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Two Class of 2013 signees are enrolled and Bob Huggins said he expects the remaining four to qualify by fall semester.

SUMMERSVILLE, W.Va. — Coach Bob Huggins said he anticipates all six of West Virginia’s 2013 signees to be enrolled by fall semester, though only two players are currently in school.

During an hourlong set with MetroNews “Sportsline” on Tuesday night, Huggins sounded confident the forward-laden recruiting class would arrive intact, an infusion of talent made crucial as WVU revamps its roster after last season’s 13-19 finish.

Nate Adrian and Devin Williams have been on campus for several weeks, and Brandon Watkins is expected to begin classes Monday when the second session of summer school opens. Meanwhile, Remi Dibo and Jonathan Holton are reportedly finalizing their necessary junior college credits, and WVU has yet to confirm that Elijah Macon achieved his qualifying standardized test scores.

During the summer, coaches are allowed two hours of practice time per week with players. Huggins said that’s just enough time to cover the basics as the staff has Adrian and Williams.

“We’re trying to make sure we clean up some fundamental things, make sure their footwork is good, and that they pass it to guys on their own team,” he said.

Huggins discussed various aspects of the team during Tuesday night’s show.

On the 6-foot-8 freshman Williams:
“I think he makes an immediate impact, because he really rebounds the basketball. He very well could be our leading rebounder. He pursues the ball, he’s got great hands, and he creates space for himself.

“I think most of the scouting services thought Devin Williams was as good a high school rebounder as there was in the country. And the thing that we’ve been impressed with is that he can step out to 15, 17 feet and shoot the ball.”

On Adrian, the 6-8 Morgantown High product:
“He will pick-and-fade and (defenders) are going to have to go with him because he can make shots. If we can get him where he plays small forward, that gives us some good size and length there.”

On 6-3 sophomore Eron Harris working at point guard:
“Eron realizes if he has a future in basketball it’s never going to be at two-guard because he’s too small. So he’s going to have to be a point guard. He also thinks he can show more leadership from that position. And for us, playing him at point puts another guy who can make shots on the floor.”

“The biggest thing all point guards go through is decision-making. A good point guard is at least 2-to-1 on assist-to-turnover ratio and a real good one is 3-to-1, and we didn’t have anyone close to that a year ago.”

On senior center Aaric Murray’s goals for the offseason:
“Be more consistent with his work ethic and be more consistent with his approach to the way he plays the game.”

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  • wvtd

    at $10.000 a day you think huggins could get off of his fat butt and actually go see a few of these recruits rather than rely on recruiting services. he sounds like a sleepy broken record on the radio.

  • gv

    Bottom line, you cannot win unless you put the ball in the basket which has been their biggest problem. The coaching staff has done nothing in the new recruiting class to solve the issue. Sorry but nothing is going to change, the hands will continue to fly up in the air on the bench, cursing will continue, players will be "thrown under the bus" , and we continue to hear how things are going to get better. Unfortunately they will not get better and unfortunately the people "at the top do not have the "guts" to do anything about it. So the Kool Aid drinkers will continue to laugh at Hugg's humor and believe, while the rest of us watch as we sink like the Titanic.

  • Shadow

    Basketball was NOT one of the considerations when WVU went to the Big 12. The additional time to travel is atrocious when you consider that there has to be time for school, study, practice, and even sleep. I believe that the players were tired all the time and when you are tired, you lose fine muscle control. Lose muscle control and you miss shots but some blame Huggs for low percentages and therefore, loses. When you are losing, it is hard to keep up morale. Just the facts, ma'am.

    • wvtd

      these basketball recruits are not going to be in the class very often and I doubt study is very high on their lists so they should be more rested this season.

      • Shadow

        Are you saying that WVU is just using these recruits and not providing for there future? Use them and forget them? I hope not!

  • Brian

    Is Huggins the one who is responsible for the new practice facility being built or who had the thought of building it .That in its self is not runnining the program into the ground. Huggs has done more for this program the any coach we have had sense i moved here when i was 5 years old 1963. All you Huggs haters keep hating it does not matter he is here for as long as he wants to be . And if you dont know that all ready then you are not a true mountaineer fan

  • leroy jethro gibbs

    hey , we will win the big east title this year!!

  • big tom

    People out there,,, i have and always believed in the reality of life .
    Looking at Huggins and what he has done for the last 3 yrs, i am appauled and saddened that Luck hasn't at least taken him aside, and told him to clean up his act or the contract is void.. we all know about all the times he's fallen down, we know about his drinking ,we have been told why he was fired at Cinn.
    If he has a problem , it should be addressed at his expense , not the fans and people paying the outrageous salary for 13 wins and 19 losses.
    I am not saying he is a b ad guy,,, i like huggie, i was one to the many who proclaimed a new era for wvu BB when he was hired. I still think he loves wvu and wv, but is tha enough,, i love wvu and wv too, and i could h ave coached 13 wins last yr.how hard was that
    get real people,,, if he has another bad yr, and throws 4 or 5 off the team , is that good enough for you,,,, not me,, that's called mediocrity, and that is what kills programs for years and years...

    • wvrefugee

      Only problem with that logic is that Luck is a screw up of epic proportion!

    • Mister

      The only thing that is mediocre is your post.

      • big tom

        the only thing that is less than midiocre is your brain.

    • Mister

      Who cares?

      • big tom

        i totally agree, who cares if huggie runs this program into the ground , me and you don't

  • Joe

    I wonder if all of Sybil's personalities would be willing to scrimmage the team at the practice facility.

    I can see it now...."Big Larry inbounds to Big Tom, who passes to Barry, who lobs the alleyoop lob to WILLIAM.

    Of course, the challenge will be how the ref will call traveling, double dribble, walking and illegal pass all on one person running around the court.

    Love your work guys.

    • Big Larry

      Never heard of "Barry" But big Tom , Big Larry and William, could do no worse than Huggins 13 win season last year....

      We might even have won 14...

      Its too bad that I used up my eligibility....Heck...back in the day I could play some hoops...

  • big tom

    And, at $10,000 a day, there are many many very good coaches that would jump at the chance to coach at WVU.
    And to think how many west virginians that are out of work, trying to feed their families, and no hope of sending their kids to college, and huggins is running around all over the country on wvu's payroll, creating no jobs for anyone b ut himself///// shame on you Oliver Luck

    • Wemakerain

      I don't believe Huggins making $10,000 a day which is less than any other HOF coach currently still coaching, is preventing people from finding work, or sending their children to college. Let's not be ridiculous

      • big tom

        but that money can be way better spent, is what i am saying,,,,we could be donating that money or at least some of it to needy families until they get back on their feet,,,, now tell me huggie needs it more,,,,,this is sickening

        • Jcol


    • Big Larry

      Big Tom,

      "Love your Work!"

  • big tom

    going to the final four was a huge accomplishment,,, but it seems it had no positive affect on our recruiting and throw in the new practice center, and i am hugely disappointed in the entire program... it's as if huggins has taken three yrs. off to enjoy his personal self esteem and to brag up going to the final four.
    to me every yr is a new yr, you can't set back and tell everyone how great you were at cinn,. or how great you coached back then
    It's all about, 'what have you done for me lately; and frankly, wvu's program had hit the skids, i mean 13-19 in a weaker conference,,, wow, we are certainly in the gutter

  • Joe


    I think your "Big Larry" personality just referred to himself (or is it yourselves) in the 4th person. LOL!

    BTW, love your, youse and your'alls work.

  • tony

    getting excited....

  • big tom

    why is he just now being recruited?

    • J.P.

      He isn't "just now" being recruited. He gave a commitment just after the LOI signing period. Meaning neither party can be penalized for not honoring their commitment. Since he didn't sign a letter, I guess he isn't being counted in a recruit in these articles. Check out his youtube videos, looks better than what we have at the point guard position right now.

  • J.P.

    Wonder if Daxter Miles is one of the recruits expected to make it? Appears to have good court vision, can handle the ball very well, and can actually shoot.

  • richard

    coarse? lol.......once again, macon won't ever be a mountaineer.

  • Big Larry

    Here we go again...The paid Huggins Trolls and relatives defending their beloved Icon...More final four Rhetoric...

    Of coarse they always fail to mention the trip to the final four was with Beileins recruits. And please don't mention Devan Ebanks who transferred...his letter of commitment after the Indiana coaching scandal...

    And lest we forget, Huggins did not "win" the final four, he lost in the first round when they got Blown out by Duke...Yes...Blown out!

    What have you done for me lately? In Huggins case "Lose Lose Lose"...after the final four beatdown...

    • Habib Haddad

      Glad to see you've cleaned up your usuage, Big Larry. We may disagree as friends but I like a clean message board.

    • Charles

      We're not belein's recruits on final four team. 3 starters were huggins on the final four team. And 4 of the top 7. The 2nd and 3 rd leading scorers on that team. Plus the top rebounder were all huggins recruits!!! Might want to research before speaking.

    • Shawn

      Huggs turned those kids into Final Four material. Beilein couldn't have taken those kids that far. Dont forget they won the Big East Championship that year too! Kudos to Huggs for getting those kids ready to play and kudos to the kids for buying in. It makes a difference when everybody is on the same page.

    • Big Larry

      Hey Big Larry...

      "Love your work!"

      • rtdeco

        the assumption among humans is that the "big" in your name was a self designation....nothing earned.