BROOKLYN, N.Y. — Throughout his freshman season at Kansas, Ben McLemore heard the buzz of being a top-five draft pick, and based upon his 36-point splash against WVU in March, he looked talented enough to go No. 1 overall.

But on draft night, the dynamic guard with the explosive hops and the smooth 3-point stroke fell to the Sacramento Kings at No. 7. Though not a precipitous drop, the 20-year-old McLemore admitted it was enough to fuel him as an NBA rookie.

“I can be an alpha dog and take over games and help my teams win games,” he said. “Coming in, I definitely got a chip on my shoulder, but I know I can handle it right. I know I’m going to go in there and work.”

Check out the complete two-round draft here.

McLemore, who ESPN analyst Jay Bilas labeled the most talented player in the draft, was among four Big 12 players selected Thursday, though he was the lone first-rounder.

In the second round, McLemore’s teammate Jeff Withey went to Portland with the 39th overall pick. The 7-footer was one of college basketball’s top shot-swatters—and the Big 12’s career leader in that category despite being only a two-year starter.

Baylor’s Pierre Jackson, the league leader in scoring (19.8 points per game) and assists (7.1), was chosen by Philadelphia at No. 42.

Oklahoma’s Romero Osby, a 6-8 forward who averaged 16.0 points and 7.0 rebounds on his way to all-Big 12 honors, was selected by Orlando at No. 51.


Despite being an All-Big 12 performer, K-State’s Rodney McGruder held only slim hopes of being selected, and alas, he wasn’t. Now the 6-4 guard must earn a roster spot as a free agent or by improving his game overseas.

Texas point guard Myck Kabongo, who had most of his sophomore season sucked away by a slow-crawling NCAA investigation, went undrafted. Though many mock drafts projected Kabongo as a second-rounder, an unnamed NBA scout recently panned the Longhorn to’s Seth Davis:

“I’m not feeling him. Never have. He probably should have gone back to Texas, although I don’t know if they wanted him back. He’s one of the fastest guys in the draft so he’s intriguing, but his outside shooting and decision making are concerns.”

Another underclassmen who wasn’t picked, Oklahoma junior forward Amath M’Baye, simply reinforced the notion that being steady and productive in the college game is no guarantee an NBA team will draft you.


Among the players West Virginia faced last season, Michigan point guard Trey Burke was selected by Minnesota at No. 9 and promptly dealt to Utah. His Wolverines teammate Tim Hardaway Jr. was chosen later in the first round by the Knicks with the 24th pick.

Virginia Tech guard Erick Green, who scored 23 points in a 68-67 loss in Morgantown last December, was chosen by the Jazz at No. 46 and traded to Denver.

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  • Madbro

    If we win every game or lose every game, Have all players drafted or non drafted. I will always be a MOUNTAINEER matter what people have bad to say.......

    • Mister

      Aight, Madbro. I'll second that.

  • Greg

    Lets go Hor-Cats! Or is that the Bob-Nets? Either way, the Hive/Cable Box will once again be alive! Hopefully we'll see more future Mountaineers displaying their talents down here in the Queen City.

    No matter what his critics might say, Huggs has us moving in the right direction. There was a time in the not so distant past that this "3" would've been a big fat "0".

    • Mister

      I couldn't agree more, Greg.

    • wvrefugee

      Not sure I follow your logic? Iowa State has had 5 draftees and they are traditionally terrible as a team! Because you get kids drafted doesn't translate to wins and losses.

      • Greg

        Huggs & Holgs didn't have the benefit of an adjustment period into a totally different style of conference play. They've had to adjust their recruiting accordingly on the fly. The fact that Huggs' rep as an NBA player developer is continuing has to be a plus when it comes to landing top recruits. I suspect that had he known a couple of years ago that a conference change was imminent he might have recruited an entirely different type of player.

        Lets give him a couple of Big 12 recruiting classes before we bury him and the program. Last year he was putting a square peg into a round hole. Being a student during the Cignetti- Gardner era I can say in no uncertain terms things are better now than they were then! Being a perennial bowl and NCAA tourney school sure is nice.

    • Big Larry

      No....Huggs does not have us going in the right direction.....

      Just look at the last two years and you will see a "downward spiral"....not one that is going upward.

      Last season the Mountaineers under Huggins barely won 13 games...Yes 13 games...

      If Huggins went 0-30, there would be people on here saying....

      Huggs has us going in the right direction.

      Huggs is going to fix it.

      Huggs will turn it around...

      The players were lazy,no good and let Huggs down.

      Huggs is a Hall of Famer

      Huggs won 700 games

      Huggs is the greatest coach in WVU history

      Huggs is great.

      Huggs is great....

      Huggs took us to the Final Four

      Huggs is great...(Oh sorry, I already mentioned that.)

      Maybe we should hire him for a lifetime and let him retire whenever he wants and come to work whenever he wants...and do whatever he wants and say whatever he wants and pay him $10,000 a day...

      Oh wait... we already did bad.

      • hailey

        How do you barely win 13 games?... you either win 13 or you do not.

        Thanks for wasting my time reading your drivel

      • Wemakerain

        I assume you don't work in statistical or data analysis (if you do I am very sorry to hear that) but 2 of anything is not a trend, 2 years, 2 times cut slicing chicken, 2 cows passed on the way to work. 2 is a coincidence, 3 usually is the beginning of a trend, 4 sure fire trend beginning. After this year if I see no improvement I will probably agree, but I need more evidence than 1 bad year. the year previous ended with a bye in the big east tournament, that's hardly an alarming signal

        • Big Larry

          I think that 2 years is plenty enough time to establish a pattern...It isn’t rocket science. Huggins has led the WVU Basketball program down into the Abyss...plain and simple.

          Bill Parcells, famously said, “You are what your record says you are.”

          Last 13 games... 2011-2012

          St. John's Lost 62–78

          Syracuse Lost 61–63

          Pittsburgh Lost 66–72

          Providence Won 87–84

          Notre Dame Lost 51–55

          Louisville Lost 74–77

          Pittsburgh Won 66–48

          Notre Dame Lost 44–71

          Marquette Lost 60–61

          DePaul Won 92–75

          South Florida Won 50–44

          Connecticut Lost 67–71

          Gonzaga Lost 54–77

          Last 13 games... 2011-2012 season...won 4 lost 9

          Season Final Record 19–14

          Last 13 games 2012-2013 season: won 4 lost 9 including 7 losses in a row.

          Season Final Record: 13–19

          If you want to know what’s wrong, or if something is wrong, just look at the won/loss record over the last two years, because its staring right back at you.

          • Wemakerain

            Your facts are sound, and I understand your logic, I just disagree. I don't know exactly why everyone seems to take it so personally when someone disagrees with them, that's life. Regardless I think this year's class turns around the mess of last year but I can't make any argument until the players take to the court