CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Police in three West Virginia counties are investigating separate accidents that claimed the lives of four people Saturday.

Two of the victims were part of a Saturday morning crash in Ritchie County. Police report Cheryl Horner of Pennsboro and a young girl were traveling west on U.S. Route 50 at around 7:40 when Horner’s vehicle was struck by a water tanker truck coming off Simington Drive near Ellenboro.

Both Horner and the girl were killed. The Ritchie County Sheriff’s Department is investigating.

Authorities in Fayette County say a wreck on U.S. Route 19 Saturday afternoon claimed a life. The wreck was in Glen Jean near Mount Hope. Reports indicate two people were thrown from a vehicle and one of them was pronounced dead at the scene.

A Raleigh County man died Saturday afternoon in a motorcycle accident in Beckley. The sheriff’s department reports Jerry Pack, 26, of Ghent, crashed the bike at the intersection of Fernandez Drive and Ragland Road at around 1:30 p.m. They say speed was a factor and he was not wearing a helmet.

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  • LJ

    These accident are very upsetting to me. Me and four of my children were in an accident last August when a gas well worker pulled out in front of us on route 50 and we were injured but so many have lost their lives. These tanker truck drivers and gas well workers need to be more cautious, one of these days it may be one of their family members involved and hurt or killed.

  • Smokey

    Both of these roads are called Corridor routes that link Interstate routes. These roads were built with on grade intersections and no overpasses, to save money. They were never meant to have a speed limit higher than 55 mph.
    The intersection at Lochgelly, Oak Hill for instance claimed 47 lives until the new off/on ramps and overpass were constructed. There hasn't been a wreck there since.

  • Joe

    The water trucks travel entirely to fast! How many more people are going to be killed?

  • a.c.m

    Her name was not "a young girl" its makayla

  • Shadow

    Too many people forget "Lights on for Safety." It makes a difference.

  • JimC

    All people who use US 50 between Clarksburg and Parkersburg should use extreme caution especially near dusk and after. Because of all the gas drilling, trucks of this type cross over the highway and they are difficult to see.

    • MLW

      The drilling trucks are a concern, but I have been past that Simonton plant at shift change and had someone come barreling out of that entrance without stopping. I slammed on the brakes, so he passed in front of me, just barely. Perhaps the state police could add that as a watch area as well.