MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Morgantown High offensive lineman Amanii Brown on Monday become the third commitment to West Virginia’s 2014 recruiting class.

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Morgantown High offensive lineman Amanii Brown is an under-the-radar recruit who became WVU’s third commitment for 2014.

The rising senior, who stands 6-foot-5 and 264 pounds, didn’t waste any time after receiving his first major-college offer.

“It was really quick,” Brown said. “I waited maybe a minute to commit. As soon as I got the offer, I was extremely excited.”

Brown, who grew up in Clarksburg before moving to Morgantown during his sophomore year, received lukewarm interest from Pitt, UTEP, Marshall, and VMI, but always had West Virginia atop his list.

“You have no idea,” Brown said. “Ever since I could watch sports, I have always wanted to be a Mountaineer.”

As for what the WVU coaching staff saw in him?

“The coaches say I’m really athletic and I have a nice, long frame,” he said. “They can put weight on me easy, without getting fat and taking away my ability to move.”

Rivals writer Keenan Cummings of said recruitniks shouldn’t read too much into the fact Brown is basically an unrated prospect so far.

“He has the versatility to play across the board along the offensive line, although his future destination is likely at the tackle spot,” Cummings said. “Brown will most likely need a season or two to develop his body for the college game, but has great potential and should see his best football days ahead of him.”

Brown joins quarterback William Crest from Baltimore Dunbar and receiver Ricky Rogers of Gateway (Pa.) High in WVU’s current class.

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  • college ave

    Does it ever occur to anyone that we're talking about 17- or 18-yr-old kids in these "why would we take this kid," or "this kid is gonna rewrite the record books" discussions? Lighten up. These aren't grown men who are professional athletes.

    P.S. I've always found it a little creepy seeing a grown man wearing a football jersey with a college kid's name and number on it.

    • Jeffrey JR

      Creepy??? U ever heard of being a fan?? The creepy people are the ones that think of it the way u do

      • college ave

        Oh, ok...

        Being a fan of a college or university's athletic program is one thing. Just saying that hero-worshipping (or booing) a college kid might be over the top.

  • cutty77

    Anybody remember Rich Braham. Alot of these recruits clowns didn't think much of him either,and he turned out pretty good. 6'5 an 265lbs and just a kid too. I like his chances. The ones nobodys talks about are the ones to watch.

    • Wemakerain

      Anthony Becht is a similar story, coach Kirlavich actually called one of his friends at another college to have them offer Becht so he could say someone else was recruiting him. He had no other offers even after committing

      • cutty77

        Zach Abraham was a walkon too. Remember the Crazy Pitt game in Mo-town,one of Jack Flemings greatest called games.The Game went back and forth and WVU finally won. Zach caught the final TD pass and Jack just said. GOOD LORD.I think the final score was 100 to 101.LOL

  • Gerald

    Are there no other WV high school football players capable of playing for WVU except Morgantown high school players?

    • Shocking76


  • WVWho

    Feel Good story, but isn't an unranked prospect better served to be a preferred walk on? The Line is where the mounties need support immediately and this kid is at least a 2 year project.

    • RCS

      Do you even know how they rank players? it all depends on how many and what NATIONAL camps a player goes too... So a very talented player whos family may not have the money to send them to all the camps in different states go "Unranked" every year or the give them the whole 2 stars rating just to save face... This kid may turn out to be a very good player...

      • WVWho

        I would care less about rankings if he had ANY other offers, but at this point that's a goose egg.

    • Grant

      Someone always has to be the first major school to offer. As far as stars, if he didn't participate in one of the many camps this summer, they may have never evaluated the kid.

  • John weaver

    Welcome! Exactly what one wants in a person: someone who is excited to be here and apparently does not want to be fat :-)

    • Habib Haddad

      Much like the coeds.

    • Wemakerain

      Haha wise words friend