MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — West Virginia garnered commitments Tuesday night from two Miami-area receivers enticed by the notion of becoming the next Tavon Austin/Stedman Bailey-like tandem.

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Three-star receiver Jacob McCrary of Coral Reef (Fla.) High School chose WVU on Tuesday.

Jacob McCrary of Coral Reef High School committed to WVU running backs coach JaJuan Seider only minutes after Lamar Parker of Booker T. Washington phoned head coach Dana Holgorsen with similar news. They became the fourth and fifth commitments for the Mountaineers’ 2014 class.

McCrary, a 6-foot, 182-pound three-star prospect according to Rivals, also was considering Florida State and Clemson. But he credited the relationship with Seider for drawing him to Morgantown. Nor did it hurt that McCrary’s cousin Vernon Davis transferred to WVU from the University of Miami last year.

“He built a great bond with Seider that dates back to his time at Marshall,” said Rivals writer Keenan Cummings of “McCrary is an explosive athlete that plays both wide receiver and running back at his high school. He looks very fluid on film and has a knack for putting together big plays.”

McCrary also holds offers from seven SEC schools and two of WVU’s Big 12 rivals — Kansas State and Texas Tech. Upon learning Parker also committed to the Mountaineers, McCrary told Rivals, “I feel like we can go in and make that same impact that Stedman and Tavon just did.”

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Three-star prospect Lamar Parker is a 5-foot-8 dynamo who projects as inside receiver at WVU.

If McCrary is Bailey in that analogy, the 5-foot-8 Parker hopes to replicate Austin’s moves. In March he called West Virginia his “dream school” while citing how Holgorsen’s spread offense enhances playmakers. A three-star recruit, Parker pledged to WVU over offers from Florida State, Texas A&M, Ole Miss, Cincinnati and Marshall.

“Parker is a very shifty inside receiver prospect that makes things happen whenever he touches the football,” Cummings said. “An electric athlete, he believes the Mountaineers’ offense would be a perfect fit for him. He plans to visit either this summer or sometime in the fall.”
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  • jordan

    Parker reminds more more of a reynaud then austin, which is still just fine by me!

  • Allan

    If it's so easy to find look alike's than Tavon and SB wouldn't be unique or special, but there will be only one Tavon and one SB and their uniqueness will long be remembered by Mountaineer fans. Now, if these two new guys prove to be as gifted..can lightning strike twice..than that's okay too.

  • Helen5844

    Keep fishing in Florida. We have a lot of really big talent down here. Glad to get these two new guys. Hope they are as good as Tavon and Bailey.

  • Harpers Ferry

    Can we hit the brakes on the Tavon Austin comparisons. The kid hasn't even played a game of his senior year yet.

    • cutty77

      Your 110 percent right. The Kid from Texas was suppose to be another Tavon too.Now hes the Best Spring Game Player of all Time. There will never be another Tavon at WVU EVER.

      • hailey

        You guys should hit the breaks also, I have read the article twice and read the comments above and never read where anyone said here is the next Tavon.

        The comments I read were "enticed by the notion of " and "It would be exciting if" these guys turned out like tavon, of course there is only one Tavon,

  • Helen


  • Wemakerain

    ESPN loves these guys has them both as 4 star and in their top 300 rankings, impressive accolades

    • Big Larry

      Bottom Feeder

      Please stay on the bottom....We would prefer you not come up to the top and make comments....leave that to the adults...

      • hailey

        pot meet kettle

  • Wemakerain

    Awesome, glad to see they pulled the trigger, now if they can land Nigel Patten like they were talking about we could get things rolling

  • Dave

    Congratulations on choosing the Mountaineers. It would be exciting if both McCrary and Parker turn out as good as Tavon and Stedman. You men made the right choice. Can't wait to see these guys in Morgantown.