SUTTON, W.Va.Deputies in Braxton County said they have caught the teenagers responsible for vandalizing nearly every school bus owned by the county school system.

One by one the windows and windshields were broken out of 30 vehicles early Wednesday morning in a parking lot near Sutton.

Brenda Wells, Braxton County’s director of curriculum services, told MetroNews it was nothing more than senseless vandalism.

“I just can’t imagine who would do that when we are here to support kids. That’s what it’s all about,” she said. “It’s just frustrating to find that people don’t see the big picture of things.”

Only one or two buses in the fleet were not damaged. Investigators said the teenage vandals apparently used fire extinguishers to do the damage.

“Our buses are all parked in a long row and you see each bus with the front windows are mainly smashed out, and many buses have the side windows smashed out as well. There’s glass all over,” Wells said.

A woman called in after seeing the story on the news Wednesday and gave deputies a tip that lead to the teenagers, who police said confessed.

The teens face multiple felony charges including destruction of property and breaking and entering. They were released to their parents Wednesday night.

Damage estimates are expected to exceed $100,000. Wells said one bus alone has about $3,000 in damages.

“On some of the buses, it’s almost every window,” she said.

State police troopers and Braxton County Sheriff’s deputies are still working to determine a motive in the crime.

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  • MrJ

    In terms of punishment for these kids, nothing will come of this. Kids don't have to behave in school--just ask their parents.

    Now perhaps the general public will have an idea of the frustration teachers feel when trying to deal with unruly students.

  • leroy jethro gibbs

    those poor children, i bet they didnt have a good upbringing , no father at home, , its so sad.... i think i am going to cry

  • WVTD

    welcome to obamaville folks. get used to it.

  • me

    The parents of these kids would pay for everything single window in these buses. Then maybe they will be aware where their children are doing and where they are at.

  • chasmo

    detail buses on weekends - great suggestion -----

  • WV Worker

    Those teens need not only jail time but be made to clean every bus they damaged. Brooms, mops and buckets fit their hands just as the fire extinguishers did and to make sure they work a full 8 hours with 1/2 hour for lunch and 2 15 minute breaks ( wouldn't want to break the work laws now would we),a state trooper to watch them with their parents paying for his salary until the mess is cleaned up. If they don't have the money set up payments until its paid in full. They not only damaged buses, they took taxpayers money. Every person in Braxton that works paid for those buses. Maybe the next teen will think twice before doing a stupid thing.

  • Larry

    The people responsible for this should be jailed for life, anyone who would do this will never contribute any good to society.

  • Matt

    Joe. Acts like this take place everywhere. Please go back to your home state where their is no 'white trash'. Geez.

  • Joe

    WV is by far the most white trash, red neck, entitled mentality of a state in the Union. It is disgusting to continue to read these stories.

    Also, as a side note, for the kid who invoked the lawsuit by not taking his NRA t-shirt off at school, here's some advice to you and your, well, adult supervision....spend more time on your algebra, geography and english homework and prepare yourself to contribute to society versus taking from the hard work of others.

    • Amy

      What an ignorant comment to make. I don't think you should be judging the mentality of anyone else when yours clearly isn't that high.

    • NRA MAN

      Joe, what exactly does an NRA t-shirt have to with the school bus window breaking? Sounds like you have trouble keeping on topic. Get back on your MEDS and go back to sleep.

    • WV Gal

      Joe....You sound as ignorant and stupid as the ones doing the vandalism. You have no idea about the State of WV. We have some of the best beauty that God has displayed any where in the US. West Virginians will bond together and help others in need...I am proud to say I was born and raised in West Virginia..sorry for your bad luck.

    • Charleston,WV

      Your statement is pungent and rather derisive itself. If you don't like the state and the people yourself, the get the heck out of the state. Sure we have our problems, but adding insult to injury doesn't help the situation, but only makes it worse. Good day to you Sir.

    • me

      Really Joe? And you took the time to post on a West Virginia news site that you call the people of this great state "white trash"
      Please feel free to move to the suburbs or city.

    • Shadow

      As to the young man who would not remove his shirt, he obvious knows more about the Constitution and Law than you. I would recommend you read and study it It is obvious that the teacher and principal didn't and the BOE never read the Supreme Court ruling on Vagrancy. A real case of stupidity and authority gone wrong.

      • Tina B

        The school didn't take away his gun, they enforced a dress code policy. The kid is a punk for acting up. Please call it what it is and stop encouraging destructive behavior from teenagers.

    • rose

      Joe, You must not have traveled much to write that our state has the most white trash, red neck entitled mentality of a state in the Union. Go to any of the surrounding states and you will find that type of person everywhere.

      I resent that statement because our state has some of the hardest working, nicest people there are anywhere. There are plenty of excellent folks in WV.

      • hailey

        Joe, if we we follow your "side note" comment will that ensure all of us that we are as intelligent as you? If so I am all in , get over yourself

  • JohnR

    justa bunch of amerkan kids havin sum fun. not wantin to go muddin so lets go vandalism dem busses.

    • hailey

      Ignorance has just been displayed at it's best., great post

      • me

        I agree. Really?

  • David

    When the perps are caught, they need more than a slap on the wrist, to show that this behavior will not be tolerated. They deserve jailtime along with restitution.

    • Fentanyl Bomb

      I live in Braxton. I highly doubt they will be able to afford anything close to restitution.

      This is extensive and expensive damage.

      In a perfect world, they will get to know every inch of every damaged bus while they clean and detail them on the weekends for the next couple of years.

      Especially under the seats where the vomit splashes up.

  • rose

    What a travesty for Braxton County.

    The perps need serious jail time.

    Where were the security cameras?

    I hope other counties are taking some security measures because I know my county doesn't have any in place today. But maybe they will tonight or tomorrow.

  • Brian

    Is there any doubt - whatsoever - that it is/was "bored" teenagers or young adults?
    When 16 - 20 year-olds have NO activities, play NO sports, have NO summer jobs and have little to NO parental supervision; what do you expect?!
    Some day we will get smart and begin prosecuting PARENTS for their kids' (anyone 21 and under living at that home) behavior and crimes.
    Watch this type of vandalism (and as a nice little ancillary benefit the rampant drug/alcolol usage amount this age group) decrease ten-fold!

    • Jeff

      You use the word "No" as if there is absolutely nothing to do in Braxton County. I'm sure there are plenty of recreational opportunities but these youngsters chose to engage in an illegal one. Our youth have choices and they should be held accountable for making incorrect ones.

    • Buck

      Don't make excuses for the kids. Bored or not kids of this age know right from wrong and they choose to do wrong. It is evil in their hearts and it won't be displaced with "activities". I'll go along with the no parental supervison, but, chances are those parents did have any either.

  • NorthernWVman


  • Shawn

    People are a joke! This world has gone down the tubes and its only going to get worse.