PINEVILLE, W.Va. – Southern West Virginia’s prescription pill abuse problem went to the next level Wednesday when an addict took a pharmacy employee hostage demanding pain pills.


40-year-old Vickie Acord of Jesse, W.Va., was charged with kidnapping and armed robbery after taking a pharmacy employee hostage.

Vickie Acord, 40, of Jesse, walked into Charlie’s Pharmacy in Pineville Wednesday afternoon brandishing a weapon and demanding the staff hand over prescription pain medication.

First Sgt. Mike Baylous, with the West Virginia State Police, said troopers and Wyoming County sheriff’s deputies responded to the call.

“By the time they were able to get there, the lady had taken one of the employees hostage and moved into a back room,” Baylous explained Thursday on MetroNews “Talkline.”

Law enforcement officers were able to make contact with Accord inside the pharmacy.

“Fortunately, after about two hours, she decided to walk out of the room and turn herself over to law enforcement,” said Baylous. “She was arrested for kidnapping and armed robbery.”

Acord was taken to the Southern Regional Jail.

Baylous said this crime is another example of how desperate addicts are to obtain prescription pills.

“It’s really sad that somebody would do something like this just to fuel their addiction.”

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  • TC

    It is sad to see the lack of humility I am reading from some of your responses. It seems like every family is affected by this plague in some form or another. This is someone's cousin, mother, sister, aunt... She will never be able to have victory over her addiction if she is not required to attend an addiction program and detox. They need to provide her with the resources of how to overcome this after she has served her jail time. It is sad that people go to such desperate measures to fuel their addiction. In my opinion there is no excuse for their actions. They know what will happen to them if they are using pain pills to get their high, but they still do is a sad situation out.

  • me

    Poverty and ignorance is out of control.

  • Janice

    All pillheads should be executed upon arrival at jail. That is the only answer. You can't rehab them.

  • 2XLPatriot

    Rehab is only successful when the person WANTS to quit. Period! Mandatory rehab for crimminals will not work and all that money has gone to waste. Contrary to popular belief of the uninformed, some people prefer to exist in a haze of narcotic la la land and have no desire whatsoever to quit, reform, rehab or even be a little contributory to society. They are leeches and parasites that drain society. Offfer drug or alcohol rehab to someone in lew of jail and watch what happens. Of course they're going to go to rehab to stay out of jail but, have no intention of quitting. If you have chronic pain syndrome and have not had a serious, traumatic injury or a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, cancer or other definitive medical condition, you need to find another Doctor and consider mental health treatment / evaluation. A significant portion of chronic pain sufferers have an underlying psychiatric problem that has gone under the radar. It's called Psychosomatic pain. Chronic fatigue syndrome? Get tested for lyme disease by a Physician well versed in lyme disease and its symptoms instead of shoving psych drugs down your throat for a mental problem that doesn't exist. Read people! Get informed, research, ask questions, get answers. Otherwise, exist as a zombie for the rest of your days.

  • lorie

    i understand ppl need pain meds i have been on them for yrs due to back, neck, and knee ...but then u got idiots who sell pills which make it hard on us ppl who need them....she needs rehab then straight jail

  • 101st wive

    I grew up in WV I left there in 94 and when I go back to visit all you see is drugs and drunks they need to lock all them up when. They caught they look like a bunch of Zombies. But as poor as WV. Is they sure can buy the drugs it is a shame . I hope she gets some help