who made a terrible mistake and paid for it with her life. My condolences to her family...

    • Barbara

      August 17, 2014-Charlie Hall passed away! Since the accident he has lived in a hospital-in a vegetative state. RIP Charlie Hall