JARVISVILLE, W.Va. — The Harrison County sheriff says a Jarvisville woman accidentally shot and killed her grandson late Sunday night as he slept.

Sheriff Albert Marano said Tina Owens, 57, had gone outside her house at around 11:30 Sunday night after hearing some noises. The sheriff said Owens and her son, who lives next door about 200 yards away, thought there were intruders around their homes tampering with property.

“Tina went outside to investigate, in doing so she brought a 40-caliber pistol with her,” the sheriff said. “Upon hearing what she thought were intruders she fired her 40-caliber several times in an attempt to scare the intruders away. One of the shots went through her son’s residence and struck the victim, William Owens, in the chest while he lay in bed.”

Owens, 11, was sleeping.

The sheriff said the shooting appeared to be accidental. He doesn’t know if any charges will be filed.

“We’ll continue to investigate it and once the investigation is complete we’ll submit a report to Harrison County Prosecutor Joe Shaffer’s Office for their review,” he said.


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  • Ashley

    Just stop these reckless comments. She would never shoot at a home. Maybe you should get the the full story before you comment on here. She and her family are good people and this was a complete accident. Why don't you take a minute and pray for them instead of comment nonsense on this site.

    • griuff

      Ashely - Her family may be good but her son has to deal with a mother so stupid that she killed his son. if she is so stupid that she doesn't stay behind locked doors & call for help & goes outside like clint eastwood she should suffer in jail till she dies. 1 year probation what a joke. i hope she has nightmares nightly

    • Terri

      Her stupidity killed her grandson. A "good person" does not shoot blindly not knowing where those bullets will go. In this case it was into her sons home and into her sleeping grandson.


      Firing off a few rounds into "nothingness" will get innocent people killed.

      This story is a perfect example of the fact rule #4 needs to be followed. Know what you are shooting at and what is beyond.

    • Brian

      When emotion trumps logic and reason, you get people like Ashley.

    • cutty77

      @ Ashley,
      When you own or use a Gun,you better Damm Make sure when you pull that trigger,you know where its going,at night even more. There no Excuse for this whats so ever for this.

    • JJ

      It actually took longer than expected to get the obligatory "you don't know them, but I do and it wasn't their fault" response than these articles usually do.

      This was no accident, she did shoot at a home. This was stupidity and carelessness at the highest level.

    • Lori

      Ashley - there is seriously no way to justify the fact that this woman's stupidity killed her grandson.

    • Troy Sexton

      But the dumb dumb did shoot towards a home.

  • Ashley

    Please don't speak I'll of this family. So many people are on drugs these days and steal from good people. Guns are the only way to save their hard earned belongings. This was a freak accident.

    • Terri

      "freak accident"? She shot without knowing her target. FAIL for rule #4.

    • Fentanyl Bomb

      Funny that you White Knight this.

      Between this and the UC Basketball players, you are 0 for 2.

      This woman should be charged with negligent homicide, if nothing else.

      She chose to fire the weapon. The weapon did not fire on it's own.

      I understand that she did not mean to kill an 11yo. He is dead regardless of her intention, though.

      If she had killed her grandson in a DUI accident, everyone would be screaming for her head on a pike.

      This is also a preventable tragedy. Hope the prosecutor has the stones to see it through. Wait and see.

    • Lori

      She was shooting at what she "thought" were intruders. In other words, she had no idea what she was actually shooting at, but decided it was a good idea, even though there were homes nearby. I don't have a problem with guns, just with the idiots who recklessly discharge them.

    • wvumounties8

      Seriously?? A freak accident is when a meteor falls from the sky and level a home with everybody in it. This was NEGLIGENT HOMICIDE and the lady needs to be charged with such.

      • ConservativeRealist

        As an avid protector of the 2nd Amendment I still have to agree with her being charged with negligent homicide. It may well have been an accident but those who support the right to bear arms - well, at least most of us - believe that with that right comes great responsibility. A firearm for home defense is a good thing but you can't go shooting randomly unless you clearly identify your target.

        Sadly, the court system cannoit punish this grandmother more than she is probably punishing herself. That being said, I think she does need to be held accountable for her negligence.

        • DM

          Well said.
          its sad that it happened and she will be haunted for the rest of her life.

        • wvmommyof2

          I agree wih your comment 100%. I believe in the right to bear arms, but I believe if you want to claim that right you need to know how to act responsibly with a firearm in your hands. Responsibly doesnt mean go shooting into the air aimlesly with a firearm cause a tragedy like this can happen! Being responsible means that you can not panic if you are going to carry and use. Panicing will make you do something like fire it into a night air of which you can not legitimately see what you are doing. If you are going to have and use a firearm you need to make sure you know proper safety and control. Not shot it unless you have a target (ie and actual intruder or in my case a deer). It is instances like this that gives media and government the leverage to bring up gun control again and again and I am so sick of hearing that we need more gun control. Truth is we dont need gun control cause then we wont be able to protect ourselves against the criminals that will pay no mind to the laws. What we really need is proper gun education and proper gun safety among the ones that choose to own and operate! As far as this granmother, I am still on the fence on what should happen to her. It is a bad internal struggle for me as far as punishment. She is now going to be in her own kind of hell for the rest of her life because she killed her granchild. Putting her in jail wont be any worse than what she will put herself through! I just dont think I can make a decision on this one cause, I think it is better left up to the ultimate judge.. God

        • Doug

          Agreed. You are responsible for every round you fire (unless you're a cop). She should face charges.

        • 2XLPatriot

          I agree 100% and don't think anyone could have stated it better.

  • wvrefugee

    By god it's her right!!! Duh!! Typical WV stuff unfortunately!

    • Doug

      Well...it is her right. I wouldn't classify this as typical WV stuff as these sort of occurrences are rare here as elsewhere, with the exception of the police, who have these kinds of shootings regularly.

  • Protechcpa

    Clearly a graduate of the Joe Biden school of self defense. Even a thread of common sense would have come in handy here.

    • DonaldH

      That's a good point!! she followed Joe Biden's advice....

  • cutty77

    I agree with some other post's. Lets check her out a little.Shooting at he own Son's House.WTF I know people in this State Love there Guns,but you should Love your Children more.Its hard to Over-Come Stupidy.

  • Farmgal

    Actually, the conservative logic would be that you should know your target (and what is behind it) before you shoot.

    People run out and buy guns, but do not understand HOW to use them. Training, I feel is a must. Maybe, if she understood just how far that bullet would travel she would have thought twice before firing.

    Just my .02

  • thornton

    Not everyone should have a gun is the takeaway.

    Be nice to allow the investigation to proceed....considering the 200 yard distance, and one does wonder about the particulars of all the individuals involved.

    Ultimately and regardless, what a shame.

  • justme

    reckless has to be sometype of consequence

  • wvu999

    We need more guns. If the kid had a gun this wouldnt have happened..... Conservative logic

    • Terri

      We don't blame the car during a hit and run, we blame the driver. So why are we blaming the gun? Why are we saying something as stupid as if the kid had a gun this wouldn't have happened?

      If you would have read the article, the bullet was shot into the house and killed the boy while he was sleeping.

      The shooter, whether good intentions or not, should be held accountable, you just don't go shooting into the dark! Damned our VP for saying to "fire a few shots" to scare off intruders.

    • Charleston,WV

      We need no guns. If there were no guns involved then there would be no violence.......Liberal logic.

    • Shadow

      And they graduate this kind from WVU!

    • DonaldH

      As a father It's really hard for me to politicize this as you are,,,, so I won't.... Please enjoy your own company,, if you can.

    • wvumounties8

      oh, the guns to blame, not the lady that pulled the trigger. Blame an inanimate object......Liberal logic. See. I can do it too!!!

  • Brian

    Unfathomable stupidity. Even if a relative's home is not in the line of fire, you don't shoot at something you cannot see and clearly identify with certainty.

    • Larry

      I totally agree, I'm guessing she has an IQ somewhere in the low teens.

  • leroy jethro gibbs

    natural selection

    • Brian

      I believe that statement could be made if she had shot herself. It doesn't apply in this situation.

      I'm thinking you actually should probably be glad that human compassion has mostly blocked the effects of natural selection on our population.

  • leroy jethro gibbs

    darwin is right

    • will

      Good Job!

  • Sportsman

    As terrible as she must feel, this was a crime and should be prosecuted as such. At the very least it is wreckless endangerment, but most likely manslaughter.

    • Dave R

      i concur,, reckless

  • TurkeyThug

    This is the craziest thing I have ever heard....so this lady was just randomly firing away at the direction of other homes? This needs to be investigated a little further.

  • mike

    there should be an iq test for people before being allowed to handle a gun .

    • Charleston,WV

      Or maybe a literacy test just like they had during the Jim Crow days.

    • Shadow

      There is no question that education would help but I think the same idea applies to Voters. We have a lot of them who can only make an X and know right from left.

    • Ashley

      Seriously think before you speak!

    • Habib Haddad

      The NRA will oppose you on that point as well.

      • Doug

        So would the supreme court. Just like literacy tests for voting, you can't test people before allowing them to exercise constitutionally recognized rights.