SOUTH CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Thousands of motorists will be hitting the highway for the long Independence Day holiday and the State Police will be out in force to try and insure a safe arrival at the holiday destination.

State Troopers have had an added emphasis on highway safety in recent months with changes to driving laws.

“Using a cellular phone became a primary offense, texting was already a primary offense, and coming up seat belt use will be a primary offense,” said State Police spokesman 1st Sgt. Michael Baylous. “We’ve really been hitting highway safety hard this year.”

The agency has freed up extra funds to increase patrols in work zones as well. Baylous warned the first cruiser you see may not be the only one in the zone and if you don’t slow you speed you could be facing a second trooper running radar deeper into the zone. It’s also still a work zone even if construction crews are off for the holiday.

“The roadway may not be completely finished.  There may be hazards there like big bumps, holes, or unfinished surface,” said Baylous. “You need to pay attention to those signs.”

Baylous said drinking will be the fastest way to attract the blue lights.

“We have no tolerance for DUI,” he said. “There’s really no excuse for it. We’ve been preaching for years if you’re going to partake in that lifestyle, get a designated driver.”

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  • wvguy_39

    Wixcheew & Curley Joe.
    Don't read it. You Libtards always shoot the messenger and not the message. Every message board on the net is full of self-righteous jerks just like both of you. We have educated people in office now and look what we got. Give me someone with just common sense over and educated idiot any day.

  • Wixcheew

    PLEASE LEARN how to spell and also learn how to construct sentences!! People are reading these comments not for the content
    but to see how stupid people are.
    Learn these skills and do not give
    them a club with which to beat you.
    Also it is interesting how the spell
    check will correct the small o for
    Obama but not Jesus It just did on
    mine that guy must have a weird

  • Give me liberty

    I am so relieved that our elected officials are so concerned with our safety! But wait, who said that personal freedoms are always safe. Seatbelts,motorcycle helmets,no talking on OUR phones while driving! What's next, no steak knives,we might cut ourselves? Lord help us, the spirit of Obama is alive and well in Charleston.Help us Jesus I typed in Obama without a capital letter and my computer over rode me and changed it. I typed jesus and no correction. Long live the party?

  • Hillbilly

    When is the WVSP going to obay the same laws that they are suppose to enforce????

    • cutty77

      No they have a special law for them. Ha,Ha

    • Curly Joe

      Probably about the time you learn to spell.

    • TUPTON

      LEO and emergency personnel are exempt from the cell phone and texting bans

  • GregG

    There is NO EXCUSE for driving and text either!

  • cutty77

    They say texting is worse than Driving Drunk,but will fine you for Texting,and put you in Jail for Drunk Driving.