CHARLESTON, W. Va. — Charleston-based Brickhouse Cardio Club mixed it up Friday evening by throwing a mash up party.

The party featured elite fitness trainers from across the country demonstrating their fitness formats for those in attendance. It was all part of the inaugural Brickhouse Cardio Club franchisee & instructor conference in Charleston.

Piloxing master trainer Abby Honaker, of Princeton, said it was a time to show off what Brickhouse Cardio Clubs have to offer.

“They offer many different formats as far as classes and it’s also for everyone, from young to old, big to little, every age group and every background,” said Honaker.

Fitness formats presented Friday were Piloxing, BOWKA, Fu6ion Fit, Brickhouse Hip-Hop, BODYCOMBAT and zumba. These are just a few of the many different formats Kanawha City branch co-owner Marie McDavid said members can experience at Brickhouse.

“If you don’t think you can do one format you can just try another one,” she said. “It’s great to get exercise even if you are just moving.”

According to McDavid, the conference brought over 200 Brickhouse franchisees, instructors and members from across the country to Charleston.

Brickhouse plans to hold the conference once a year along with holding several other smaller mash up parties throughout the year.

The first Brickhouse Cardio Club opened up in Cross Lanes in 2010 and since has expanded to 20 states including New York and California and, as of this year, even into Canada.

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