CHARLESTON, W.Va. —  The West Virginia Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management has its hands full this week. They’re keeping one eye on the weather and another on security.

“Greenbrier Classic because of the number of people that attend and the Boy Scout Jamboree is week after next,” said spokesperson Laverne Stout. “We’re trying to keep watch on everything because all of these things are beginning to occur at the same time.”

Added to the worries is a state soaked with rainfall and the potential for “training” thunderstorms which could strike anywhere without warning and send streams and rivers out of their banks.

“The ground is saturated and we’re watching that along with the weather service, as to what degree and how much rain will cause flooding in specific areas,” Stout said.

Although the only weather advisories are general for much of the state, the potential is high for anywhere to incur heavy rains.  Conditions presently leave the anywhere susceptible to quick floods and high water. The agency advises everybody stay vigilant, especially if you live near a creek or drainage area.

“You should always be prepared in the eventuality you’re asked to shelter in place or evacuate,” Stout said.

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    use your drones and wiretaps if you are not to busy spying on civilians.