ELKINS, W.Va. — Police in Randolph County have released the name of a teenager killed in a Thursday DUI-related accident.

Authorities say Timothy “Bo” Hornick, 15, of Mill Creek, was in a car that crashed into an oncoming vehicle and then went over an embankment on U.S. Route 219 near Tygarts Valley High School Thursday afternoon. He was pronounced dead at the scene.


Cole Edmond

The driver, Cole Edmond, 19, of Dailey, is in the Tygart Regional Jail on $50,000 bail. He is charged with DUI causing death.

The criminal complaint claims Edmond told deputies he had been drinking vodka earlier in the day. Investigators say he lost control of his car heading around a curve and when he tried to get it back on the road he went across the centerline and slammed into an oncoming vehicle. Edmond’s car then went over an embankment.

A second passenger in the car, 17-year-old Eric Davis of Valley Bend was treated and released from a hospital.


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  • Brian

    This is sad. He looks like a baby, and he has made a terrible mistake that will haunt him for life if he has any character and has shattered the world the victim's family and friends lived in.

  • habib haddad

    Agree. It's tragic but not murder. Let the investigation play out.

  • john

    P.s. Im sorry for the losses murder but its not murder.

  • john

    Charges should be filed against whoever purchased the alcohol. This is a horrible tragedy that he will have to live with. We need to pray for the families. I dont dont know him but i dont think a 19 yr old is a pos, yes an adult, responsible for actions, but how much blame is on the parents. When i was 19, it couldve been me. It would have not been my parents fault, but they should have taught me better. That doesnt make him or me a pos

  • lee arthur

    DWL do you feel better now you P.O.S. ?

    • Shadow

      What is your point?

  • DWL

    Where were the 15 & 17 yo’s parents? Better yet, who bought and/or supplied the vodka for the 19yo pos murdering drunk? If the car this murderer was driving wasn’t registered to him, but someone else, why weren’t they charged with permitting DUI causing death? Why are the “investigators” lazy?

    If you really want to stop the stupid behavior, then you use every tool in the box to instill the change in the behavior. What give police a bad name is laziness.

    • Meep

      Nothing worse than perfect people.

      Have you raised a kid?