WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS, W.Va. — Wednesday was not an easy day for Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin on the Old White TPC Course at The Greenbrier Resort.

“I was intimidated,” said Tomblin, who played on a pro-am team that included Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear and PGA Tour player Bubba Watson.

“I’ve gotten to play golf a couple of times this year and, apparently, these guys are hitting it on a regular basis,” he said shortly after his round ended.

Tomblin would not divulge his score during an appearance on MetroNews “Talkline” — which is broadcasting from The Greenbrier Resort for the 2013 Greenbrier Classic.

“I stayed in the game,” was all he would admit. “I finished 18 holes.”

Tomblin admitted it was Watson who carried the team. “He just knocks the socks off that ball out there, so it’s just amazing how these guys can do those drives.”

Tomblin said the national and international exposure West Virginia is getting from The Greenbrier Classic will help with potential investors in the future.

A number of business leaders are in Greenbrier County for the PGA Tour event that is now in its fourth year.

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  • Magic Mike

    Looks like Tomblin is taking a page from Obama.

    • Big John

      That is what you can expect from a DINO.

  • Marty

    Why not just run for and get elected President of the united States?
    Then you'll have plenty of time to practice.

  • Habib Haddad

    I know a lot of people think we are wasting money sponsoring the Greenbrier Classic but I am not one of them. That money is the cheapest, well spent advertising money the state pony's up. Think of a week long travelogue on our state and it's attractions. Plus it helps destroy some of the vile stereotypes many Americans hold for our dear state. Remember, Deliverance was filmed in and about Georgia, not West Virginia.

    • Big John

      We are wasting money $ 500,000.00 that we could use for other good reasons such as some of our delapidating bridges. We should not have to pay for the pet project of a billionaire. He should make enough on his $ 159.00 badges, outrageous prices on water, food and concessionsand pay West Virginia. Does Justice pay taxes on what is sold at the Greenbrier concessions and products?

  • Tim C

    I certainly hopes he runs the state better than he plays golf.

    • Truther

      Vote him out next election and he can take all the time he needs to practice. The state would be better off. 80 plus years of Democrat control and it just keeps getting worse but the citizens of West Virginia keep putting the same party back in charge. Stupidity or insanity you decide? The Democrats are not your friends people. Wake up!!!!

    • Big John

      He has shown that he can not run the state-look at the money he had to take from Medicaid which helps the poor-18 Million Dollars. We have almost a billion dollars in our rainy day fund yet he feels we need to take from the poor. I guess he is only a Democrat in Name Only so that makes two in West Virginia-Care to guess who is the other DINO?