MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — After WVU ranked 114th nationally in scoring defense last season, sophomore linebacker Isaiah Bruce said the unit is determined to regain respect.

“Nobody wants to be ranked that low ever again, because we’re all competitors,” he said. “We have a high standard of getting better and shocking the world.”

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  • Big O

    Casteel's defense would have got gashed also.........

  • daveer

    One bad play per game lost us three last year.Yes D was horrible, but good things await.

  • dallenfive

    Excuse the typos, trying to sneak in a few comments at work. ha!

  • dallenfive

    I think we all were very disappointed about the defense. however, they were very young but not devoid of talent. I remember when a your cornerback names Aaron Beasley was a freshman I used to call him "Toast", Wow! was I wrong...if I recall correctly he turned our to be pretty good don't you think? HA! there is talent there and I believe once it develops these guys may surprise some people. But that's me.

  • hivoltage

    Maybe I am just an optimist, but I think that a lot of the defense has matured and with the new talent that will be there this fall, I look for the Mountaineer spirit to afflict the defense and they will be stingy. Possibly near the top 50. Patterson will get them ready.

  • Magic Mike

    Holgerson was stupid for getting rid of Casteel What a dumb move. Once he left the defense went south.

    • dam3fan8

      I have feeling that "Rod the Fraud" had more to do with Coach Casteel leaving than Coach Holgerson.

  • Jephre

    Hey, can the "Related Articles" sidebar be updated a little more often, PLEASE??? I saw the headline saying "WVU ranked 11th in preseason poll" and about fainted! The article is from August of last year, but it sure got my attention!

  • Helen5844

    I am sure everyone on the team, including the coaches know what they need to do to improve. They will improve, just wait and see.

  • dans

    Seems like an intelligent young man.

  • Allen

    Let's be realistic. WVU played 8 of the top 25 offensive teams last year ranked 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 11, 15, 23 and went 3-5 against them.

    The other offensive teams 64, 83, 109, 117 plus JMU and WVU was 5-1. The one loss being SU who was probably the hottest team ending the season last year. You know the team that beat Louisville that beat Florida. Yeah.

    Not making excuses for the defense but this kind of fire power week to week in the Big east did not exist.

  • bva24

    Being a realist about the defense = Pitt fan. Thanks for the tip.

    I doubt anybody here won't support them. I will support them. But, I am going to be realistic about the fact that its unlikely to see major improvement. Just being below average would be a good start.

  • Mike

    Anyone who gets on here to dog the team cannot be true Mountaineer fans. We may have been bad last year but they were bowl eligible. Every team eventually goes through a rebuild unless you are an Alabama and add in the fact that we were not playing the cupcakes of the Big East. Suck it up give these guys the support they need or pull for Pitt, Marshall or whoever you prefer. WVU sports doesn't need criticism from arm chair coaches. I'm sure they have it under control.

  • MountainMover

    Surprised they were ranked that high. They were non-existent.

  • bva24

    They might not be horrific, but they will still be bad. Unless these jucos can really play, the same guys that had no clue last year will be back out there this season. If Holgorsen can get this team bowl eligible it will be a minor miracle.

  • Dave R

    good luck with that one