KEARNEYSVILLE, W.Va. — As many as 150 jobs will be added in Jefferson County with a planned $15 million expansion of the U.S. Coast Guard Operations System Center in Jefferson County.

U.S. Senator Jay Rockefeller announced the expansion on Thursday.

He said the Jefferson County Development Authority will lease 40,000 square feet in the Burr Business Park in Kearneysville to the Coast Guard Operations System Center.

That space, which should be ready next fall, will be used to consolidate a number of IT systems and help relieve overcrowding at the current facility.

Officials say the jobs will be added during the consolidation that will happen over the next several years.

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  • Luke

    Every nickel the Athletic Department receives and spends belongs to the taxpayers.

  • CaptainQ

    Why is the Coast Guard facility in Jefferson County being expanded while the Navy Base in Pendleton County is being virtually shut down? Doesn't seem fair or right to me. It smells like a politically motivated decision since Jefferson County has much MORE voters to win over than sparsely populated Pendleton County.

    Oh well, I guess 'fair', like 'beauty' is in the eye of the beholder.