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Morgantown’s Stone Wolfley (left, 2015) and Amanii Brown (right, 2014) both will be future Mountaineers.

A couple of Morgantown High standouts will be playing this upcoming season with the Mohigans as future Mountaineers. 6-foot-5 offensive lineman Amanii Brown become the third commitment in West Virginia’s 2014 recruiting class by committing on Monday to the Mountaineers. Tight end Stone Wolfley, meanwhile, has committed to be part of the 2015 recruiting class.

Brown wasted no time on Monday giving his commitment to WVU.

“He’s a fantastic young man and a tremendous football player,” said Morgantown head coach John Bowers. “He’s 6-foot-5, 270 and he looks like he weighs about 245. He’s real thin, he’s lean. He could weigh 300 pounds and have a 38 inch waist.

“He’s very, very physically imposing in that regard,” he continued. “He’s versatile. Last year, he played center for us and then took the majority of snaps at guard. This year, he’ll move out to his more-natural position of tackle.”

Bowers said he could see Brown eventually growing into the tackle position at the college level as well. As for Wolfley’s potential at the next level a couple of years down the road?

“He’s a kid who I could see him translating into a defender, he could be a defensive end and he could also play his natural position of tight end — or maybe in the slot and into a Cody Clay mold, be a fullback type,” Bowers said.

The foundation of Wolfley and Brown, among others, will have expectations high again for the Mohigans in 2013.

“I think we really do have a nice shot to be good at the line of scrimmage in front of (running back) Chazzy Thomas, another kid getting a lot of recruiting traffic,” Bowers said. “I think we’ll be very good at the line of scrimmage, but we really need to find some skill kids to complement Chazzy on the perimeter. I think we have them, we just have to develop them and figure out who will play where — if that happens, I think we could be really good.”

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  • Doug

    I'm elated for these two Motown Boys! I'm sure you both will be an asset to WV! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

  • unclec

    Keep the WV players coming we need all we can get.