WASHINGTON, D.C. — West Virginia Third District Congressman Nick Rahall says both time and money are needed to address ways to burn coal cleaner.

Rahall, during an appearance Thursday on MetroNews Talkline, said what’s not needed is a plan by President Barack Obama that would “lock away the fuel that powers our nation.”

Rahall was responding to the President’s climate change speech from earlier this week that talked about bypassing Congress to reduce carbon emissions from coal-fired power plants. Obama did propose $8 billion in loans, some of which to be used, for the development of new fossil energy technologies.

Rahall said government funding and coal industry funding are needed to boost clean coal technology but it needs more time. He said right now is not the best time for the coal industry so private investments are down.

“We need to give the industry the time for new technologies to finance and to kick in that would reduce CO2 emission,” Rahall said.

The 18-term congressman also expressed concern of President Obama’s plan to further regulate without legislation from Congress.

“Legislation is the will of the American people working its will,” he said.

The President did mention the burning of natural gas in his speech. Rahall said that was good to hear but natural gas shouldn’t be placed ahead of coal.

“Yes, we need natural gas but we can’t pick one fuel over another in this scenario,” Rahall said. “We have to use all of them. We have natural gas in West Virginia so I’m not badmouthing natural gas in anyway, but we cannot choose one over the other.”


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  • Conchop

    If I were buying energy, would I buy half priced gas or twice price coal.

    After all the BS n Baloney coming from the coal industry's war on coal dog and pony show, its all boiled down to price and markets. Can't argue with the dollar bill.

    Now that the gas industry is pushing for a $20.00 per ton carbon tax [ via their last Climate Change Communique in DOHA ], you can bet that once they turn loose their lobbyists in DC, clean coal, dirty coal, and plain old coal is gonna be in a heap of trouble.

    Watch out for gen. IV nuke plants and full spectrum solar. Game changers that could possibly leave WV's coal and gas industries in the mud ....

  • Nicky B

    Rahall voted for the Progressive Budget which effectively taxes the coal industry out of biz. So what the heck is the difference between Obama's plan and Rahalls?

  • RamblingMan

    Rahall and Obama. Two peas in a pod.

  • Environmentalist_Supporter_Of_Nuclear_Power

    C'mon, people. We need to go nuclear. It's what every self-respecting environmentalist should support. Dump the coal, wind, wood, gas and oil and put a nuclear power plant in every county and then give free power to everybody.

  • CaptainQ

    Too late, Nicky Joe! You already showed your true Obama colors last winter by backing some of the White House's anti-coal legislation. You ran from Obama like a scaulded dog last year, you WON'T be able to do that in 2014. Maybe you'll get smart like your pal Jay Rockefeller did and 'retire' before you get voted out of office by the angry Obama-hating voters of this state.

    My prediction will be, you WON'T be that smart and run for reelection anyway.

    Good luck with that, you'll NEED it, Nicky Joe!

  • grey4449

    Rahall voted to lower emmissions and stand against coal. Rahall backed Obama not the coal miner and not West Virginia. VOTE RAHALL OUT.

  • Pragmatic

    Mr. Rahall you have no idea of what you are talking about. Unlimited sums of money and infinite time is not sufficient to produce a CO2 removal system for a coal plant that will be competitive with natural gas or coal. Mr. Rahall please give your constituents a break and shut up. Before you speak again why don’t you read the many analyses by your own Federal agencies that clearly show these sequestering coal plants cannot compete. If that is not enough take a look at Duke’s Edwardsport, IN plant that blew the budget and never even added the CO2 system. Ask AEP about the economics. Why you are at it, why don’t you and Joe engage with Senator Vitter and attempt to derail Obama’s nominee for EPA Administrator – the architect for coal plant CO2 emission standards. And lastly why don’t you spend some time looking at the fraud of CO2 global warming and the expose it – this is the path to stop the war on coal and the mechanism for creating jobs– not useless political uninformed posturing.

  • derek

    We need to end the Rahall Manchin train. Neither are good for WV. They blew smoke to over 12000 of us union miners in Charleston while I personnaly have letters from all three Rockefeller Manchin Rahall stating we need to find alternatives to coal. We in WV need to find alternatives to them come on WV lets get rid of these backstabbers.

    • James

      Very well said Derek !!

    • RHytonen

      I truly hope WV realizes "Democrats" in WV are NOT Democrats!

      Of course, neither am I, any more.
      We loked at JillStein.org/issues and realized the ONLY choice that's NOT corporate funded, is the Mountain Party.

      Over 73% of America agrees with the issues on that page. They just don't know about it because corporate money owns the air waves and can repeat the same lies SO often they actually have people believing THEIR definitions of words istead f what they really mean. I'm talking about basic words like "liberal".

      Look up the defiition of the word "Fascism," BY ITS INVENTOR - Mussolini. You will be amazed that it neither means, includes, nor requires: a dictator, totalitarianism, or a police state. What it means is, "a merger of government and business power." Government enforcing business profits, corporate rule, is EXACTLY what we have here, today in America. Exactly what half a million of us died to stop overseas (they called it WWII.)
      Now BOTH "parties" have created it.
      There are really only two parties, Corporate business, and the people. And until now, one of them has been silenced. Drowned out by enormous amounts of money that owns the air waves. Stop listening to them like a slave, and speak up for your own interests and your children''s future. Let the EPA get strong and indepedent again, and make them fix the roads and sewers their millions of trucks have wrecked, make them clean up those slurry lakes and brine cancer ponds, and stop fouling our water and cutting down our mountains to fill our hollers with cancer, make them stop cutting up our country's dwindling resources to sell overseas and drive up domestic prices, and finally, after a century of Matewans, GET THE HELL OUT OF WV.

      • Conchop

        Well said RH ...

      • RamblingMan

        Man, you are one warped dude. You belong in California.

  • Tim C

    Rahall stood with Obama through thick and thin. Why doesn't he introduce a bill to curtail some of the EPA powers?

    • James

      You hit the nail right on the head Tim C. Rahall has been in Obama's pocket since daye 1 !!

    • RHytonen

      Because the EPA is all that stands between the iresponsible greed of the extractionists and the veruitable oblitertion of the human race through destruction of our water, land and the health of our children.

      And so far they're losing because the greedy crporatiosm can afford as many TV ads (24/7 EVERY fake "news" show on Fox and others; and have bought up ALL of talk radio,) to have you fooled. Looks like it works.

      Remember one thing: Matewan.

      • Magic Mike

        Yep another leftwinger who could care less if people get paid a good wage.

      • Red Dwarf

        You've hit every ultra-left-wing, anti-job buzzword that the Democratic machine puts out: "greed", "iresponsible[sic]", "children" 'corporation' (I think that's what you tried to spell), "Fox", "talk radio". You've been undeniably brainwashed and marinated in kool-aid to the point that, not only can you not reasonably argue your point, you cannot conceive that there is a point of view other than what you are told.

        • RHytonen

          There is a enormous difference between typography and spelling.

          And I have developed my own views.

          As a matter of fact we even canceled TV because I wasn't hearing anything I didn't already know was simply what corporate business wanted me to believe - even though none of it matched the reality I've seen and analyzed over 67 years, to formulate these views.

          I'm quite used to being 'ahead of the curve,' which is what I was paid for in the last days of my working career (at HQNASA.) It's not always popular -- until I'm proven right, then I'm suddenly called a visionary.

          Also: My fingers are going numb most of the time, and two are permanently numb so far. I have never been a touch typist - but my spelling has been perfect since third grade, at which time I began winning the high school (and regional) spelling bees, which continued until I graduated from high school with one exception-senior year. (I got bored.)

          If this comments section had a post edit feature (like most forums,) my posts would be perfect here as well. My habit, as a "peck" typist, is to edit heavily afterward.

          In a democracy especially, it is certainly no crime that my views happen to agree with over 73% of Americans, according to polls.

          I strongly suspect that is what upsets you and the few (polls: Currently about 8%, down from 2010's 18%.) who agree with your cuckoo right wing corporatist views. Beck and Limbaugh types died out when corporate "big lie" techniques, and their massive funding and media control, were revealed.

          And since when is a pro-union faction, "anti-job?" Offshoring (underpaying) them, on the other hand...has quite another name.

  • Charleston,WV

    "Obama did propose $8 billion in loans, some of which to be used, for the development of new fossil energy technologies" and others which will be subsidized for floundering companies such as Solyndra, which are then purchased by countries such as China.