SPENCER, W.Va. — Only days after Roane County residents endured the worst flood in a generation, the rains were pouring again.

Flash flooding followed a sudden onset of rain in Spencer and surrounding areas Tuesday morning, sending streams out of their banks for the second time in less than a week.

“Some of the areas we are having trouble with were also areas we had trouble with on Thursday,” said Mitch McCumbers, Roane County deputy emergency services director. “Then we also have some new areas. It’s not as bad as last week, but from what I understand we’re going to have problems with the rain.”

Since Thursday, many residents have been shoveling mud from their homes and hauling away soaked furniture and belongings.

“People are trying to get their lives back together,”said Spencer Mayor Terry Williams. “It’s going to take a few days or a few weeks.”

Tuesday’s rain intensified with little warning. The worst of this round of flooding was out in the county along Still Hollow Road and Goff Run. McCumbers said there were reports of homes and trailers being flooded. High water also damaged buildings along Pike Street.

“We’re receiving reports of new damage, roads and culverts washed out,” McCumbers said. “We have representatives of FEMA here today to assess damage from Thursday’s storm, however we’re not able to get out in some of those hard hit areas because of new flooding.”


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  • Michael

    Good job Laurie!!

  • Laurie Shultis

    We are currently planning a relief effort for the flood victims to take place on Friday July 5th at the Heritage Building in Spencer, WV. This is all preliminary now, but we hope to have several bands/live entertainment, concessions, raffles etc. to help those folks whom have met with losses due to these damaging floods.

    We need volunteers, contributions, folks willing to do what it takes to help their neighbors get back on track.

    If you want to help, you can contact me at 304-927-8032 or Vince at 304-588-3638. Donations may be sent to WVKOF Flood Relief fund c/o Laurie Shultis Post Office Box 538 Spencer, WV 25276