The summer recruiting process ongoing this weekend at WVU as 7-on-7 camps are taking place in Morgantown. WVU safeties coach Tony Gibson says they’re expecting 24-28 teams in all throughout the weekend.

“We’ve had a great reception from kids all over the tri-state area — Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia and Maryland. It’s been really good,” Gibson said. “We’ve had a lot of great kids in camp the last couple of weeks and are just trying to finish it up this week.”

The camps give the coaching staff a better feel for a potential recruit’s competitiveness and overall talent.

“It’s one of the biggest things of our program,” Gibson said. “These camps are kind of our lifelines. We get a lot of kids through here on a short time.

“There will be some potential guys in the 2015 class that will be here that we will be checking out and keep a close eye on,” he continued. “Sometimes you even find a freshman or a sophomore that you really like that can kind of go under the radar.”

Along with recruiting, Gibson already is trying to get a breakdown on WVU’s future opponents this upcoming season, including the Big 12 opener at Oklahoma.

“We’re doing summer scouting reports right now and the last two days I’ve been doing all Oklahoma because we play them in the second game of the year,” he said.

Like West Virginia, the Sooners will be working in a new quarterback — 6-foot-6, 263 pound Blake Bell the likely favorite to win that job for Oklahoma when the season comes around.

Kin Man Hui, San Antonio Express-News

Oklahoma quarterback Black Bell is the likely favorite to start for the Sooners in 2013.

“They played him on certain situations last year and we got to see him throw it and run a little bit,” Gibson said. “He’s a big kid and very athletic. Obviously they have two of their wideouts back that are explosive kids. We’ll have our work cut out for us. We get to play them early on – I don’t know if that’s to their advantage or ours. But I think with both teams having new quarterbacks and a lot of new coaches, that will be a good game.”

You can watch the complete interview with Gibson above.

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  • Brian

    First; I hope somebody in Motown is actually recruting!!!!! The knee-pad homer's can drop every excuse, "chill-out", chicken-little jab all they want at folks like me that are getting HIGHLY concerned at this point- but by most services WVU is ranked about 70th right now.
    Fact is...... kids all over the country are committing earlier and earlier and what used to feel safe (a 6-7 month cushion 5 to 10 years ago) might as well be days in todays recruting wars. I don't care IF it is suppossed to be a small class, or if "east coast" kids committ later argument applies or the "we are being selective" crowd wants to act like everything is fine. We are LAST in the B12, and nearly last of all BCS schools total.
    Tell me everything is just peachy in November when we are around 7 or 8 kids that even are rated at all and I'll show you some deck furnature on the Titanic for rent.

  • Bulya

    I doubt WVU wins but I really doubt OU rolls over the Eers.

    OU 31
    WVU 24

  • Matt

    WVU 38 OU 21, the offensive wizard that is Dana Holgerson can't be stopped consistently, defensive average to good. Good win to start conference play.

  • Greg

    The tri-state area? WV, PA, OH, MD, and Va? I hope he recruits better than counts :)

    • Darrell

      Depends what border you on when you say it

      • DonaldH

        Yes it does,, so he should of written Tri-state areaS

        • jake_d

          And you have written "should have" not "should of."

  • WVU07

    WVU 28-24

  • Maxxajay

    I'm going to stick with my guns I say WVU win six conference games the Oklahoma game could be a toss up but I say they will have a record of nine and three by the end of the regular season.....

  • Shawn

    41 - 38 WVU wins in overtime.

  • The Wisetalker

    Dana Holgorsen and the WVU Mountaineers have something to prove in 2013, that they can win without an experienced quarterback and the nation’s absolute worst defense. Inexperience at the QB position will, without question, cost the WVU in the win column.

    Obviously, the quarterback is the most important position on the field so the Mountaineers biggest concern heading into this season is finding one. Even though the young Mountaineer QB’s appear to have what it takes, it doesn’t mean it is going to equal a consistent, productive performance.

    Offensive line inexperience & depth continues a nagging issue, and the quarterback situation is potentially frightening. And then there is that Big 12 schedule. To call it brutal would be an understatement…

    At some point in the season the Mountaineers will get tired of getting kicked around and then raise their level of play up a notch or two. But it won’t be in their Big 12 opener against Oklahoma.

    Oklahoma wins 52-10.

  • WVWho

    42-21 sooners

  • richard

    45 to 17?? lol

  • Chris

    WVU will win this game balanced attack gets it done mark it down.

  • tw eagle

    no way this game is a walk over . . .in either direction . . .okies are home , have confidence , and continuity . . .Mountaineers are young and hungry . . .if the mountaineers D 'gels ' early - I see an upset , not likely , but no blow out either . . .this Mountaineer D has PRIDE ( and talent ) . . .
    GOOOoooo MOUntaineeeeerrrssss ...

  • Big Amanda

    Holgorsen has the OU defense in his pocket. Tavon ran for 344 yards last year. Look for the Mountaineers three-headed running attack to pile up the yardage and control time of possession.

  • big tom

    wvu will struggle to score 17.

    • chris

      ou 52- wv 9,,,, 3 fields goals baby

  • Big Larry

    Oklahoma 45 WVU 17

    • rtdeco

      credibility 0 big larry 1