WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS, W.Va. — The 2013 Greenbrier Classic is shaping up to host the strongest field in its four-year history, even though Tiger Woods won’t be a part of it.

“Our field list is shaping up nicely,” said Monte Ortel, the tournament’s director. “We’ve got Phil Mickelson, Robert Allenby, Webb Simpson, Vijay Singh, Bubba Watson, and our golf pro emeritus here at the Greenbrier Tom Watson.”

Woods won’t be playing at this year’s event. He is recovering from an elbow injury and is expected to rest ahead of the British Open.

The Greenbrier Classic, which started in 2010, has two factors that set it apart from other PGA events, Ortel said during an interview Tuesday on MetroNews “Talkline.” One is the Greenbrier Classic Concert series, which features Aerosmith and Kenny Chesney next week. Although other events stage concerts during the week, Ortel said the Greenbrier took it to another level.

“It provides a different opportunity to a spectator to experience not only the golf, but world-class entertainment as well,” he said.

The second unique aspect is the Greenbrier resort itself. Most PGA venues are situated in a position where golfers stay off-property. Here, they’re literally sleeping on the golf course.

“Here, with the family atmosphere and all the amenities they can wake up, have breakfast, and walk down to the golf course,” Ortel said. “That’s something that’s unique.”

The tournament runs July 1-7 at the Greenbrier Resort. MetroNews will provide live programming all week including MetroNews golf show “Tee to Green” each night and MetroNews “Talkline” from 10:06-noon Monday through Friday.



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  • si

    now friend lets consider this fact the greenbrier has been in the woods along time, and there are more tigers out there. In Vietnam we had tigers in the jungle and on our special forces uniforms. See what I'am a saying? we even put a tiger in the tank back then at exxon. Now lets worry more about those beloved mountaineers and those new running backs ,ok. Lets have some tee that's tee.

  • Davy

    Isn't Tigger ranked #1 in the world of pasture pool? If so, then how can he be a has been?

  • cutty77

    I get tired of Hearing about Tiger this and Tiger that. He has not won a Major since 2005. He's a Name and thats it. Last year he came down got his mill, and left. Lets worry about the guys that are playing,not the ones that aren't. Tiger is a Has Been. Quit living in the Past.

  • 2XLPatriot

    Sounds to me like Tiger has played too many holes as it is......And why is this important or newsworthy? Are we that engulfed with "athletes" that it makes the news in WV?

  • Spunk

    Maybe Tiger knows there is a chance that he won't get paid should he win the Classic if you know what I mean!

  • BigDave

    Talk to anyone who works at The Classic about what kind of person Tiger is.

    Let's just say the response may be less than flattering.

    • WVWho

      About the same as Bubba Watson. He's about as classless as Woods and the public is finally getting to see it!

  • wvtd

    who cares?

  • Andrew Cousins

    Tiger is also not playing his own tournament down in D.C. This has nothing to do with him thinking of WV as a hick state. Be fair to the situation.

  • CaptainQ

    I knew it! Now that Tiger's back to being 'Tiger', he wouldn't show up at a what HE considers to be a 'lowly golf event in that hick state' of WV. The old, arrogant Tiger Woods is back!


      Q: What's worst than Tiger Woods driving your Cadillac Escalade?
      A: Dick Cheney riding shotgun!

    • Michael

      So you talked to him Q? WVTD is right....who cares? And you shouldn't either Cappy!

      • WILLIAM