MORGANTOWN, W.Va.— West Virginia continues mining South Florida for receivers, picking up a 2015 commitment from Miami-Jackson’s Jovon Durante.

Class of 2015 receiver Jovon Durante has offers from Auburn, Alabama, Miami, and Pitt, but committed to West Virginia.

Just last month, the 6-foot-1, 180-pound Durante tabbed Auburn as the frontrunner following a camp visit to The Plains. But as more offers piled up—including Miami, Alabama, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati and Marshall—Durante no doubt listened to his high school coach Antonio Brown, himself a former West Virginia wide receiver.

Durante caught 26 passes for more than 600 yards as a sophomore and rushed 16 times for 439 yards—a whopping 27 yards per carry. His highlight tape reveals a speedy, physical athlete capable of contributing as a returner and on special-teams coverage units.

“He’s a really good player,” said senior writer Keenan Cummings of “He’s faster than most outside wide receivers and can go up and get the football.”

Though Rivals hasn’t unveiled its recruit ratings for 2015, Cummings said Durante is “most likely a high four-star guy at this point.”

Durante becomes WVU’s second 2015 commitment, behind Morgantown High tight end Stone Wolfley.

The Mountaineers also have 2014 pledges from two Miami-area receivers Jacob McCrary and Lamar Parker.

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  • johnathan d

    I have never seen so many haters in my life why would you go to a team you don't likes site? That is crazy but while I don't have ten win optimism I think with the additions of trickett and sims we will be descent this year and with pitt being to ignorant or proud ( probably both) the addition of shell will make us viable contenders in the big 12 ( or ten ) next season Go EERS!

  • Ricardo

    WVU has a great reputation down here in Florida. A great deal of these kids grew up watching Pat White and Steve Slaten streaking down the sideline. The former gave way to a few guys named Geno, Tavon, and Steadman. Also, with the fourth most commonly seen brand, the flying WV, behind the obvious UF, UM, and FSU, these kids see WVU has a great following. Don't be too concerned about him decommitting. He likely grew up aspiring to be the next one of those stars, representing for those WVU fans, right here in his back yard.

    West Virginia's #1 export=People, and they represent in Florida.

  • MountainMover

    Whether or not he stays committed to WVU likely depends on how well we do this year in contrast to the other schools who recruited him. If we do well and playmakers are featured, he will want to come here and carry on the tradition WVU has built over the past decade or so. If USC is Tailback U and Penn State is Linebacker U, you can make a case for WVU being Playmaker U or Explosive U. If we could just play defense ....

  • WVWho

    Doubt he ever makes it campus. Early offer sheets from Bama and backyard Miami. will be interesting when he gets offers from Florida & FSU

  • Big Larry


    Please check into the latest "Big Larry"...

    It's not me....

  • Imgrill

    Larry must be a republican...they seem to disregard facts also. If you say it enough Larry it will be true( just ask rush). Lol

    • Jay

      So democrats have really improved life here in the US?

  • Big Larry

    Guys you all know that I am Green with Envy. I just make comments on our only true Div I football program in the state, because there is nothing going on in Huntington with regards to big time football. I am sorry I have been so negative but I really like to push all you WVU fans buttons.
    PS Be sure and check out Marshall next year in their new super conference, the little Mac.

    • Shawn

      Notice the difference between Marshall and WVU fans yet? We dont go into the Marshall articles and comment at all! You should try it sometime.

  • tw eagle

    I remember Antonio brown , not too big , but boy was he fast - in a straight lie . . .and his mouth ran even faster than his feet . . .I remember the first pass thrown to him in Mountaineer Field against Miami . . .blew past the corner heading to puscar center and 5 to 7 yards ahead of D he drops a perfect pass . . .I hope his kid has more than Antonio brought to moragntown. . .

  • Pudge

    I've said it before. Some folks are going to get hurt jumping on and off the bandwagon so quick. Big Larry will be right back on there soon enough ;)

  • Matt

    For that matter. This has become a 9 win team over the offseason, I know you can't stand it but its true. This staff is recruiting like we never have before, the amount iLife talent coming into our program is outstanding. Hopefully they stay committed, things are looking up, thanks Dana!

  • Matt

    Hey Larry you are a disgusting waste of human flesh that has no clue about WVU or football at all f

    • Slippery Pete

      Wow, all because he doesn't agree with your viewpoint about a game played by kids. Grow up

  • Alum


    +1 chad

  • Big Larry

    I see the paid Holgorsen trolls and relatives showed up again. Do you all get special alerts or something on your cell phones?

    The WVU defensive was the worst defense last year in the history of this school...What is it about that fact and statistic do you knuckleheads not understand?

    So don't come back telling me about Dan Moses and the "Sweet by and by". And in case you forgot, this is the "nasty now and now"...

    You are what your record says you are and WVU will be hard pressed to even be bowl eligible this upcoming season.

    The upcoming Oklahoma beat down will be unprecedented and then set the tone for the rest of the season

    The WVU defense stinks to high heaven and shows no sign of getting much better. It is impossible to get any worse so anything giving up less than 50 points a game is an improvement.

    Are the new 2013 recruits going to come in and save the day? Of course not...What are you thinking?

    • Matobi

      The problem with defense last year was mostly coaching. Patterson has been a DC before with defenses. I believe the defense will be well above average. In three games we lost last year Geno was making inaccurate throws and we couldn't run. Running shouldn't be an issue this year and I believe Holgy will be able to produce a decent to good passing attack. A large part of the five game losing streak, WVU got Clemsonitis--they believed their press. THat won't be an issue this year. I predict 9 to 10 wins.

    • DH


    • mauldawg

      Hey Big Larry We have beaten your Herd 12 times. Get over yourself. I hear Doc calling you. Its past your bedtime,

    • Alum

      Do you ever hear anything besides the rush of air blowing around inside your empty head?

  • Maxxajay

    Chad... I like it

  • j

    So that linebacker class that was top 10 on rivals was all offensive outcasts? Facts Big Larry. Facts. We had a better defensive recruiting class for 2013 then offensive. Lineman, you can take those stars and toss them out. It is all about development. Dan Mozes was a 2 star recruit who won the Remington award (top center in the nation) while Josh Jenkins was a 5 star who amounted to barely conference recognition. We are recruiting better then we ever have

    • Maxxajay

      J .. WVU haters have short remembrance they just have to say something negative and they dont have any proof Just as long as they can get their comment is all they care about.... sorry people