LOGAN, W.Va. — A criminal charge against a Logan Middle School student who refused to remove a National Rifle Association T-shirt he wore to school has been dismissed.

Logan County Circuit Judge Eric O’Briant signed an order Thursday dismissing an obstruction charge against Jared Marcum stemming from an April 18 incident.

Marcum was arrested after police were called to Logan Middle School when he refused to remove his T-shirt after a teacher told him to. A police officer said he told Marcum to stop talking, but he refused. That’s when Marcum was arrested for obstruction.

Marcum’s attorney said after reviewing an officer’s statements as well as statements from the school’s principal, both sides agreed that creating a criminal record for Marcum wasn’t a good idea.

Marcum plans to eventually enlist in the military.

A large crowd of supporters of Jared Marcum and the 2nd amendment gathered in front of the Logan County Courthouse Thursday to originally protest the charge, but instead celebrated the decision.

Marcum’s attorney said he still plans to file a lawsuit on Marcum’s behalf against the school district.

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  • ConservativeRealist

    Whether the boy makes it in the military or not, it will be up to the military to decide. At least he has the intent to volunteer to serve to defend his (oh, and our) rights to free speech which is probably more than most have done who feel the need to post in this column...

  • David

    This kid will last along time in the military! **Note the sarcasm!**

    • Magic Mike

      I served in the military. Some people who you think would make it don't and some you think wont make it does. You really never can tell.

  • susanf

    Why is the shirt NOT against the school's dress code?? It certainly should be!! At the high school where my children went, wearing a "muscle" type shirt w/o sleeves would certainly have been in violation of the dress code, as well as having a picture of a gun on it. And I think this young man and his family were extremely disrespectful toward the school administration and law enforcement. I hope their ridiculous lawsuit gets dismissed!

  • Buckeye Willy

    An incredible waste of time by all involved in this silly situation. Really, let's all worry about a freaking t-shirt? My goodness, I wonder what color his shoes were? Did they match his shirt? Were they made properly? Meanwhile, our country continues to spiral downward and nobody notices because of inane "issues" like this. Sad. Oh, it's "spews" by the way.

  • Herb

    If it's in the school dress code, it is the teacher's job to address it, whether they agree with it or not. If the community disagrees with the dress code that much, they have every right to go to a school board meeting and raise their concerns. Does anybody here REALLY think the teachers or the principal want to deal with police and the media over something as trivial as some kid who wants to butt heads over the dress code?

    Let's not forget the fact that the kid was arrested for mouthing off to THE POLICE, not the teacher or the principal, but hey, why don't we all just go online and badmouth the teacher and the principal and write about how stupid they are. Then we can blame Obama because kid have no respect for authority.

  • Tim C

    Way to go, Jared.

  • Magic Mike

    So now WV wants to make wearing a shirt a crime. Looks like the anti gun crowd is infiltrating our great state.

  • johnny

    Cmon a gun being displayed on a t shirt is bad ? What kind of nonsense is that?

  • Josh

    Now it'd be nice to see charges brought against the school and police for violating the child's civil rights. School administrators must be the dumbest people in any school system in any county. Trust me, I've had enough run-ins with them myself. I think the more they get paid, the further they stick their head up their you know where.

  • lee arthur

    Our schools are being run by educated fool's . God help us all.

    • Mack

      No, we are educated Democrats, touting the Obama line. NO MORE GUNS IN SCHOOLS!
      Even if they are displayed on tee-shirts.

      • js

        There is no such thing as an educated Democrat. No such thing and that's the bottom line.

  • Longbeards

    I hope he and his family are successful in their suit! I spoke to a student who was there and was told the kid WAS NOT at fault! I real hard look should be taken at both the administrator and teacher who made the decession that the shirt was offensive.

  • wvtd

    if he gets out of this poorly run backwards state.

  • thornton

    The kid's shirt was fine, the teacher was out of line...but the child heeds to learn to keep his mouth shut when the police become involved and, also, he needs to get a haircut.

    Wait till some little boy or girl wants to speak out re abortion or the like social issue....then see how many citizens applaud the child's right to chirp.

    Lot of hypocrisy enabling agendas going on.
    All too typical these days.
    As are attorneys wishing to make hay from any situation.
    What an absolute waste on all sides of this shirt issue.

    • Shadow

      You must belong to the old school where kids are to be seen and not heard. The Police were out of line in not listening to him.

      • thornton

        Not really...and, I expect the police did listen.
        However, there are limits to listening in many situations involving law enforcement.

        I also expect that, as a child, the kid had no sense of when to shut up....and listen himself.
        Many adults have that problem when their agendas blind them to everything past themselves.

    • Kevin

      the teacher needed to spank the punks ask. I am sure the drill sergeant will.The military will love this guy.....for a minute. Bipolar kid likes the NRA..NRA spues propaganda that everybody needs assault weapons to protect them from the military. I see where he's going with this. NRA-No Reasoning Around.

      • John

        We don't need assault weapons to protect us from the military, we need them to protect us from the DHS!

      • Wowbagger

        "NRA spues propaganda that everybody needs assault weapons to protect them from the military."

        This statement is just not true! You should check your facts before making stupid erroneous statements.

      • Vinnie

        That is an untrue statement. Hey Kev; check your facts first and don't get your talking points from MSNBC...I guarantee that if he'd worn something "liberal" like a "peace" shirt or an Obama tee then he would have been celebrated by the school system.

        • js

          You are right, as long as it supports our dumb black president ( I say black because he wants to be known as the first) it would all be good. We need guns to protect us from the Liberals that have made us a laughing stock to the rest of the world.

  • Irishman

    I do hope that this totally ridiculous middle school administration feels the sting of the HUGE black eye of STUPIDITY they now have. The principal should be fired for blatantly wasting the tax payers' money on this idiotic action. I hope people in Logan County make a loud statement.

    • Shadow

      You forgot to mention the Teacher! He/She was as culpable. It was a chain of stupidity.

      • GregG

        It sounds to me like all involved are guilty of overreacting. The adults and the kid all need a class on using common sense and knowing when to keep ones mouth shut.

        • DonaldH

          really, you are lecturing when to keep ones mouth shut?

  • Joe

    I'm sure he and his parents are thrilled with this decision. This will certainly allow him to go back to focusing on his algebra, geography, English, etc. studies, as well as his participation in school student-based extracurricular activities.