RAVENSWOOD, W.Va. — A Jackson County man has been indicted on two separate charges in connection with a high-profile torture case.

A grand jury indicted Peter Lizon on three counts of malicious wounding and three counts of domestic battery.

Lizon is accused of keeping his wife Stephanie Lizon chained up for ten years on their Jackson County farm.

Lizon is also accused of burning her with a frying pan and crushing her feet with a piece of farm equipment.

According to police, Stephanie Lizon allegedly escaped from her husband and ran to a women’s shelter in Parkersburg where she reportedly told someone else staying at the shelter that her husband was responsible for her injuries. That individual then went to the police with Stephanie Lizon’s story.

Stephanie Lizon later testified at a preliminary hearing that she was never abused by her husband and that the injuries she had were all accidental. Peter Lizon denies the abuse ever happened as well.

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  • Sam

    This sounds like it's straight out of a Stephen King book. What was the name of the movie based on a novel by SK with Kathy Bates?

  • AX MAN

    It is a good thing that Peter Izon didn't treat a dog that way, If he did, he really get the people up-set.

  • Lisa Ayres

    She is afraid of him. The reporter should have added that at times the abused will recant, or change their story due to fear of the abuser. I hope she is in a safe place. If he is capable of what he is accused of, he can't be trusted to walk the streets. Nobody is safe from him.

    • Troy Sexton

      The day I nearly murdered by boys at a football practice they were so scared they ran and jumped into the cops arms. The police found multiples bruises too.

      • mauldawg

        Troy Are you just and idiot or plain old dumb. You need to grow up.

        • Troy Sexton

          I need the loving and caring souls of the system in Putnam County to protect my Family from me. That's what I need.

    • Troy Sexton

      You're exactly right Lisa. I beat my wife and kids all the time, several articles in the papers about it. Yet my wife and kids deny how I constantly abuse them when asked by law enforcement.