CHARLESTON, W.Va. – The West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission has given final approval to West Virginia State University to construct a new residence hall on campus.

WVSU first-year President Dr. Brian Hemphill said this is a project they are truly excited about.

“We truly feel that this is a game changer for us on multiple levels for our university,” he said.

The new residence hall will feature suite room housing for up to 300 students and provide a modern, living-learning-wellness community with an honors floor, academic success center, state-of-the-art technology and grab-and-go dining.

“That will truly allow us to modernize our housing on multiple levels,” said Hemphill.

The property where the hall will be built on will be owned by the WVSU Foundation and the university will lease it back from them.

It’s a big project but Hemphill said they have done their research.

“We had a comprehensive market study that supports the financials of this project and we feel good about what we’ve learned as a part of that comprehensive process,” he said.

Officials with the university hope to begin construction this August and have the residence hall ready for students by August 2014.

This will be the first new residence hall at State since 1969.


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  • dave

    don't care about the article when you work here and keep being told they can't afford raises but keep buying land and building new halls every where the money all comes from capitol it is BS we work our tails off for these place whethern it's wvsu or wvu we deserve a good wage for a good days work period we are treated like state slaves

  • dave

    money is there to build buildings but no money to pay the people that clean it and keep it running way to go Prez Clements you just keep being the yes man they picked you to be you pathetic peace of a human being you are