WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS, W.Va. — Fans attending the 2013 Greenbrier Classic in July need to pay close attention to the list of approved items they can bring to the event. Events in Boston and other parts of the country prompted changes in this year’s security plan.

“There’s always something going on different, so we have to be ready for everything,” said Bill Kershner, operations officer for the West Virginia Department of Homeland Security. “This year everyone will get a set of instructions when they get their badge and tickets to the event and a few things have changed.”

“You can bring the chair, you just can’t bring the bag. Backpacks obviously are completely forbidden.” Bill Kershner, WV Homeland Security

The most noticeable change will be no backpacks or bags of any kind can be brought onto the grounds of the Greenbrier. The new rule even extends to the bags the popular portable chairs are stored in.

“You can bring the chair, you just can’t bring the bag,” Kershner said. “Backpacks obviously are completely forbidden.”

Kershner said you need to leave all bags at home or in your car because you won’t even be allowed to bring them onto the shuttle bus. He said that could cause a delay if you have to return it to your car and wait for the next bus. However, he added it will speed up the security lines for getting into the resort for the tournament.

“We try to make it as enjoyable an experience as we can,” he said. “My goal is to have the event start and finish and they don’t know we’ve ever been there. These things are put in place for public safety.”

Kershner said authorities have taken considerable steps to beef up security from last year’s event, though he wouldn’t elaborate on the upgrades. He said it’s unlikely anybody would notice anything different other than the backpack and chair restrictions.

The Greenbrier Classic is scheduled for the week of July 1-7.


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  • ConservativeRealist

    Does this mean that the caddies have to carry all the clubs of the players loose? Hmmm...I guess some bags will be permitted...


    I agree.....OVER REACTION! I've been to this event and the security before was fine. This is just another opportunity for HS to justify their existence. Speaking of which: why is our department of homeland security even involved for in the security of this event? INTRUSION< INTRUSION!!!!

  • Big John

    Just another opportunity for Jim Justice to sell more food and drinks. Need to boycott this event. State is spending$ 500.000,00 for this event from your tax money. Guess Big Jim needs more money. He should pay like other organizations.

    • Fentanyl Bomb

      National exposure like this was cost prohibitive before. If the State can showcase a jewel like the Greenbrier and network those coming in for this event only, I would consider it money well spent.

      Lord, look what we spend on greyhounds.

  • Tom

    There was a NSA whistleblower on FOX news today who said this policy has been in effect since 2001. What "leftist" was in charge then???

    Ready to blame Obama for everything???

    • Fentanyl Bomb

      If those afflicted with Obama Derangement Syndrome could please post something resembling a syllabus, it would be helpful.

      Is he the empty suit, clueless, and incompetent leader this week?

      Or, is he the most Machiavellian politician that ever prowled the marble halls of Washington?

      Get it together, people. Even the most rabid haters of Obama get tired of your inconsistency.

      You might want to Google "White Twenty-something Mass Murderers".

      Then again, you may not.

      It does not fit neatly with your preconceived narrative.

    • Tim

      He came to office saying he was going to change all that bad stuff. If it was bad he should have stopped it like he said he would. All he has done since taking office is blame Bush and others for his own failure.

  • Jim N Charleston

    John Daly's pants and shirt choice eliminate any need for security. The guy is scary enough for the place to not ever need to have security. He makes Bob Huggins banana suit look stylish.

  • WV Worker

    For the price of admission, water and soda should be FREE. I guess the only thing they want you to bring is CASH or CREDIT . People just some common sense.

  • Tim C

    I've been to this event twice. Any bag we brought was searched thoroughly. This is another complete over reaction by officials. I would encourage people not to attend this years event. I have no problem with them searching every bag, but I do have an issue with them not allowing them at all. This is a long and tiring event and maybe people are tired of paying $4.00 for a bottle of water.

    • GregG

      Everything that the government does to protect the citizens is "over reaction". But I guess in some peoples world, a cheap bottle of water is worth more than life and limb. If I considered this event to be so "long and tiring" I believe I would just stay home.

      • DonaldH

        Good point