MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — West Virginia University’s has sold about 32,000 season tickets for the 2013 football season and remaining season tickets will go on sale Monday, June 24, at 9 a.m.

Packages for the six-game home schedule are $365 per seat. A limited number of tickets in the Green zone will be available, including season tickets in the new Family FunZone in section 133. Season tickets in the Green zone and Family FunZone will be available online at and do not require a per-seat Mountaineer Athletic Club contribution.

All other available tickets are located in the Orange and Gold zones and require a donation. Orange zone seats include limited tickets in section 101 and the upper-level sections 202, 212, 213, 221 and 222 and require a $125-per-seat MAC annual contribution. The remaining Gold zone seats are located high in the upper level on both the east and west sides of Milan Puskar Stadium and require a $250-per-seat MAC contribution.

View the stadium seating diagram here.

Season ticket orders can be made by calling 1-800-WVU-GAME or in person at the Mountaineer Ticket Office at the WVU Coliseum. No online orders will be accepted for Orange or Gold Zone seating, and payment must be made by check, VISA, MasterCard, Discover or American Express.

The season opens Aug. 31 at noon when WVU hosts William & Mary. The Mountaineers’ other home games are Georgia State (Sept. 14), Oklahoma State (Sept. 28), Texas Tech (Oct. 19), Texas, (Nov. 9) and Iowa State (Nov. 29 or 30).

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  • jm

    Ticket prices have gone up over the years. Understandable, as there is a such thing as inflation. However, I think that a mandatory donation is absurd. Obviously it is not a donation if it is mandatory. It is a ticket price increase. A bunch of BS

  • blugldmn

    Big Larry are you stealing cable? I have to pay for mine but apparently yours is free?

  • Unconvinced

    So your a conditional fan? If the conditions are right, playing a good team, not raining or snowing you will attend?

    It's all about budgeting for tickets and the experience. For example Nebraska (less populated than WV) sold out games for 30 straight years Think they never had a bad year? Think they never had a sister of the poor team to play? Don't feed me well the economy is bad, because the economy is probably just as bad in Nebraska as here.....

    I never go to see OSU or Georgia State play I go to see WVU play. Bottomline.

    Want the team to be better? buy tickets, pay for the membership for scholarships...Its that simple.

    WVU fans have this sense of entitlement and for what? This school belongs to the Alumni, Students and fans that give money....That's it and that's all it represents

    • Slippery Pete

      I would say you have it backwards. It is the school that has a sense of entitlement. They have fooled you into thinking that you have to pay more, more, more to field a winning team. How much of your money are they wasting? I can't wait for the day to come where they are forced to pay these kids what they are due. All the millions upon millions that is generated is on the backs of a bunch of 18-22 year old kids.

  • Mike

    I am a first-time season ticket buyer, but not very happy with the process itself. Apparently, new season ticket holders do not learn the location of their seats until they receive them, in mid-August, even though my seats have already been assigned. All I know is that I am (probably) in one of the Gold sections. At least I know I'll be parking in the green lot. A phone call confirmed that they will not disclose the seat location, even if you go there in person. Not very first time buyer friendly, to say the least.

    • RamblingMan

      Get used to it. It only gets worse form here on out.

  • Harpers Ferry

    I swear this "true fan" label is ridiculous. If WVU charged $100,000 for fans to jump off the New River Gorge Bridge, these "true fans" couldn't hand over the money fast enough.

    I live in Morgantown and I'm NOT renewing my season tickets because I refuse to pay $200 (after MAC donation) per seat to see William & Mary and Georgia State. I will buy tickets to OSU and Texas and tailgate for the others and watch at home. To all you "true fans", lets root for WVU together and I won't tell you what to do with your $ and you don't tell me what to do with mine.

  • Matt

    I'm in Atlanta now and would give an organ to be able to suffer the "misfortune" of having the drive the 9 hours every Saturday to Mountaineer field. My schedule won't allow it right now. Mountaineer field has a great big time football atmosphere and the cost is just what big time football is about. I'm thinking we trade in some of the Old grads who only want to complain about everything and replace with young lads. Goo Mohntaineers!

  • tw eagle

    i'd certainly be a lot more amenable to buying "season tickets" if the MAC donation got deep-sixed . . .not particular about how the seat pricing would be affected, just not in love with this type of extortion. . .if I gotta pay a premium for seats , i'll pay it to a scalper at the gate . . .

  • Big Larry

    You mean people actually pay to watch those games when you can stay home and watch it for free on TV?

    Not only that but the price of gas, eats, fight the Morgantown traffic, and worst of all...

    Sit next to a bunch of foul-mouthed beer guzzling fans who have no idea what is going on....

    What are they thinking?

    • Art in Ohio

      I still love the sounds, sights, and the tailgates at Mountaineer Field. Have been doing this since 1958 when my dad would take me. Four hours from St. Marys to Morgantown. I hope to continue to attend the games as long as possible. We have friends in our group that are in their 80's that will never stay at home if they can drive to the games and can pay the price for tickets. Understand the cost involved but other major programs are more expensive...Texas or Ohio State...

      • Mike

        You're the MAN Art! Thanks for supporting the Mounties.

      • Oak Hill

        So true Art. It used to be a 6-hour trip from Oak Hill to Motown for my family when I was a kid. So many great family trips when I was a kid and even as I've gotten older. And so many great memories over the last 40-some years too. The old man used to navigate the one lane Fayette Station Rd through the gorge just to cut 30 minutes off the hour trip around the gorge. Now, thanks to the NRG Bridge what took used to take 30 minutes now takes 30 seconds. Kinda like something else but that's a story for another day.

        Anyhow, I'm now in NC and its once again a six hour trip to Motown. I still make just about every football game and wouldn't change for anything. There's just nothing like being there. Hope to get another 40 years of games in too!

      • Habib Haddad

        For the rest of you troglodytes, Art in Ohio is a real fan and I am proud of you. I would be honored to buy you a market price beer at Mountaineer Field. Have you purchased one at PNC Park, Camden Yards or Nationals Park lately?

    • Foul mouthed fan

      Probably sitting there thinking how lucky they are not to be sitting around some 12x16 living room with some foul mouthed beer guzzling fan watching the game on his 32 inch 720/60 Walmart flat screen. But with those stale nacho Doritos he's serving there's not doubt the gas will be free.

  • big tom

    i[m gonna watch from my living room on my giant wide screen tv, and pay about .50 cents per beer in my A/C and heat when it gets cold.

    • WVWho

      Don't forget the 10 second walk to go to bed!

      • WILLIAM


        • Charles

          Sincerely a proud season ticket holder that understand athletic logistics. If you wanna play with the big boys you have to pay like the big boys. At these prices we are still behind ou, and other conference mates season ticket packages. Don't complain about wins and loses if you're not willing to invest into the program to back it up. Asses in seats is what pays the bills to provide the opportunity to win. Your living room for free is great. But doesn't invest into one win and takes your right to complain. Even if all you can afford is one game a year. You've invested more than the guy at home and have a right to complain.

        • Charles

          And if you want to be technical. Football took a slide since bill Stewart's hire god rest his sole. Bill under recruited. Never filling a full class. Which killed depth. Holgerson's first year was able to duct tape problems in the big east. Big 12 exposed lack of depth. A couple injuries on offense crippled the offense. Then on d started a ton of new people. So no. Eddie p was the creator of last year with his final hire.

        • Charles

          You can not force teams to play you. Period. End of story. Plus the forced series with mu. And our need for 7 home games like every other bcs program. Add this up. And the non conference was about as good as you could get.

        • Big Larry


          Love your work!

        • Mike

          Will, just keep watching your Herd, I'm sure their tough schedule will get them to the NC!