CHARLESTON, W. Va.– The West Virginia ACLU says state Attorney General Patrick Morrisey is over-reaching and being political with his letters to a pair of abortion clinics asking them to answer a number of questions.

“These services are providing women with safe and good care and I’m just concerned that it is politically motivated and not truly about the well-being of West Virginia women and families,” said ACLU Board President Sara Bird.

In a prepared release, Morrisey stated that a recent lawsuit filed by the Family Policy Council of West Virginia against the Women’s Health Center in Charleston and a doctor there raised some concerns. The lawsuit alleges medical malpractice.

“The merits of that lawsuit must still be resolved in court, but it does raises serious questions about how such clinics in West Virginia are inspected and reviewed to ensure patients are safe,” said Morrisey in the release.

He continued by adding that the state regulates professions from doctors to cosmetologists but not abortion clinics.

Bird said for Morrisey to claim the clinics are unregulated is untrue.

“It’s preposterous. There are health care personnel, doctors, physicians who have to be licensed,” she said. “There are nurses and physician assistants and other healthcare personnel, they all are regulated by laws.

She adds that the medical personnel in these clinics are subject to both state and federal regulations.

On top of thinking Morrisey’s actions are politically motivated, Bird also doesn’t believe he has statutory authority to regulate these clinics.

Morrisey’s letters ask a series of questions of the clinics concerning their regulations and the elective abortion procedures.

The ACLU isn’t the only group suspicious of Morrisey’s motives. Executive Director of WV FREE Margaret Chapman Pomponio stated in a prepared release that they believe it may be political as well.

“It is clear from Mr. Morrisey’s campaign statements that he does not believe a woman should have access to abortion at all,” said Pomponio. “Given his philosophical opposition to this medical procedure, his motivations are suspect.”

In addition, Pomponio wonders if this will become a regular thing for Morrisey’s office to question all medical facilities that are undergoing litigation.

“This kind of politically motivated inquiry is a threat to the practice of health care in West Virginia,” she stated in the release. “This is an insult to the doctors and women of our state.”

Morrisey wants answers from the clinics by July 1st.

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  • Ramona

    I am all for people's rights. But how can the ACLU say women are receiving safe and good care when there is zero oversight, no inspections and we've been enlightened as to where that leads. Gosnell taught us that without oversight we can't even be sure personnel are licensed.

    It seems the ACLU is making this political. We want standards for safe patient care! Let the clinics be transparent and proud of the great services they offer. Not hide in the dark with no accountability while claiming greatness.

  • Brad


  • Tina B

    Over-reaching court systems are bad and so is an over-reaching Attorney General. Just perform your duties and don't waste tax dollars. Job summits and now a health care regulator? So much for 'saving' the tax payer's money.

    • Brian

      Actually if he/WV can get better or safer abortion clinic practices. Then we could save tax payers money. You can't have it both ways? I would much rather have my taxes going towards inspection of something so important as an abortion clinic. Since you don't want a health care regulator I'm assuming you opposed the President's Health Care Law correct? So it's fine for the Gov. to take over the nations entire health care system but not to question an abortion clinic after several law suits over malpractice?

  • Reese

    Isn't it the JOB of the AG to Check into and Protect the Best Interest of WV Citizens? Isn't that WHY We elected him?
    Thank You, MR. Attorney General

    • Ramona

      Yes it is. And he deserves our gratitude.

  • Reese

    Isn't it the JOB of the AG to Check into and Protect the Best Interest of WV Citizens?
    Thank You, MR. Attorney General

  • wvtd

    Our A.G. just wants to make sure we do not have any abortion doctors like the monster in Philly, the one who snapped the live born babies spines with scissors. i'am glad the blood of 56,000,000 murdered babies is not on my hands. Although the liberals relish in it.

    • RHytonen

      and how many children have died (and will die) from cancer caused by coal slurry and fracking fluid ponds?

      How many women died during the long pre-Roe "coat hanger era?" How many more would, if we regressed into that era of unconscionable barbarism?

      How many doctors have been killed by religious wackos trying to force their views illegally (and even more, immorally) on people (women especially) exercising their LEGAL-and God-given- RIGHT to decide what is done to their own bodies, or their right to have their doctors decide how best their lives could be saved?

      • Brian

        Since Dems always bring up women's rights and health. Why are Dems fighting against having abortion clinics inspected to insure quality care? Why are you guys fighting abortion clinics be atleast 30 miles from a hospital? No one said anything about coal or gas companies. But that seems to be Dems. way of keeping people from actually getting the true facts or data.

      • NorthernWVman

        women die??? That would have been THEIR choice!!!

        How dare you say it is a GOD given right to kill an unborn child!!! What a piece of @$#

        Now to your comments about coal slurry or "fracking fluid ponds" Can you name me any that have died as a direct cause of this let alone 56,000,000

  • RogerD

    The Attorney General addresses an issue arising from a law-suit by asking some questions and he is pummeled by those that don't want the answers divulged. West Virginians are fortunate to finally have someone in that office that takes their job seriously.

    • RHytonen

      It's partisan political opportunism pure and simple. And on OUR dime!

      Go after some criminals, Mr. Attorney general - like the polluting frackers.

      There are plenty of laws regulating medicine (and yes, even hairdressers;)
      but NONE regulating energy extractionists - that are ENFORCED, that is..

      • Brian

        I work for a gas company and half of my job now a days is dealing with emissions. So you have no idea what talking about. But this is about abortion clinics, do you have any facts or data on that? Besides your typical Dem name calling and scaring people.

      • NorthernWVman

        ok so your Fracking comment is purely partisan. What are you afraid of?

  • Jonesy

    My wife, who is a hairdresser, is under greater scrutiny than an abortionist. All this screaming is what happens when you touch one of the left's sacred cows.

    • Tina B

      This is such a ridiculous statement, I'm appalled one would even write it. Pure ignorance is what this is -- pure ignorance. When is the last time a hairdresser was sued for malpractice?

  • zerotolerance

    “This kind of politically motivated inquiry is a threat to the practice of health care in West Virginia,” she stated in the release. “This is an insult to the doctors and women of our state.”

    There are some positions I will NEVER understand................