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Lena Lunsford

WHEELING, W.Va. — A federal magistrate judge released Lena Lunsford Monday until a final hearing can be held on allegations that she violated her probation.

The Lewis County woman, the mother of missing Aliayah Lunsford, was arrested last week after allegedly violating her supervised release by not paying restitution and spending time with a convicted felon.

Lunsford was convicted on food stamp fraud charges in the months after her daughter’s disappearance in Sept. 2011. No one has been charged in connection with the disappearance. Aliayah Lunsford was three-years-old at the time.

Federal Magistrate Judge James Seibert found Lena Lunsford was not a danger to herself or others and released her until a final hearing can be held on the allegations. Lunsford could be sent back to prison if it’s found she violated her probation.

Lunsford previously served eight months in federal prison.

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  • AX MAN

    Who would every think, that she would be dangerous, a nice person like that ?????

  • hojo77

    Her parental rights to six children were terminated by the Circuit Court in May 2012 and the State Supreme Court upheld that decision four months ago. With that ruling, Child Protective Services is compelled by law to request that the Prosecuting Attorney file a petition for legal custody of any child born to her in the future. This would also include any child born to the father Ralph Lunsford.

  • Robert W

    Under pressure ...

  • Me

    I agree. Spade this b****** so she can't produce anymore children. She not worried about providing for the kids she just wants that free check!

  • BigDave

    That convicted felon she was spending time with? She met him at the halfway house she was staying in after her release from federal prison for welfare fraud.

    She got pregnant by him . . . her EIGHTH child.

    Our tax dollars at work, folks.