A wide view of the 705/Mileground roundabout set to open soon in Morgantown.

UPDATE: Officials with the state Department of Transportation say Morgantown’s roundabout opened at the intersection of Rt. 705 and the Mileground on Wednesday afternoon.

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Severe weather early Wednesday morning caused the West Virginia Division of Highways to delay the opening of the new roundabout at the intersection of Route 705 and the Mileground in Morgantown.

“They couldn’t get the markings painted because of the rain,” explained DOH Construction Engineer Jason Nelson.

Heavy rains and thunderstorms rumbled through the Morgantown area during in the early hours Wednesday and then again around 6 a.m. forcing crews to push back the opening.

“The contractor cannot perform any lane closures until after six (Wednesday) evening,” Nelson said.

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  • thornton

    Roundabouts work swell for them Englishters...reckon what they know they we don't.?

  • ShinnstonGuy

    As much as we have improved the image of our state to the rest of the world, it never fails that you can still make fun of the State Road.

  • Drive Carefully

    Morgantown Roundabout map ...

    Test your skills on driving in a roundabout ...

    • Marizel

      Thanks, that's a great link to the flash animation!

  • Chris1529

    Round-abouts are designed not to use stop signs or traffic lights. That is the whole idea.

    • Shadow

      Just to add confusion! Helped along by the Sign Dept..

  • Guardian

    William needs attention . . .

    • cutty77

      Hilarious Guardian.


    They need to put stop signs up!

  • Robert W

    They need to have roundabout classes ... and some trees. This looks desolate.

  • Marizel

    Um, it was open at noon when I came through....

    People seemed perplexed by it though, and kind of treating it like a 4-way stop sign.