Technical Sgt. Kevin Cordle

CHARLESTON, W.Va.– A veteran member of the West Virginia Air Guard’s 130th Airlift Wing is recognized nationally for his stellar recruiting efforts. Technical Sergeant Kevin Cordle was named National Production Recruiter of the Year for the Air National Guard.

“It comes with a lot of hours and a lot of support from my family,” Cordle said. “It’s great for the unit, it’s great for the state, and it’s a great reflection of the people of West Virginia.”

Cordle is a native of Oak Hill, W.Va. He was selected for the honor from 360 eligible applicants from 89 Air Guard units across the nation. Among the achievements noted in his citation for the honor was exceeding the recruiting goal for enlistments by 450 percent, working more than 200 hours in support of recruiting at 150 high schools and colleges, and traveling more than 13,000 miles for recruiting missions.

“The counselors, the teachers, all of the staff there love to see us coming,” Cordle said. “They want what’s best for the young men and women of West Virginia just like we do. Any opportunities they can present and we’re there. It works out very well.”

Cordle added he’s aided by a strong recruiting base in West Virginia where more residents have served in the military per-capita than any other state.

“Here in West Virginia, it’sa very pro-military area,” he said. “This award is categorized as an individual award, but it’s a direct reflection of the quality of young men and women who’s taken advantage of the opportunity to serve not only their state by their country as well.”

Cordle will be authorized to wear a gold recruiting badge for the remainder of his career.


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  • DWL

    Oh thank you magnanimous O. You have taken so much from the little people!

  • DWL

    Congratulations! Just in time for the communist-n-thief's sequestration layoffs.

  • DWL

    Congratulations! Just in time for your communist-n-thief’s sequestration layoff’s. Thank you magnanimous O!