CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The state Supreme Court has annulled the law license of New Martinsville attorney H. John Rogers.

In an order handed down Monday the Court found Rogers was dishonest when he filed an involuntary mental hygiene petition against New Martinsville cafe owner Jeffrey Shade.

Rogers claimed Shade was on drugs and had other problems and should be committed. Shade was picked up by sheriff’s deputies and taken to a health care facility where doctors determined the claims were false.

(Read Supreme Court order here.)

Shade claimed Rogers was mad at him because on more than one occasion he told him to leave his cafe because of his behavior.

Rogers later pleaded no contest to a pair of misdemeanor counts in connection with the incident.

The Supreme Court’s Monday order called the decision to annul Rogers’ law license “appropriate.” Further stating:

“Rogers exploited his knowledge of the law and our legal system to carry out a personal vendetta that resulted in a citizen of this state being involuntarily confined in a mental health care facility, we must send a strong message to the bar and to the public that this conduct will not be tolerated.”

Rogers, who has often been a candidate for state political office, can only file for reinstatement of his law license if he undergoes a “comprehensive psychological examination” to see if he’s fit to practice law. The Court says if the license is eventually reinstated Rogers’ law practice would be supervised for one year.


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  • Artie

    Am I wrong or is this the same H. John Rogers that was given a mental examination several years ago after exhibiting questionable behavior and sometime after his release held a press conference to announce his candidacy for Governor of WV and upon being asked if he thought his being in a mental hospital would have any effect on his chances he cursed the reporter that asked the question and rushed and struck him, whereupon the news conference was closed? I remember watching the whole fiasco on local TV.

  • 2XLPatriot

    I'm suprised that others find this "Suprising." Come on. A prominant, well known attorney with political ties / aspirations does something malicious to another citizen for personal reasons? My goodness! I've never heard of such unprofessional, unethical behavior from an attorney or politician in West Virginia. (Sarcasm).

  • Brad

    This was not a criminal trial, folks. He's not (yet, anyway) been charged with any crime. It was a hearing to determine if he was fit to continue to practice law and the Court determined he is not. They had no power to put him in jail or any other penalties that have been scheduled above. And, yes, he can be sued on top of this disbarment and probably will be. Whether he has any assets or is judgment-proof, I do not know.

    • RANDY

      He has already pleaded no contest to two criminal charges resulting from his actions in this case. If you are skeptical, look up Justice Margaret Workman's case load. It is public record.

  • jd,harris

    sounds like mingo county.


    Being married to a lawyer(who goes to church 3 times a week and is revered as a GREAT christian by most who know her(while being one of the top 5 liars I've ever met in my life), I'm not at all surprised by Mr. Rogers actions. I try not to generalize, but almost 2 decades of experience has taught me that most lawyers have earned their bad reputation.

    • NorthernWVman

      Did you really just put on this MB that your Christian Lawyer Wife is one of the top 5 LIARS you have ever met or did I miss reread your comment?? lol

  • Doug

    To say I'm shocked would be an understatement! I've known H. John (Buck) for years and have always thought of him as being highly ethical and honest. Hopefully he regains his license soon as he has always been an advocate for the little guy! Hang in there Bucko!!!


      Arrogance lead to his temporary insanity and abuse of power. I hope he gets what he deserves and more!

  • RHytonen

    What kind of legal ZOO is this new Martinsville court - judges AND attorneys?

    and for that matter, "candidates for state office in WV," and, not to leave out any participants, the town's "businessmen?"

  • Old Line

    Sounds like WV is in need of some legal reform in which lawyers and judges are made to be more accountable for their actions and decisions.

  • Detective Stabler

    I encourage Jeff Jenkins to look me up and I will give him a story that will make his head spin about a stay at home mom of four kids that was constantly abused and beaten, run to her parents for her life and her kids that she spent 90% of her time with were taken from her and the judge actually says that he didn't care what happened in the past he was placing the kids with dad because he would stay in Hampshire county and she would not because she is afraid for her life staying in that county with no support system. The crookedness of this court is amazingly seen if one reviews what this Judge did.

    • Harpers Ferry

      Maybe people would take you more seriously if you hadn't have copied a TV character's name for your own. Detective Stabler? Really? Barney Fife would have been a better name.

  • Detective Stabler

    Unfortunately, rouge attorneys occur over this whole state. Attorneys are allowed to lie through their teeth in Hampshire family court everyday and yet there is no recourse for the public this involves. If you wonder, no I do not have a case before that court but my girlfriend does. Her x has a record of abuse, domestic violence and child endangerment yet his attorney stands there and lies to the judge about my credentials, mental health status, income and way of life and I have never met these people, the x, the attorney or the judge yet I am the one to have to look at hiring an attorney myself to defend against this slander and libel. I really think that the family court system in this state is seeded with corruption and it rests on who can pay more. If you want a good story look me up, this family court case that I speak of is before the Supreme Court now, it has been remanded back by the circuit several times and the family judge ignores the remand order! So I feel for this gentleman being attacked by another vindictive attorney.


    That's it? That's all this officer of the court gets? Am I missing something here? Well I hope Mr. Shade is preparing his civil suit and he takes everything Mr. Rogers's owns or will ever own.

    • Brian

      They took away his livelihood. He can't make hundreds of dollars an hour for the work his paralegals do now. That is a pretty harsh, and I think appropriate, punishment.

      He did cause a person to lose his freedom for a short period of time, though. I would like to have seen him get 48 hours in the regional also. A couple days in there is not pleasant, trust me. It'll make you reevaluate just how important you really are. It is humbling.

  • Habib Haddad

    RE: Rogers, who has often been a candidate for state political office, can only file for reinstatement of his law license if he undergoes a “comprehensive psychological examination” to see if he’s fit to practice law.
    That is an examination that should be televised on statewide TV.