WINFIELD, W.Va. — A member of the Putnam County Board of Health said Friday he plans to propose the board layoff the entire 13.5-member staff at the Putnam County Health Department in response to a growing financial debt.

Board member Joe Haynes, who is also a member of the Putnam County Commission, was going to make his proposal at an emergency board meeting Friday afternoon but there weren’t enough members at the meeting for a quorum. Haynes said he’ll make the motion at the next meeting. 

Charleston Daily Mail

Putnam County Commissioner and health board member Joe Haynes says health department is in dire straits.

The second part of Haynes’ plan is to contract with the Kanawha-Charleston Health Department to provide services in Putnam County until the financial issues are righted.

The health department has a debt of $200,000 and it’s growing. Haynes said they are in dire straits.

“We’re going backwards as we discover more debt,” Haynes told MetroNews Friday evening. “With the amount of money coming in with the amount of money going out with normal expenses and you add to that the 200-thousand dollar debt, we’re losing ground.”

Haynes said it’s important to point out his plan would not be a merger with Kanawha-Charleston, but only a contractual agreement for perhaps six months. He said that way there would be no loss of services.

Any personnel moves would have to be approved by the state.

“There’s a possibility that some of these people laid off may be hired by Kanawha-Charleston because they’ll obviously need more employees to cover Putnam County. That’s always a possibility,” Haynes said.

There’s the chance the Putnam County Health Department would not make payroll in July if the staff levels stay the same according to Haynes.

Haynes said while the Kanawha-Charleston Health Department is providing services in Putnam County, the Putnam Board of Health would work on ways to reduce the debt.

“Once we have our financial house in order we will certainly go back to hiring our own people here and go back to the way things were,” Haynes said.

The health department got into financial trouble by spending thousands of dollars fighting an employee grievance case that it lost. It recently hired a top administrator at the Kanawha-Charleston Health Department, Lolita Kirk, as a senior interim administrator.

There are currently 13 full-time and one part-time worker at the Putnam County Health Department.


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  • Shepherdgirl

    Has anyone been out there to see the new animal shelter? What a waste. Where did the money go? It certainly wasn't for that little building. Maybe someone should contact the DEP about the permit they had to get to haul the toxic soil out of there or to cover up the stream to make room for a parking lot. Never mind the removel of the hillside to have a place to put the building itself. The hillside it still not stabilized. Oh, what about the miles or so of public sewer line that had to be run to the place because it had no sewer. What about the 6,300 dogs and cats that were recently killed by that shelter within a period of 3 years. FOIA it yourself. Why didn't they just remodel the old shelter and spend the money educating the public on spaying and neutering their pets and providing some kind of services to help them do that. Why not set up a vet hospital like Help for Animals in Barboursville? This so called "shelter" is simply going to fill up and the same animals will be killed. Shame on Haynes, and shame on all of us.

  • Money Man

    Maybe Putman County shouldn't have spent a 1,000,000.00 on an animal shelter in 2011. and used that money for their Health Department.

  • AX MAN

    If you can layoff all of them now, tells me you didn't need them in the first place.


    The illegal immigrants and lazy love "O-Care." And why not, free health care paid for by all of us working class. Having babies like rabbits without any concern whether or not you can support them and laying on your butts waiting on a card or check. Unbelievable. That's not Democracy or the pursuit of the American dream. That's criminal, socially destructive and just plain wrong in my book.

  • DWL

    Wow! Sounds like they have the O-disease. Intitlement mania. Curable only with a government handout!

    Coming soon, Ocare. A prostate exam without the finger wave!